League of Legends: Noble Esports to pick up League of Legend Wild Rift roster from India

Noble Esports just announced that they will be putting together an Indian Roster for League of Legends Wild Rift. Just a month after picking up a Valorant roster from the region, Noble are stepping into Wild Rift with an Indian roster pre-release of the game.

In an Instagram post, Noble teased at who they were signing as the team captain.

We can see in this picture it is ShinmenTakezo, a Mobile gamer from the Philippines who has been live-streaming Wild Rift Beta for the past month.

This is the Mysterious captain that they are signing and have teased the community with this picture. The person who they are talking about according to us is Pankaj Upadhyay aka-KAKA. The League of Legends player from Mumbai has previously played on Entity gaming, he has represented India on multiple occasions and is one of the best players of LoL in India. Noble couldn’t have picked a better captain for their wild rift roster. KAKA is a position 2 or a Mid laner, we will have to wait and see if he will stick to his role and what is the roster around him.

Noble Esports is an esports org from NA, just last month Noble picked up a Valorant roster from India which was quite a surprise.

Noble Esports are known for having teams in CS: GO, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Smite, World of Tanks, Dota 2, and Heroes Of The Storm.

Now after establishing their Valorant team they are looking into Wild Rift before the game is even launched. Instead of picking a team from NA, they’re again looking at India.

This is really exciting news as we can confirm with this announcement that Wild Rift in India is sure to hit it off. With bans on Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends, the MOBA community is sure looking forward to making the best of this game and creating an esports scene around it.