League of Legends: Coronavirus hits League of Legends, Fredit BRION’s coaching staff tests positive

 League of Legends:T he novel coronavirus has hit League of Legends. No word play on this– Fredit BRION’s second team’s coaching staff recently tested positive for coronavirus during the League of Legends 2020 KeSPA Cup.

The National League of Legends Cup of South Korea took place virtually and the first three days of the Cup took place without a hassle. It was just before they could flag off the fourth day of group stages, it came to light that one of Fredit BRION’s staff members tested positive for the virus.

Keeping in mind all the safety measures, the team decided to forfeit the rest of its matches.

Officials Statement

Korea e-Sports Association, officially announced on their social media that Fredit BRION has taken the decision to forfeit because of the unfortunate news. They further continued to say other matches would not get affected by this news and other teams would get their due points.

League of Legends events and the bigger tournaments like the LCK, LCS, LPL, and LEC have all happened on a virtual platform. The All-Star event took place online, and the KeSPA 2020 is no different. All ten professional League of Legends teams were seen in action in South Korea.