ITW acquires in-stadia advertising rights for CSA

ITW acquires in-stadia advertising rights for CSA - InsideSport

ITW Consulting has acquired in-stadia advertising rights for the Indian and Australian cricket teams’ tours of South Africa during the 2017-2018 season. The India-based sports management company is authorized to market and sell the in-stadia advertising rights to non-South African companies and entities.

The deal covers three Tests, six ODIs and three T-20 international for the South Africa-India series and four Tests from 1 March to 30 March 2018, during Australia’s tour of South Africa.

ITW has rights to re-sell and market the in-stadia advertising properties and enter into sub-contracts with potential clients and agencies towards exploiting the rights commercially.

Commenting on the association, ITW Consulting director MS Muralidharan said, “We are one of the new generation companies and are delighted to partner with Cricket South Africa and Megapro Marketing (Ry) Ltd for these two series. We are sure that we will be able to build strong and strategic brand associations that will be fruitful for both, the brands and cricket fans across the globe.”

Commenting on the deal, ITW Consulting co-founder Bhairav Shanth said, “With utmost pride in bagging these rights, ITW welcomes brands around the world to stand tall with global brands and cherish a seamless branding experience in South Africa, across two months of high-octane competitive cricket.”