Lakers vs Nuggets LIVE in NBA: Lakers win 93-89 to keep their top 6 seed dream alive

Lakers vs Nuggets LIVE: LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets-May 4- NBA LIVE stream, Watch Online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Score, Result…

Lakers vs Nuggets LIVE: LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets-May 4- NBA LIVE stream, Watch Online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Score, Result Updates, Standings, Scores: Lakers win 93-89 to keep their top 6 seed dream alive

Lakers vs Nuggets Quarter 4


THT, with the help of some pressure on Jokic by Gasol, grabbed his flailing miss, and stuck it back reverse style to put LAL back up by 4 with 15.1 left.

LAL has to protect the 3-point line.

The Lakers lead by 4 with just 15 seconds left on the clock. 93-89.

Vogel was furious after Jokic got a continuation foul called when Gasol tried to wrap him up before he picked up his dribble. It did appear to come before Jokic gathered.

Jokic hit both FT’s nonetheless, and LAL’s lead is down to 2 again.

Marc Gasol just played 13 straight minutes, all productive, as Drummond returns with his 5 PF’s.

AD snapped the DEN run w/2 FT’s as Gordon fouled him on a jump shot with the shot clock expiring.

LAL were in desperate need of a bucket, and Davis delivered with a tough 2 in the paint over Gordon, which put LAL up 91-87 with 41.8 seconds left.

They got a stop on the previous trip when Gasol stood Jokic up in the post, and MPJ missed a deep, contested (by Kuz) 3.

LAL’s lead is 83-73 at the 7:16 mark, but Jokic is starting to heat up with 3 FG’s in the last 3 minutes.

A key momentum shift for DEN forced a time out: THT got caught without his dribble and threw it right to MPJ for a transition dunk (18th TO). AD missed a J on the other end, and MPJ hit a 3 to cap a quick 6-0 DEN run that has LAL’s lead down to 8 with 5 minutes to play.

AD will return out of the time out.

Huge 4th Q minutes from Gasol and Matthews, as Wes cans another 3.

Another triple for Marc Gasol, who’s been terrific tonight. Fellow vet Wesley Matthews, who’s been out of the rotation, scores 5 straight points, a transition layup (from Gasol), and then a corner 3.

LAL opens an 80-67 lead with a 13-2 run.

THT-McLemore-Matthews-Morris-Gasol start the 4th Q in key minutes, with Jokic back in for DEN.

Lakers vs Nuggets Quarter 3

AD sits after continuing his strong play tonight in the 3rd Q. He’s up to 21 points with 6 boards and 2 blocks, and LAL lead 64-59.

AD drew Jokic’s 4th PF at the 5:34 mark of the 3rd Q. Could be significant.

McGee just replaced him.

LAL trail 56-55.

There’s Drummond’s 5th PF, with 6:03 left in the 3rd Q, which brings Marc Gasol back into the game. Gasol was +6 in his 2 2nd Q minutes.

Caruso may have had the early 3rd Q Turnovers, but he made up for it quickly, scoring 6 of his 11 points by being aggressive, and being typically disruptive on defense.

A pair of fouls on Jokic has him up to 3 for the game, with 7 minutes left in the 3rd Q. Another would have him on the bench for a bit.

PF trouble against the Lakers was an issue for him last postseason, though LeBron’s rim pressure did cause a lot of it.

Denver upped their defensive pressure coming out of halftime, and the Lakers, without their two primary playmakers, struggled. Caruso has 3 TO’s in the quarter already, leading to a 10-3 Nuggets run that has them up 52-48.

LAL’s lack of early offense in the 3rd Q is hurting the defense. They have 3 TO’s already in the first 2 minutes, leading to a 4-0 DEN run.

That’s 13 TO’s for LAL to DEN’s 8.

That was Denver’s lowest-scoring half (42) since April 11 vs. Boston, when they were outscored 31-8 in the 4th Q and scored 36 in the 2nd half.

LAL will need a similar effort in the 2nd half, though they could also play better offensively. They had 10 TO’s and shot 43.6%.

Lakers vs Nuggets Quarter 2

LAL’s biggest area for growth moving forward into the postseason may simply be Anthony Davis getting back to being Anthony Davis (plus, of course, LeBron’s health).

This was AD’s best half defensively since his return, and it rubbed off on his teammates.

LAL lead 45-42 at the break. Excellent defensive energy from the Lakers in the 1st half as they try to get back to their identity after a rough stretch of late.

Denver ranked 5th in the NBA on offense in April, but LAL held them to 42 points on 41.9% FG’s, forcing 7 TO’s.

LAL won a challenge as Caruso blocked Jokic clean (foul originally called on Caruso), and when Drummond lost the jump ball, Davis took his turn to block Jokic on the ensuing possession.

LAL trail 39-37 after a KCP 3 moments later.

Davis is back in at the 7-minute mark as Jokic sits for another minute or two.

He quickly took McGee to the rim with a nice move to his left, and finished through McGee’s contact for an and-1 to cut DEN’s lead in half from 6 to 3 at 34-31.

Eight straight Denver points for JaVale McGee, with LAL trailing 32-26.

Turnovers are still an issue with LAL missing LeBron and Schroder, as they have 8 to DEN’s 3.

LAL trail 24-20 after 12 minutes here. Turnovers were an issue, with 6 of them leading to 7 DEN points, compared to 3 Nuggets miscues for 2 LAL points. Anthony Davis played well on both ends, totaling 8 points w/3 boards and 1 block.

Lakers vs Nuggets Quarter 1

Wesley Matthews is in for the first time in several games. The Lakers have really missed his defense.

Harrell gets the first crack at backup C with Drummond picking up his 2nd PF at the 3:54 mark, and LAL down 17-16.

We’ll see if Gasol gets any minutes tonight, especially considering LAL’s lack of playmaking with LeBron/Schroder out.

This is a Denver team that’s vulnerable in the defensive paint, as rim protection isn’t a strength of Jokic’s. They have some better weak side help since acquiring Gordon, but Davis and Drummond can and should do real damage inside in this matchup.

LAL is on a 10–0 run, responding to Denver scoring the first 4, with a pair of 3’s from Caruso and KCP, plus hoops from Davis and Drummond in the paint.

Lakers vs Nuggets Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

JaVale McGee receives his Championship Ring

Schroder will thus be out for at least the following games: TOR, DEN (tonight), LAC, POR, and PHX. Vs. NYK on May 11 could be Day 10 depending upon when the clock started. If it’s 14 days, I believe that would include all but the final game of the reg. season (May 16).

Vogel confirmed that Schroder will be out for 10 to 14 days due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

Schroder missed 7 days in February as well. LAL went 0-4 in those games. Tonight will be the first game without either LeBron or Schroder, LAL’s 2 primary playmakers.

Frank Vogel said the team has pointed out the many advantages of getting the vaccine to the players and staff, both in terms of staying on the court, lifestyle, less testing, public benefit, and so on.

Lakers vs Nuggets LIVE: LeBron James Injury Update: He did not suffer a setback with his ankle last night against Toronto, but Frank Vogel said they decided to hold him out for this 2nd night of a back-to-back. LeBron said the ankle was sore in the 2nd half of both games, and he’s day-to-day moving forward.

Davis: “We’re frustrated we can’t get everyone available to play at the same time … but that can’t be an excuse for us anymore.

He also said that they’re the defending champs, and have to act like it. “We just gotta find our swag.

LeBron: “I think our team is predicated on health. That is the No. 1 thing for our ball club. We need to be healthy and we need to be full.

He said Schroder’s unexpected absence was deflating tonight, and that it’s just been one thing after the next with guys missing games.

While the Lakers have really struggled to find themselves, Denver has won five straight games, and impressively, 9 of 10 since point guard Jamal Murray tore his ACL.

Nikola Jokic has been at the center of their success all season, but Michael Porter Jr. has also taken a leap, leading them in scoring in four of their previous six games.

Meanwhile, Facundo Campazzo has totaled 37 assists in his previous five contests, providing supplemental playmaking to passing-leader Jokic.

Yesterday, against the Raptors, LeBron left at around the same point he always does in the 4th Q and went straight to the locker room. LAL was down 111-95, and Frank Vogel said they “Decided not to bring him back in … we’ll see how he’s feeling tomorrow.

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