MI vs KKR IPL 2020 LIVE Score: Morgan fails litmus test as KKR skipper; MI wins by a massive 8 wickets

It was yet another one sided tale as Mumbai Indian maintained their dominance over Kolkata Knight Riders to clinch a comprehensive 8 wickets win and climb to the apex of the IPL 2020 points table.

With the win, MI extended their overall lead against KKR to 21-6, as the Blue and Gold army sealed yet another lopsided tie against KKR.

IPL 2020 MI vs KKR Highlights and Complete Match Report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-mi-vs-kkr-highlights-de-kocks-quickfire-78-powers-mi-to-top-spot-decimates-kkr-by-8-wickets/

MI vs KKR ball-by-ball commentary

MI wins by 8 wickets

Done and dusted! Mumbai chase down 149 with eight wickets in hand and 19 balls to spare. KKR have been outplayed by the best team of this season. This is Mumbai’s 21st win over Kolkata in IPL.

Only formalities left now for MI

Cummins is back and the first ball is a slower one down the leg. Hardik takes charge and takes Cummins to cleaners. Some timing on those boundary hits. Eight needed now. Next could be the last over MI – 141/2 after 16 overs; Need 8 runs to win from 24


Sensational Hitting from Hardik Pandya. Hits three boundaries in the over. MI racing away to the finish line.

Expensive from Mavi

Shivam Mavi bowls to de Kock. Two off the first ball. Good slower yorker in the next ball, de Kock though is watchful and blocks it. 13 off the over. MI – 126/2 after 15 overs; Need 23 runs from 30 balls 


Another impressive performance with the ball from Varun Chakravarthy today. He finishes his quota of four overs, conceding only 23 runs and a wicket to his name. Hardik Pandya and de Kock in the middle. MI – 113/2 after 14 overs; Need 36 runs from 36 balls

Chakravarthy cleans up Suryakumar Yadav

Chakravarthy bowls full and wide, Suryakumar tries the sweep but gets an inside edge and onto the stumps. FOW: MI – 111/2 after 13.3 overs; Need 38 runs to win from 39 balls


Mavi starts off with a ball straight to the legs which de Kock flicks it for a single. Just seven runs from the over. MI – 110/1 after 13 overs; Need 39 runs to win from 42 balls

Hundred comes up in quick time for MI

Varun Chakravarthy bowls his third of the night. Three doubles and three singles from this over. MI- 103/1 from 12 overs; Need 46 runs to win from 48 balls


Shivam Mavi into the attack. Corrects his length after going for four off the first ball. Suryakuamr Yadav is the new man batsman. Just four from the over. MI – 94/1 after 11 overs; Need 55 runs from 54 balls to win

Rohit Sharma goes for well-made 35

Finally a breakthrough! Full and away movement for Mavi as Rohit nicks it to the keeper.FOW: MI- 94/1 after 10.3 overs


Varun continues. Rohhit Sharma picks his half-tracker and clears the boundary for a six. Too much power on that one. A single and a dot to finish the over. MI – 90/0 after 10 overs; Need 59 runs to win from 60 balls


Russell with the ball. Starts off with a wide yorker to de Kock. The Proteas decides that’s it, no more dot balls and he scores a four and a six. Two singles to end the over. MI-83/0 after 9 overs; need more 66 from 66 balls

Fifty for De Kock

Strategic Timeout taken

Varun Chakravarthy into the attack. Stems the free flow of runs. Four off the over. MI – 71/0 after 8 overs; Need 78 runs from 72 balls to win


Quinton de Kock boundaries off consecutive nalls. He’s picking the length early and already in 40s. 16 off Prasidh’s over. MI – 67/0 after 7 overs; Need 82 runs to win from 78


End of the powerplay overs; 50 comes up in quick time for MI

Andre Russell with the ball. De Kock goes for the pull on the short ball – one bounce to fine-leg. A yorker to end the over. He keeps the run-flow in check. MI – 51/0 after 6 overs; MI need 98 runs from 84 balls


Another good over for Mumbai Indians. Nine off Green’s second over  KKR bowlers need to pull off something special here. MI – 48/0 after 5 overs. Need 101 to win from 15 overs


Pat Cummins has picked only two wickets this season. He is scoring the runs  but no wickets for Cummins. Nine off the over. MI – 39/0 after 4 overs. Need 110 runs from 16 overs

Expensive over from Krishna

Prasidh Krishna beats Rohit Sharma in the first ball with a beauty but then goes for three fours and two singles. Great start from MI.

MI – 30/0 after 3 overs; need 119 more from 17 overs


Pat Cummins from the other end. Bowls too straight in his first over and he goes for runs. KKR need wickets quickly.  MI – 16/0 after 2 overs


Green starts off with his drifting deliveries. Seven off the over. Tight start from Green.

MI-7/0 after 1 over


Rohit Sharma and De Cock start off MI’s Innings. Green bowls the first over for KKR.

End of KKR’s innings

Just the end KKR were looking for. Very expensive from Coulter-Nile as he bleeds 21 runs from the last over. KKR with something to defend. KKR – 148/5 after 20 overs

Half century for Pat Cummins


Pat Cummins’ valuable runs have given something for KKR to bowl at. Morgan realises that his batting partner his finding the big shots so Cummins should take most of the strike. Costly from Boult, 14 off the over. KKR-127/5 after 19 runs

KKR – 113/ 5 after 18 overs

Bumrah to finish his quota in the 18th. A 50-run partnership comes up between Morgan and Cummins, off 41 balls. Cummins moves to 36, his highest IPL score. A dropped catch by QdK to end the over.


DROPPED! Cummins gets a full-toss but mishits – De Kock calls for the catch. He watches the ball till the last minute and drops the chance. KKR breathe again.

Fifty partnership comes up for Morgan-Cummins

100 comes up for KKR

Morgan tries to pierce the gap between gully and point but good effort from Ishan Kishan who saves three runs. Two superb deliveries to end the over. A slow bouncer and a spot on yorker to Cummins for no runs. KKR – 108/5 after 17 overs

KKR – 99/5 after 16 overs

Bumrah bowls to Cummins. Wide and full to Cummins, who hits it over bowler’s head to run two. Good over for Mumbai.

KKR – 95/5 after 15 overs

Krunal to Cummins. Good running between the wickets as Cummins pushes the ball to deep square leg and collects two. Krunal finishes his quota – four overs for only 23 runs. Strategic Timeout starts.

KKR – 89/5 after 14 overs

Chahar bowls his final over. Another miserly spell from Chahar. Seven off the over. Goes for just 18 runs in his four overs, picking up two wickets.

8.35 pm 
KKR – 82/5 after 13 overs

Expensive from MI.  Cummins can play big hits and Morgan is the key wicket. He tries to sneak one over from Coulter-Nile but it ends up being costly. 16 off the over

KKR-66/5 after 12 overs

Rahul Chahar to Pat Cummins. Flighted deliveries and Cummins takes a single in the second ball. Another two singles in the over. Pressure on captain Morgan.


Russell continues his disappointing run this season. He was looking to take on Bumrah and smashed a four but the world class bowler came back really well with the short ball to dismiss the all-rounder. Pat Cummins is the new batsman. KKR-63/5 after 11 overs

Bumrah removes Russell

Short delivery, Russell, backing away and tries to duck but the ball hits the bat and De Kock takes the catch behind the stumps.

KKR 57/4 after 10 overs

Chahar continues. Flighted ball, Morgan does well to find the gap in the cover region and he collects two. After the four, Morgan calls Russel for a quick single but the non-striker sends him back. Good call. Six off the over

KKR-51/4 after 9 overs

Krunal to Russel. Pressure is on Russel for not making an impact so far this season but today’s a big chance for him to do that. He has already smashed a six early in his innings. Dot to end the over.

Strategic Timeout taken

Gamechanging over from Chahar

Rahul Chahar with the ball Takes consecutive wickets of Gill and Karthik to absolutely dismantle the KKR batting lineup. Eoin Morgan is the new man in- plays and misses the final ball. KKR-43/4 after 8 overs


Russel plays it safe to deny Chahar any chance of a hattrick. There has been zero hattricks so far in IPL 2020.

Ex-KKR skipper gone cheaply; Chahar on hattrick

Karthik plays on to his wicket as Rahul Chahar strikes again. The MI spinner is on a hattrick now. Can he get it? FOW-42/4

Gill falls for 21

Rahul Chahar in the attack in the 8th. Gill goes for the big shot and Kieron Pollard comes around to take a boundary catch. FOW-42/3


Krunal Pandya continues. Four off the final ball and that’s seven runs from the over. KKR-40/2 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

It’s been a nervy start from KKR so far, having lost two early wickets within the powerplay. Dinesh Karthik has moved himself up the order and walks in at the No.4 after relinquishing his captaincy duties to Morgan. Can he get a big score tonight? KKR-33/2 after 6 overs

Rana gone for 7; KKR 2 down

Bouncer from the pacer, Rana goes for the big hit but instead nicks it to the keeper.  FOW-33/2

Good start from Krunal

Spin introduced for the first time today. Krunal Pandya with the ball. Gill comes down the track and hits it straight to the mid-on fielder. The ball falls just short so the batsman is safe. Good start from the bowler, just two off the over. KKR-28/1 after 5 overs


Nitish Rana is the new batsman in. Bumrah into the attack. Dot and a boundary to end the over. KKR-25/1 after 4 overs

Milestone for Boult


Boult continues. The third ball is on the shorter length, Tripathi pulls but there’s a fielder at deep square-leg so one run. Gill then cuts hard but it straight to deep point fielder for one more run. A four and a wicket to end the over.  KKR-18/1 after 3 overs

KKR lose Tripathi cheaply; excellent effort from Suryakumar

Trent Boult draws the first blood and Rahul Tripathi departs for 7. A short ball and Rahul tried hitting hard. Suryakumar threw himself at the left of point to take a stunner. Mumbai Indians get the first wicket. FOW-18/1


Coulter Nile bowls the 2nd over, his first over this season. There’s movement in the air from him as well. Starts off with two wides. Shubman Gill gets the first boundary of the match with a push down the ground. KKR-12/0 after 2 overs

Gill gets the first boundary of the match

Coulter Nile bowls from the other end. But a shabby start from the Australian- delivers consecutive wides before getting smacked by Gill.

Tight opening over from Boult

Excellent start from MI and Boult. Just the start they wanted- just 3 runs at the end off it. KKR-3/0 after 1 over

Aaand we are underway!

Gill-Tripathi walks out to bat for KKR; Boult to start off proceedings.

MI Playing XI

Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Quinton de Kock(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Jasprit Bumrah

KKR Playing XI

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Rahul Tripathi, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan(c), Dinesh Karthik(w), Andre Russell, Chris Green, Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chakravarthy, Prasidh Krishna

Toss Result

Eoin Morgan wins toss and elects to bat first.


KKR’s pace spearhead Pat Cummins has hit the right lengths and choked the run-flow with 49 dots so far in the Powerplay. How many will he add tonight?

Can KKR’s spin weave a web around MI’s batsmen?

KKR’s spin bowling has been struggling this season. Sunil Narine and Varun Chakravarthy have taken 5 wickets each for the team while Kuldeep has managed to take only 1 wicket for KKR. As a result, they have the 2nd worst spin bowling average in IPL 2020 after RR


We are exactly one hour away from toss. (Stay tuned for all the live and exclusive updates)

MI vs KKR Head to head- Most lopsided contest in IPL history

Matches Played


Won by KKR


Won by MI




No Result




Won By


29 April 2008

Mumbai Indians

7 Wickets


16 May 2008

Mumbai Indians

8 Wickets


27 April 2009

Mumbai Indians

92 Runs

Port Elizabeth

1 May 2009

Mumbai Indians

9 Runs

East London

22 March 2010

Mumbai Indians

7 Wickets

Mumbai (BS)

19 April 2010

Kolkata Knight Riders

9 Wickets


22 May 2011

Mumbai Indians

5 Wickets


25 May 2011

Mumbai Indians

4 Wickets


12 May 2012

Mumbai Indians

27 Runs


16 May 2012

Kolkata Knight Riders

32 Runs


24 April 2013

Mumbai Indians

5 Wickets


7 May 2013

Mumbai Indians

65 Runs


16 May 2014

Kolkata Knight Riders

41 Runs

Abu Dhabi

14 May 2014

Kolkata Knight Riders

6 Wickets


8 April 2015

Kolkata Knight Riders

7 Wickets


14 May 2015

Mumbai Indians

5 Runs


13 April 2016

Mumbai Indians

6 Wickets


28 April 2016

Mumbai Indians

6 Wickets


9 April 2017

Mumbai Indians

4 Wickets


13 May 2017

Mumbai Indians

9 Runs


19 May 2017

Mumbai Indians

7 Wickets


6 May 2018

Mumbai Indians

13 Runs


9 May 2018

Mumbai Indians

102 Runs


28 April 2019

Kolkata Knight Riders

34 Runs


5 May 2019

Mumbai Indians

9 Wickets


23 September 2020

Mumbai Indians

Ex-KKR man can come back to haunt them again

Suryakumar is one of the core members of the MI batting line-up. He is the leading run scorer for MI in IPL 2020 with 233 runs. He has scored 74 runs batting in first 4 games of this season, whereas 159 runs were scored in his last 3 matches. In middle overs he has been striking at 144.31 with balls/boundary of 5.50. His strike rate in death overs is the highest and goes past 200 in IPL 2020 season

Russel in mood to cause some damage tonight;  Here’s a glimpse

What spin combination will KKR employ tonight?

Will Sunil Narine play tonight?
For KKR, questions remain as to whether their key spinner Sunil Narine, who has been once reported for suspect bowling action, will play or not. He had missed the game against RCB even as KKR hoped for an “early resolution” to the issues surrounding his controversial action. In the event of Narine missing out again, Mumbai will fancy their chances even more at the Sheikh Zayed stadium, where skipper Rohit Sharma has scored both his half-centuries this season
Will KKR play Kuldeep Yadav & Varun Chakravarthy together?
KKR may look to play Kuldeep Yadav, who was dropped after playing just three games, in place of a third pacer.


He can come in handy along with mystery spinner Varun Chakravarthy, who was economical in the game against RCB.

Game-Mode on for MI

Mumbai Indians have established their dominance over KKR over the years with a Head to Head lead of 20-6. With yet another chance to keep the record intact, the Blue and Gold Army are leaving no stones unturned for tonight’s high-octane clash. Check it out!

Can Andre Russel put an end to all the noise?

The biggest drawback for KKR is the inconsistent performance of their batsmen, particularly Andre Russell, who has just managed a meagre 71 runs from seven games.

There was talk of Russell being promoted up the order, but he continues to bat down and hasn’t done justice to his abilities. With Morgan at the helm now, will we see new tactics employed by the KKR camp?

14:28: Dinesh Karthik dropped as KKR captain

In a shocking decision, Kolkata Knight Riders have dropped their captain Dinesh Karthik and decided to hand-over the hat to Eoin Morgan. The decision was inevitable. As KKR already had a world cup winning captain, plus Karthik was not able to perform well with the bat under the pressure.

Hopefully, he will now bat more freely with the pressure of captaincy off his shoulder.

13:52: FUN-FACT!

IPL 2020 is still the most-watched thing in India. As per the latest BAARC rankings,

13:38: Approaching Milestones

  • Rohit Sharma requires 56 runs to complete 4000 IPL runs for Mumbai Indians.
  • Trent Boult needs 1 wicket to complete 50 IPL wickets.
  • Andrew Russell needs 29 runs and 87 runs respectively to complete 1500 IPL runs and 1500 runs for KKR in IPL.
  • Eoin Morgan requires 5 sixes to complete 50 IPL sixes.

12:50 pm: From the streets of Barmer to the magical Eden Gardens- This is “Rise of Kamlesh Nagarkoti”

12:30 pm: Stats Time!

  • MI at this venue: Played 6, Won 4, Lost 2
  • KKR at this venue: Played 7, Won 4, Lost 3

12:00 noon: Kolkata Knights Riders 3 big problems

KKR will need to solve three problems in Sunil Narine, Andre Russell and Pat Cummins if they want to beat the formidable MI team. Narine is most likely to miss the game due to his suspected bowling action. As for Andre Russell he is currently struggling with fitness after hurting his knee in KXIP match. Pat Cummins, on the other hand, has not been at the best of his form and need to pull the socks up against Mumbai.

READ FULL STORY| 3 Problems Kolkata Knight Riders need to solve before Mumbai Indians match

11:40 pm: KKR release new Fan Anthem

Kolkata Knight Riders have released a new fan anthem named “Laphao”. The word means “Jump” in Bengali.

লাফাও = कूदो = JUMP!

11:20 pm: MI ready for round 2

Mumbai Indians declared that they are ready to take on Kolkata Knight Riders in the return leg at Abu Dhabi. The last time the two met, Mumbai Indians won by 49 runs.

🏟️ Same venue, same opposition!

We are ready for Round 2️⃣ 👊🏻#OneFamily #MumbaiIndians #MI #Dream11IPL #MIvKKR pic.twitter.com/GNO4hr1Iqy

— Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) October 16, 2020


Dream11 IPL 2020 Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders (MI vs KKR) Probable XI

Mumbai Indians: 1 Rohit Sharma (capt), 2 Quinton de Kock (wk), 3 Suryakumar Yadav, 4 Ishan Kishan, 5 Hardik Pandya, 6 Kieron Pollard, 7 Krunal Pandya, 8 Trent Boult, 9 James Pattinson, 10 Rahul Chahar, 11 Jasprit Bumrah

Kolkata Knight Riders: 1 Shubman Gill, 2 Rahul Tripathi, 3 Nitish Rana, 4 Eoin Morgan, 5 Dinesh Karthik (capt, wk), 6 Andre Russell, 7 Pat Cummins, 8 Lockie Ferguson, 9 Kamlesh Nagarkoti/Kuldeep Yadav, 10 Prasidh Krishna 11 Varun Chakravarthy

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