Lakers vs Knicks NBA Scores: Lakers win 101-99 in Overtime, Keep their Top 6 Seed Hopes Alive

Lakers vs Knicks LIVE: LA Lakers vs New York Knicks-May 12- NBA LIVE stream, Watch Online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Score, Result Updates, Standings, Scores: Lakers win 101-99 in Overtime, Keep their Top 6 Seed Hopes Alive

Lakers vs Knicks Overtime

THT was stripped by his fellow Simeon Career Academy star, Derrick Rose, who’s been terrific tonight. Rose has 27 points, 6 assists and 6 boards in 38 minutes, and got possession back for NYK, who lead by 1 with 51.7 left.

LAL had led by 5 with 1:56 left.

Big 3 from Randle.

Davis has made his life difficult since the 4th Q, holding him to 2 of 7 in that period, and an early miss in the OT before the 3 capped a 6-0 run (Rose 3) that put NYK up 99-98.

The Knicks take a 1-point lead with 1:10 remaining in the match.

LAL holds a 96-93 lead with 2:23 left in OT after AD’s bucket at the rim off a nice pocket pass from THT, the 20-year-old’s 10th assist.

Kuzma got the first 2.5 minutes of OT before Matthews checked in. Both have been big tonight.

Andre Drummond’s 17th rebound was his 5th on offense, and he fed THT for a corner 3 to start the OT scoring.

AD forces a miss from Randle, and to overtime, we go.

Randle has 28 points, but LAL has made him work for it, on 10 of 24 FG’s (41.6%).

Lakers vs Knicks Quarter 4

What a play from Wesley Matthews, who snuck in for a tough put-back layup, grabbing the ball off the rim on KCP’s corner 3, and putting it up on the glass before hitting the ground.

Tie game, 3.1 seconds left.

Suffocating defense by Davis on Randle forces a shot clock violation.

LAL has 13.3 seconds on the clock, down two.

After a pair of dominant offensive efforts at POR and vs. PHX, Davis has been off tonight, now 7 of 20 from the field after a missed J. Knicks have overloaded to him all night, to their credit.

LAL trail by 2 with 31.2 left, 17 seconds on the shot clock, and don’t want to foul.

LAL trail by 2 with 51.0 seconds left and the ball.

A win and LAL are alive for the 5 or the 6 seed, though still needing help from POR or DAL.

A loss here all but locks LAL into the 7 seed and play-in game, unless Portland or Dallas go 0-3, and LAL go 3-0 to close the season.

Tie game. LAL has erased the 10-point deficit. The defense has been very strong.

Drummond’s hoop tied it, off a KCP dish.

Clutch 3 from Wesley Matthews gets LAL within 2 with 2:15 to play.

Lakers trail by 5 with 3:17 left on the clock

Trailing by 10 moments ago, LAL ripped off a 9-2 run to get within 3 at 87-84, with 4:34 to play.

LAL’s biggest deficit of the game comes at the 8:48 mark of the 4th, as they trail 82-75. Knicks continue to stay disciplined on defense, pressuring LAL’s lone ballhandler, THT, relentlessly.

LAL has 15 TO’s to NYK’s 7, and NYK has hit 21 of 23 FT’s to LAL’s 13 of 17.

Lakers vs Knicks Quarter 3

The Lakers failed to score in the final 4:45 of that 3rd Q.

Knicks took advantage with a 9-0 run to turn a 73-67 deficit into a 76-73 lead.

Derrick Rose has been a major difference-maker. He’s +11, a game best.

Vogel up to 16-8 on challenges. Thought the one in Portland on Caruso should have gone his way, could have made him 17-7.

The previous call was overturned.

Great transition block from KCP that appeared to be a clean swipe before the ball hits the glass. Refs called a goaltend, and Vogel is challenging. Should be overturned, wiping 2 points off the board, and resulting in a jump ball.

Neither Davis nor Drummond got back in transition after a Davis miss through 2 contesting Knicks, and Rose scored a runner to reach 18 points on 8 of 12 FG’s.

LAL’s lead down to 2 at 73-71.

Drummond is definitely benefitting from NYK focusing their defense so much on Anthony Davis … which is the idea, especially once LAL get LeBron back. That will benefit Drummond even more.

Andre Drummond has had some nice moments tonight, such as his swat of Nerlens Noel at the rim just now. He’s up to 13 points with 12 rebounds and 2 blocks in 23 minutes.

Impressive body control from Davis who managed to finish a transition play at the rim after contorting himself through contact while slowing down. He missed the and-1 FT, but Drummond tipped it in, and LAL lead 65-61.

THT starts the 2nd half for Caruso, who’d been starting for Schroder.

THT had 6 1st half assists to lead LAL.

Lakers vs Knicks Quarter 2

LAL trail 56-55 at the half, in a game with 18 lead changes already.

LAL turned it over 8 times, to just 3 from the Knicks, an issue they have to deal with down 3 primary playmakers (Schroder, LeBron, Caruso).

Terrific start for Kuzma, who’s now 6 for 7 from the field with 3 triples towards 16 points in his 13 bench minutes.

KCP backed up Kuzma’s latest 3 with his 2nd tonight to put LAL up 49-42 with 3:35 left in the 2nd.

Lakers go on a 9-0 run with 3:35 to go. They take their biggest lead of the night. 49-42

The Lakers are already without Schroder and LeBron, so Caruso had been filling in at PG, and really stepped up his offensive production the last two games especially, with 18 and 17 points vs. POR and PHX.

That leaves THT and playing more through Davis or Gasol.

NYK got B2B 3’s early in the 2nd Q to counter a LAL push, with the score tied at 37.

Kyle Kuzma is 3 for 4 off LAL’s bench for 7 points, 1 short of AD, while Derrick Rose already has 10 points off the Knicks bench, on 4 of 6 FG’s and a pair of FT’s.

Caruso is not going to return due to right-foot soreness.

When Schroder is available, that pushes Caruso to the bench, and Caruso very much helps anchor that group defensively.

Nice high low action between Gasol and Harrell, as the Spaniard picked out a cutting Montrezl for a layup to start the 2nd Q.

Meanwhile, Derrick Rose, shooting 60+ % in May, is 3 for 3 off NYK’s bench.

Lakers vs Knicks Quarter 1

Knicks hold a 25-24 lead after 12 minutes. Both teams hit 9 FG’s, NYK on 2 fewer attempts, while NYK hit 6 FT’s to LAL’s 3, and LAL made 2 more 3’s.

The Lakers had 4 TO’s to NYK’s 2.

Pregame, Frank Vogel brought up KCP as deserving of All-Defensive consideration, saying he should have mentioned him when bringing up Alex Caruso’s case the other night.

Those 2 made it tough on NYK early, but the Knicks O got going against LAL’s 2nd unit duo of THT/McLemore.

Anthony Davis has the last 6 LAL points, 4 FT’s, and a lay-in after Marc Gasol found him with a lob after Davis established himself in the NYK paint between a pair of Knicks that couldn’t deter him.

LAL up 17-16.

No fouls yet on LAL, 4 on NYK with 4:49 left in the 1st Q. Kuzma’s the first off the bench, plus THT, as LAL lead 11-8 in a defensive battle thus far.

LAL has a 3-pointer apiece from Matthews and KCP, plus a Drummond and-1, enough for a 9-6 lead midway through the 1st Q.

They’ve held NYK to 3 of 9 FG’s, all 3 made jumpers from Randle on the perimeter.

Randle’s been great all season, and he opens tonight’s scoring with a face-up jumper. He got a switch from AD to Drummond on that trip before rising to shoot.

Of course, Davis is the most difficult matchup for Randle (or anybody) at the PF spot.

Lakers vs Knicks Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

Starters tonight for LAL: Caruso, KCP, Matthews, Davis, and Drummond.

The same as last game vs. PHX.

Playoff scenarios prior to Tuesday’s results:

– If POR goes 3-0 or 2-1, they finish ahead of LAL.
– If POR goes 1-2, LAL has to go 4-0.
– If POR goes 0-3, LAL can go 3-1.

– If DAL goes 4-0 they finish ahead of POR.
– If DAL goes 3-1, POR has to go 3-0.
– If DAL goes 2-2, POR could go 2-1.
– If DAL goes 1-3, POR could go 1-2.
– If DAL goes 0-4, POR could go 0-3.

LeBron is out, while Kuzma and THT are in tonight.

The Knicks have been one of the hottest teams in the league and they would’ve gained so much confidence from their gritty win over the Clippers on Sunday.

The Lakers haven’t quite been playing as well lately, but Davis is back in the lineup and was big for the Lakers in their big win over the Suns. The Lakers clearly have more to play for in this one.

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