Japan Introduces first “Esports Gym” in Tokyo where gamers will get training from Professional Players

Japan Introduces first
Japan Introduces first " Esports Gym " in Tokyo where gamers will get training from professional players

Japan Introduces first “Esports Gym” in Tokyo where gamers will get training from Professional Players: Japan introduced the first gym for esports in Tokyo where both amateur and experienced gamers will get training and professional coaching. In this gym area, there is a lounge with gaming PCs and equipment outfitted. The Esports Gym is set to open on May 19, 2021, where gamers can book their slot at one of the PCs.

Gamers can reserve a three-hour time slot where they need to pay $13 USD. They have a monthly membership plan starting at $50 USD, in this monthly plan, gamers will get daily access to gaming PCs for a month. They also get optional coaching sessions from professional players which can be added in for $25 USD for an hour.

Esports education company ‘Gecipe’ and private transit company ‘Tokyo Metro‘ have jointly worked on this project. They will welcome all types of gamers in Esports Gym, no matter you are experienced or amateur, you got a better place to learn things. Esports Gym offers online or in-person coaching sessions from Glory Be Esports and Crest gaming. Esports Gym is currently providing coaching for VALORANT, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, Identity V.

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Esports and gaming industry is dominated by Asia. Competitive Gaming has seen massive growth around the globe. In 2021, esports revenues expected to surpass $1 billion USD where esports investment surpassed $4.5 billion in 2018. A large number of fans used to watch gaming live stream where it is predicted to hit 728.8 million live streaming audience in 2021.

In Singapore, NEO.TM, an audiovisual company opened its first dedicated space for eSports last February. A company called it Gym which has 7700 square foot space, including live streaming area, gaming area, and event organizing area.

Esporst Gym, Tokyo, Japan
Esporst Gym, Tokyo, Japan

NEO.TM’s founder, Neo Yong Aik, told The New Paper last year that “there is little doubt that esports has become mainstream in this part of the world. We need more places that not only provide a place for individuals and teams to practice and compete but also for them to pick up the right habits that will stay with them as they pursue successful esports careers.”

There are millions of people who play games on PCs, their mobile phones, or console. To conclude, the gaming market is unimaginably huge over the years.

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