Kumble for 26% to players in all BCCI revenue

India coach Anil Kumble has written to the BCCI’s Committee of Administrators for a 300 per cent hike in players’ salaries, according to Mumbai Mirror report. The proposal has not been discussed as yet, but sources within the BCCI say it is related to the players’ share of the Board’s earnings, which stands at 26 per cent, but not necessarily from every source.

The main bone of contention is the television income, from which the BCCI earns 70 per cent, and of the rest 30 percent, 26 per cent goes to the players. From other sources of income, straight 26 per cent goes into the players’ kitty. What Kumble has proposed is that 26 per cent of every source of income, including TV revenues, should go to the players.

For example, in 2015-16, the total income from the media rights was Rs 648 crore and as per Kumble’s formula Rs 170 crore of that should have gone to the players. But it is understood that the players got only Rs 50 crore with TV revenue excluded for considering players share.

The Board’s total income from all sources last year was Rs 1,365 crore. As per Kumble’s model, the players’ share of this income should have been Rs 354 crore.

Also, under the prevailing arrangement, players get nothing from the Board’s share of ICC’s income, which is being projected at Rs 3,000 crore in the next eight years. Kumble has proposed that the players must get a share of this income too.

All taken into account, the players’ share, if Kumble’s proposals are accepted, is likely go up by a minimum of 300 per cent. BCCI and COA sources have confirmed to Mumbai Mirro receiving a proposal from Kumble. Preliminary discussions took place in Bangalore on the sidelines of the annual BCCI Awards Night. Subsequently, Kumble sent a detailed note to the Board.