IPL Auction & Players Salary: 14 years of IPL makes 789 players richer by Rs 6144 Cr – InsideSport Exclusive

IPL Auction & Players Salary: 14 years of IPL makes 789 players richer by Rs 6144 Cr – The Indian Premier League and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) achieved a unique feat on Thursday at IPL 2021 auction. At least Rs 145.3 crore were spent on the purchase of players in the auction ceremony. As a result, IPL’s overall amount spent has soared past 6,000 crore, revealed Moneyball of Insidesport. The number currently stands at Rs 6,144 crore.

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IPL crosses new commercial benchmarking on Thursday – 6100 Cr Salary Mark

Insidesport.co on Wednesday released the first authentic report with detailed analysis of players’ professional salaries for the 14 seasons of the IPL. Various interesting aspects, combinations and permutations of IPL players’ professional contracts are now available on MONEYBALL – the digital salary calculation engine for professional sportspersons.

The InsideSport MONEYBALL reveals that till date 787 players have been contracted by the IPL franchises and have earner a consolidated salary figure of 61,44,15,45,047 (6144 Cr)

Indian Players Biggest Beneficiary of IPL Contracts: As expected Indian cricketers have been the biggest beneficiary of the IPL Contracts. Out of total contracted cricketers – 489 comes from India. The Indian cricketers have earned 56.7% IPL players’ gross salaries which amount to be 34,33,80,66,981 (3,433 Cr)

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Also, so far, overseas cricketers have become richer by 2,710 Crores from IPL professional contracts. Overall 297 foreign cricketers have participated in IPL till date.

IPL Auction & Players Salary: Interesting stats

  • 6144 Cr: IPL’s consolidated salary bill for 14 years
  • MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma: Only 3 players who have earned about 125 Cr in IPL Salaries
  • 5 Players have broken 100 Cr career salary barrier in IPL
  • AB De Villiers is the only foreign cricketer to cross 100 Cr Salary mark till date
  • Dhoni only one who has crossed 150 Cr Salary benchmark

IPL Auction & Players Salary: After India, Australian cricketers biggest earners from IPL Contracts

More interesting facts emerge from the combination and permutation of the IPL salary data.

After the Indians, who have pocketed a total of Rs. 34,33 crore by playing in the IPL, Australian cricketers have taken home ₹905.9 crore. The MONEYBALL search engine offers numerous combinations and permutations to answer all the probable questions around IPL salaries.

The South African cricketers are No. 3 in the list with 56 Proteas cricketers have earned 539 Cr from IPL in last 14 years.

Sports enthusiast and professionals can track all the MONEYBALL information at www.insidesport.co/moneyball.

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