PUBG Mobile Global Championship Update: Loops Esports players join other teams after PMGC 2020 disqualification

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Update: Loops Esports players join other teams after PMGC 2020 disqualification

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) latest Update: After disqualification from the qualifiers of PUBG Global Championship 2022, the disqualified players from Loops Esports have now joined other teams– Carrilho joined Alpha 7 Esports, and the remain three players– Caiowski, and Federal, including their former team captain, Dadinho, have joined Influence Rage esports (INF).

While Carriho will replace Vitu2k, who has been a fan favourite from the American region in PMGC 2020, Caiowski, Federal, and Dadinho aee an addition to the Influence Rage eSports.

A video uploaded by Influence Rage eSports on Instagram showed a re-enactment of the in-game protest that got the PUBG team disqualified.

The video was captioned as “BEM VINDOS @inf.caiowski @inf.dadin e @inf.federal

“Lealdade é Rara, se você encontrar, mantenha”!

Depois de fazerem história na última PUBG Mobile Global Championship, eles se juntam a nós em busca do topo em 2021. Sejam bem vindos a nossa família!

@gxlden_by Não temos palavras pra descrever nosso sentimento por você, desejamos sorte em seu novo projeto, temos certeza que é apenas um até logo e não um adeus. Te amamos!

#aLealdadeNosUne #LoyaltyUnitesUs #goinf”

Which when translated, reads “WELCOME @inf.caiowski @inf.dadin and @inf.federal “Loyalty is rare, if you find it, keep it up!” After making history at the last PUBG Mobile Global Championship, they join us in search of the top in 2021. Welcome to our family!

@gxlden_by We have no words to describe our feeling for you, we wish you luck in your new project, we are sure it is just a goodbye and not goodbye. We love you!”

What unfolded at the league stages was the first of a kind in-game protest after their captain, Dadinho was removed from the team after a decision was taken by the CEO of Loops Esports, Carla Coelho. The reason for the same remains undisclosed due to legal bindings.

In the last PUBG Mobile Global Championship group stage match, three players split away from the fourth man and sat idle in a church near Pochinki in the Erangle map.

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Players from RRQ Athena spotted the three players and got effortless kills. The three PUBG players didn’t retaliate, and some of them were also without any weapons.

The PUBG Mobile esports team and ESL issued a statement saying they have “reviewed all evidence of the unsportsmanlike behaviour” of the players and found that they have violated the competitive spirit of the game.

The rule 6.1.2 of the PUBG Mobile esports rulebook states that “players must compete at the best of their skills at all times.” With the result, Loops Esports was disqualified from PMGC.

After their disqualification from PUBG Mobile Global Championship, Federal, Dadinho, Caiowski and Gxlden parted ways with Loops esports. As far as the event goes, PMGC finals will take place from January 21 to January 24, 2021, in Dubai.