IPL’s player contracts value ₹4,284 cr: InsideSport salary intelligence report

IPL’s player contracts value ₹4,284 cr: InsideSport salary intelligence report

Indian Premier League, heading into the 11th successive season, has set many commercial benchmarks. A total of 694 cricketers have been offered professional contracts worth more than ₹4,2,84 crore ever since the league’s inception in 2008.

Insidesport.co has released the first authentic report with detailed analysis of players’ professional salaries for the 11 seasons of the IPL. Various interesting aspects, combinations and permutations of IPL players’ professional contracts are now available on MONEYBALL – the digital salary calculation engine for professional sportspersons.

The MONEYBALL has released the first detailed report on the IPL players’ professional contracts – IPL SALARIES: Magical & Mystical Numbers – in New Delhi today.

Through MONEYBALL, sports lovers and professionals in the business of sports can have an easy access to all the salary commercials in professional sports.

The MONEYBALL offers an interesting and intriguing insight into the IPL salary data. A total of 694 contracted players till date have earned a consolidated ₹ 42,841,581,046. Till date, 426 Indian cricketers have got an aggregate commercial contracts worth ₹23,541,566,981, which amounts to 54.95% of IPL players’ gross salaries. The 268 overseas players have become richer by ₹19,300,014,065 from IPL professional contracts.

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More interesting facts emerge from combination and permutation of the IPL salary data. There are only two cricketers in the ₹100 crore IPL salary club, and Virat Kohli is not among them. Mahendra Singh Dhoni with a total salary purse of ₹ 107.84 crores tops the IPL top earners rankings. Mumbai Indians’ Rohit Sharma comes second with ₹101.60 crore. Kohli with ₹922,000,000 is placed fourth behind Gautam Gambhir.

After the Indians, who have pocketed a total of ₹2,354 crore by playing in the IPL, Australian cricketers have taken home ₹653.8 crore. The MONEYBALL search engine offers numerous combinations and permutations to answer all the probable questions around IPL salaries.

“Professional Sports structure in the form of leagues and other commercial ventures is growing in the country by the day and so is the professional players’ salary pool. But there has been no authentic source to provide an insight into the volume of salaries in professional sports. We being in the business of sports and leagues had realised the need to have an intelligence pool for this information. That led to the tabulation of the data for professional sportsperson’s contractual salaries. The MONEYBALL will map the growth of sports salaries in the Indian eco-system. I am pleased to announce the launch of the first MONEYBALL chapter with complete salary data for the IPL. We will soon add more features to it and create around it commercial engagement for sports fans,” said Ashish Chadha, Director, InsideSport.

Sports enthusiast and professionals can track all the MONEYBALL information at www.insidesport.co/moneyball.

Click here to access the IPL SALARIES: Magical & Mystical Numbers report.

MONEYBALL is also in process of collating data to tab professional salaries of professional sports beyond cricket. New data and sports will be introduced gradually to map the growing professional leagues and their salaries.