IPL : Wasim Akram claims ‘bowling in PSL lot better then IPL’

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“Foreign players have told me that quality of bowling in Pakistan Super League lot better than the Indian Premier League

This is the statement by Pakistan bowling great Wasim Akram when asked about the difference between the PSL & IPL by former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali on his youtube channel. Akram said, lot of foreign players have told him that the quality of bowling in PSL is ‘a lot better’ than IPL. Akram also said that the overseas players told him, they were able to target and go after at least one bowler per team in the IPL and that it was not the case with the PSL.

“…from whatever I have seen in the PSL over the last few years I have asked a lot of foreign players about the difference between IPL and PSL, when it comes to bowling. They all have said that the quality of bowling in the PSL is much better,”

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“In all IPL teams, there is at least one bowler who can be attacked. According to the foreign players, the quality of bowling is a lot better than IPL, according to the foreign players.

Akram has worked with several PSL franchises, including Islamabad United, Karachi Kings and Karachi Kings over the years. Notably, the former Pakistan captain had also worked with IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders as their bowling coach until 2016. Akram also said

PSL is the 2nd best T20 league in the world after IPL but it’s unfair to compare both the tournaments.

“It’s not fair to compare PSL and IPL. PSL has just started, it’s just been 5 years since its inception. For the first time, it was held in Pakistan we came to know how big a tournament it is for Pakistan. PSL is the second biggest tournament in the World of T20 after IPL
“IPL has matured. It’s completed 12 years and there is a lot more money involved in the IPL,” Akram conceded on the far superior commercial standing of the IPL.

Meanwhile, Shoaib Akhtar has revealed, ‘PSL is facing an economic crisis’

Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar has said that the PSL is facing an economic crisis and some of the owners are looking to sell their teams. Appearing on a television show, Akhtar also claimed he didn’t see the Pakistan Super League (PSL) taking place for the next 16 to 18 months.

“I know some people wouldn’t like to hear this but some owners are looking to sell their franchisees. I would be more than happy to provide financial and non-monetary support to keep the PSL alive and to thrive”, he said.

The Pakistan Cricket Board had to suspend the fifth edition of the PSL in March this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the final stage of the event remaining.The board was also forced to organise some matches in Karachi and Lahore before empty stadiums because of the virus after the league was held completely for the first time in Pakistan since its launch in 2016.

“I think if we do the math, the PSL can’t be held before 16 to 18 months. The World Cup will also take probably after eight months because time is needed for the Coronavirus issue to settle down.

“The thing is if there is no proper cricket until say September, how can the PSL be held in four months? I don’t think the board can ask for money from the franchisees in this situation. As far as I know some franchises are already ready to sell their brand. They have offers,” Akhtar claimed.

The former fast bowler claimed he will not allow the PSL to die and he will come forward with financial and other support to help save the T20 league.

“I will make sure that the PSL thrives and stays alive and it gets big brands to make progress, he added.

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