La Liga 2020 LIVE: All you need to know La Liga fixtures and LIVE Broadcast

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La Liga LIVE, Spanish Football League has released its schedule for match-days 28 and 29, featuring at least one game per day from June 11-18, with all 20 teams playing twice during the same period.

La Liga fixtures (Spanish Timing)

June 2020

Thursday 11th June
Sevilla 21:00 Real Betis

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Friday 12th June

Granada 18:30 Getafe
Valencia 21:00 Levante

Saturday 13th June

Espanyol 12:00 Alaves
Celta Vigo 16:00 Villarreal
Leganes 18:30 Real Valladolid
Real Mallorca 21:00 Barcelona

Sunday 14th June

Athletic Bilbao 12:00 Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid 18:30 Eibar
Real Sociedad 21:00 Osasuna

Monday 15th June

Levante 18:30 Sevilla
Real Betis 21:00 Granada

Tuesday 16th June

Getafe 18:30 Espanyol
Villarreal 18:30 Real Mallorca
Barcelona 21:00 Leganes

Wednesday 17th June

Eibar 18:30 Athletic Bilbao
Real Valladolid 18:30 Celta Vigo
Osasuna 21:00 Atletico Madrid

Thursday 18th June

Alaves 18:30 Real Sociedad
Real Madrid 21:00 Valencia

Sunday 21st June

Athletic Bilbao 17:30 Real Betis
Atletico Madrid 17:30 Real Valladolid
Celta Vigo 17:30 Alaves
Espanyol 17:30 Levante
Getafe 17:30 Eibar
Granada 17:30 Villarreal
Real Mallorca 17:30 Leganes
Real Sociedad 17:30 Real Madrid
Sevilla 17:30 Barcelona
Valencia 17:30 Osasuna

Wednesday 24th June

Alaves 20:00 Osasuna
Barcelona 20:00 Athletic Bilbao
Eibar 20:00 Valencia
Leganes 20:00 Granada
Levante 20:00 Atletico Madrid
Real Betis 20:00 Espanyol
Real Madrid 20:00 Real Mallorca
Real Sociedad 20:00 Celta Vigo
Real Valladolid 20:00 Getafe
Villarreal 20:00 Sevilla

Sunday 28th June

Athletic Bilbao 17:30 Real Mallorca
Atletico Madrid 17:30 Alaves
Celta Vigo 17:30 Barcelona
Espanyol 17:30 Real Madrid
Getafe 17:30 Real Sociedad
Granada 17:30 Eibar
Levante 17:30 Real Betis
Osasuna 17:30 Leganes
Sevilla 17:30 Real Valladolid
Villarreal 17:30 Valencia

July 2020

Wednesday 1st July

Alaves 20:00 Granada
Barcelona 20:00 Atletico Madrid
Eibar 20:00 Osasuna
Leganes 20:00 Sevilla
Real Betis 20:00 Villarreal
Real Madrid 20:00 Getafe
Real Mallorca 20:00 Celta Vigo
Real Sociedad 20:00 Espanyol
Real Valladolid 20:00 Levante
Valencia 20:00 Athletic Bilbao

Sunday 5th July

Athletic Bilbao 17:30 Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid 17:30 Real Mallorca
Celta Vigo 17:30 Real Betis
Espanyol 17:30 Leganes
Granada 17:30 Valencia
Levante 17:30 Real Sociedad
Osasuna 17:30 Getafe
Real Valladolid 17:30 Alaves
Sevilla 17:30 Eibar
Villarreal 17:30 Barcelona

Wednesday 8th July

Athletic Bilbao 20:00 Sevilla
Barcelona 20:00 Espanyol
Celta Vigo 20:00 Atletico Madrid
Eibar 20:00 Leganes
Getafe 20:00 Villarreal
Real Betis 20:00 Osasuna
Real Madrid 20:00 Alaves
Real Mallorca 20:00 Levante
Real Sociedad 20:00 Granada
Valencia 20:00 Real Valladolid

Sunday 12th July

Alaves 17:30 Getafe
Atletico Madrid 17:30 Real Betis
Espanyol 17:30 Eibar
Granada 17:30 Real Madrid
Leganes 17:30 Valencia
Levante 17:30 Athletic Bilbao
Osasuna 17:30 Celta Vigo
Real Valladolid 17:30 Barcelona
Sevilla 17:30 Real Mallorca
Villarreal 17:30 Real Sociedad

Wednesday 15th July

Athletic Bilbao 20:00 Leganes
Barcelona 20:00 Osasuna
Celta Vigo 20:00 Levante
Eibar 20:00 Real Valladolid
Getafe 20:00 Atletico Madrid
Real Betis 20:00 Alaves
Real Madrid 20:00 Villarreal
Real Mallorca 20:00 Granada
Real Sociedad 20:00 Sevilla
Valencia 20:00 Espanyol

Sunday 19th July

Alaves 17:30 Barcelona
Atletico Madrid 17:30 Real Sociedad
Espanyol 17:30 Celta Vigo
Granada 17:30 Athletic Bilbao
Leganes 17:30 Real Madrid
Levante 17:30 Getafe
Osasuna 17:30 Real Mallorca
Real Valladolid 17:30 Real Betis
Sevilla 17:30 Valencia
Villarreal 17:30 Eibar

India Broadcast of LA-LIGA LIVE on FACEBOOK

The La Liga games as usual will be streamed live on Facebook in the Indian Sub-Continent. The first week’s match schedule features two 1 pm Central European Time kick-offs, which are favorable for Asian television audiences. LaLiga has been providing its international broadcasters with a range of alternative content during the absence of live matches.