League of Legends: Key dates for patch update, schedule and more

League of Legends: Key dates for patch update, schedule and more

League of Legends: Key dates for patch update, schedule and more: League of Legends: Wild Rift has become one of the most important games in mobile gaming. LoL has established itself as one of the best MOBA titles, and the game is not even released globally. Wild Rift, for now, is available in a majority of the region except that of Americas’ and the beta version is just improving as days pass by. Riot Games is working tirelessly to release the game and the LOL Wild Rift patch schedule has just been updated for the year.

Wild Rift had to defer the full launch of the game because of the pandemic, so the operations of the game have been under big wait, for long. However, with a new schedule ready with updates, the game is expected to be back on track with all the possibilities.

Riot Games has come out with a large list of patch updates for Wild Rift Patches in 2021. The entire patch series is numbered as “2.x” for this year. Here are the major dates for patch updates:

Patch Number Date
2.1 2nd February 2021
2.2 30th March 2021
2.3 1st June 2021
2.4 3rd August 2021
2.5 5th October 2021
2.6 7th December 2021


“Each patch is the result of months of planning, thousands of hours of work, and 200+ years(!!!) of development experience, so we do our best to hit the planned dates. That being said, stuff happens, and these dates are therefore subject to change. But we’ll always do our best to warn you beforehand!,” League of Legends: Wild Rift said in the update.

The first patch update will roll out on February 2, and that is when we will be able to see what it holds for future events and tournaments.

The first patch update of 2021 came out with exciting changes, including a band(le) of new champions. Some of Bandle City’s greatest will be added to the Rift: Corki, Kennen, Tristana, Lulu, and of course, Teemo.

A new event was also added, called the Yordle Expedition. Some improvements have been in the form of the addition of a Party Finder, a new latency indicator, and just a lot of gameplay improvements.