IPL 2021 Suspended: 5 big mistakes made by BCCI that led to postponement of IPL 2021

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IPL 2021 Suspended – 5 Big Mistakes made by BCCI that force them postponing IPL: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) finally accepted on Tuesday that they are unable to control the situation further and hence decided to suspend the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. In just a matter of two days, multiple Covid-19 cases were reported from inside the bio-bubble which had raised eyebrows on the security of it.

From cricketers to franchise officials to groundsmen, the numbers kept increasing across the venue. Delhi was the worst hit, with eight confirmed Covid-19 positive cases – two from CSK camp, 5 DDCA groundsmen and one from SRH camp.

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There were red flags even before the league had commenced which BCCI ignored and therefore eventually had to postpone the T20 league indefinitely. But what mistakes did BCCI do – 5 big mistakes BCCI made which forced them to postpone IPL

IPL 2021 Suspended: 5 big mistakes BCCI made which forced them to postpone IPL

– IPL 2021, Mistake 1: Not shifting IPL 2021 to UAE 

The board weighed the option of shifting the tournament to UAE once again before deciding to conduct it here. Many of the BCCI’s own stakeholders were convinced that shifting to UAE was the right option. However, the Indian cricket board did not pay attention to the proposal.

– IPL 2021, Mistake 2: Why caravan model for IPL 2021?

A caravan model is understandable if there are spectators. However, if there were no spectators why host IPL 2021 in six venues – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. This led to teams and players being exposed to AIRPORT – where many feel IPL Bio-bubble must have got compromised.

– IPL 2021, Mistake 3: BCCI did not hire a safety and technology firm

The BCCI did not hire a safety and technology firm, like they hired UK-based Restrata last year in the UAE, to create a central bio-bubble. They gave the responsibility to Indian medical company whose mistakes were the reason that IPL BIO-BUBBLE were breached many times by Covid-19.

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– IPL 2021, Mistake 4: Lack of coordination while booking hotels

The booking of hotels – either by the franchises or by the BCCI or in-coordination – has been random. One franchise, stayed 10 kilometres away from their stadium in Mumbai, and that too in a hotel that was part of a commercial complex.

– IPL 2021, Mistake 5- Arrogance

Until Sunday, BCCI claimed bio-bubble was the ‘safest place on earth. But with six Covid-19 cases, breach of bio-bubble came to light. All through BCCI and its officials were arrogance personified. They failed to realize enormity of the situation and act accordingly – their high handedness and failure to read the situation led to postponment of IPL 2021 – right in middle of the season.