Kohli’s latest video invites youngsters to join the WROGN tribe

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Virat Kohli is promoting his own brands religiously and catching the imagination of the millennials. A video campaign to promote Kohli’s lifestyle and athleisure brand WROGN has close to six million hits in a fortnight since its launch on September 7.

The TVC on Kohli’s official twitter handle @imKohli has been tweeted 110,000 times with close to two million likes.

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The new brand film from WROGN, the lifestyle menswear fashion brand curated by Virat Kohli, has the daring tough cricketer inviting the youth to join the WROGN tribe! The film captures the enigmatic and rebellious youth spirit, as they break the rules and shatter stereotypes to become a part of the ‘WROGN tribe’.

“The new campaign encourages the youth to be part of the WROGN community, the WROGN tribe, and stand out unafraid, living life as an adventure with the free spirit that the brand represents,” says Anjana Reddy, CEO of Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd. (USPL).

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The new campaign captures attention with manifestations of individuality, speaking to the ‘misfits’ and calling them to become part of the ‘WROGN tribe’. Evoking a sense of freedom from the routine, with an employee walking into a corporate office in sandals and sporting a green Mohawk, a skater falling Virat Kohli encourages the youth to be relentless in their determination to be independent, different and unapologetically themselves. Disruptive scenes of a corporate employee walking into office with a green Mohawk, a skateboarder practicing to perfect a stunt move even as he falls multiple times and more such situations culminate in an invitation to join the WROGN tribe and be free!

Earlier this week, Kohli has also shared a video to promote the new range of his One8 body spray.

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