Man City Sergio Aguero Forms new Esports Team, Messi Congratulates him

sergio Aguero Esports

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero becomes the latest professional footballer to become involved in esports, having founded his own esports organisation incorporated in Argentina and Barcelona. The Football community seems to be attracted to the appeal of esports, this is truly the big esports news.

The Argentine’s new esports organisation is called KRÜ Esports, with the City star named as the organisation’s CEO and founder. Unlike certain other orgs, KRU Esports is reported to be completely self-funded by Aguero himself, and all earnings will be reinvested into the team.

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Football star to Esports CEO

Aguero became a prominent Twitch streamer in 2020 lockdown earlier this year, with the former Atletico Madrid forward often see streaming FIFA 21, Fall Guys, F1 2020 and more on his Twitch channel, slakun10.

Aguero even appeared in an official Formula 1 Esports Virtual Spanish Grand Prix event back in May, representing Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, with his teammate being real-life Red Bull Racing F1 driver Alex Albon.

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Sergio Aguero’s esports news team feels like it genuinely is his love of gaming shining through. He hasn’t signed any players yet, but we do know what games will be at the center of the org: FIFA, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, and Valorant. We have a feeling this has been in the works for a while, as Sergio already has some big-name sponsors, like Twitch, Aorus, and AMD.

Lionel Messi Congradulates Aguero

Lionel Messi congralated KRU in a video message and wished them luck for the future. With two bases in Spain and Argentina, KRU will look to bridge the gap between Europe and the Americas. Since KRU Esports is reported to be self-funded, and all earnings going back into the team.


On their official website aims say,

“With KRÜ we aspire to form a work family passionate about video games, not only with our players and content creators, but with all the staff and the community that we will build.

“We want to add to the esports scene with our imprint. Not only from the professional, sports and commercial aspects but also in destigmatizing the socio-cultural vision that is usually had in relation to video games.

“With a company incorporated in Argentina and another in Barcelona, KRÜ will seek to be a bridge between the different regions, motivating to have no ceiling in terms of the goals that each one sets for himself.

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