IPL Moneyball: KL Rahul most impactful player

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KL Rahul, the Kings XI Punjab wicketkeeper-batsman, has been the most impactful player of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 with his all-round batting show across the 32nd  game of IPL season 12. The tattooed arm man with his blitzkrieg impactful knocks with the ball has pushed David Warner to the second position. Rahul in nine games so far has accumulated 387 runs and taken seven catches to notch up 408 points in the IPL 2019 Impact Index. Warner with 403 points for his 400 runs and a catch is placed second.


Impact Rank is a methodology devised by Moneyball to rate players on the basis of their performance impact on the match in all aspects – batting, bowling, fielding – of the game. The Impact Rank takes into consideration runs scored, wickets and catch taken as well as stumping and run-outs executed by a player.

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Impact points are arrived at by applying a formula for performance evaluation. Players earn one point for each run scored, 10 points are allocated for each wicket, while catching, stumping and run-out add three points to a players IMPACT RANK.

Apart from the Impact Rank, Moneyball (the professional sports wages calculation tool) has also developed the VALUE FOR MONEY RANK methodology which devised to rate the player for their Value for money.


Value for Money rankings is derived by dividing a players’ annual salary with his IMPACT POINTS. In simple terms, the gross annual salary of the player is divided by the impact points to arrive at his VALUE FOR MONEY RANK. Players with the lowest amount spent for each impact point get ranking higher up the order.

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