IPL 2021 New Rules: BCCI ask IPL franchises to instruct players ’not to share bottles, refreshments during the drinks-breaks’

IPL 2021 New Rules: BCCI ask IPL franchises to instruct players ’not to share bottles, refreshments during the drinks-breaks’
IPL 2021 New Rules: BCCI ask IPL franchises to instruct players ’not to share bottles, refreshments during the drinks-breaks’

IPL 2021 New Rules – IPL Bio Bubble Protocols: After getting clean-bowled by the Covid-19 pandemic in last IPL, BCCI by the day is getting stricter on their Covid-19 protocols for the teams & the players. Earlier InsideSport.co had informed that how the BALL CHANGE rule will be applied in Phase 2 of IPL if it goes in the stands. Now, some of the franchises have told InsideSport that, BCCI also has given strict guidelines that prohibits players to share any kind of food item, refreshments, water bottles during the DRINK-BREAKS.

This means, players can’t share their bottles, drinks or food items with each other. According to the GUIDELINES issued by the BCCI:

  • No player should share their drinks, food items, bottles, towels with each other in the field of play
  • The substitute players carrying drinks would require to keep the drinks holder on the field and all players can only use their own pre-designated bottles to avoid sharing.
  • BCCI has also asked franchises to provide bottles with LABLES of player names on it
  • BCCI has also asked teams to instruct players not to use towels, any other kind of clothing with each other.
  • Other than this players will be allowed to use GOLF courses with the PREMISES of the hotels they are staying, provided the concerned team book the entire GOLF Course
  • No use of bars, restaurants, cafes, gymnasium, locker rooms at the Golf Club is allowed.

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IPL 2021 PHASE 2 – IPL 2021 RULE CHANGE: Big rule change to be introduced in IPL Phase 2, ball to be replaced if it goes in stands –

Meanwhile as reported on Saturday, the biggest rule change in IPL 2021 phase 2 would be the BALL CHANGE RULE. According to the 46-page health advisory issued by BCCI for IPL in UAE, if the ball goes into stands then it will be replaced and the original ball after being recovered will be sanitized and placed in the ball library.

IPL 2021 PHASE 2 – IPL 2021 RULE CHANGE: Earlier, in IPL 2020 ball that went out of the stadium or land in stands then umpires used to sanitise the ball and continue the game with the same ball. However, this time BCCI has decided to change the rule.

Why the rule is being changed by the BCCI?

BCCI & Emirates Cricket Board is all set to allow spectators in the stands during the IPL 2021 Phase 2. This means now unlike IPL 2020, if the ball goes in the stands – there is a possibility that it will be touched by the spectators or whoever throws the ball back.

In this situation their is remote possibility of ball being exposed to someone being infected in the stands. BCCI is not ready to take any chances and they have decided that ‘ball will be replaced if it goes in stands’

IPL 2021 PHASE 2 – IPL 2021 RULE CHANGE: Batsmen or Bowlers – Who are at advantage?

Replacing the ball if it lands in stands or outside the stadium will benefit batsmen more as the new ball will be a hard one and it will come easily on the bat. The pitches in UAE generally support spinners but now with this rule change, spinners will have to adapt to bowling with a new ball every now and then. (IPL rule change)

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Saliva Ban continues

As it was in IPL 2020 and the first phase of IPL 2021, players will not be allowed to use saliva to shine the ball. If a player does apply saliva to the ball, the umpires will manage the situation with some leniency during an initial period of adjustment for the players, but subsequent instances will result in the team receiving a warning. Repeated violation will result in a 5-run penalty to the batting side. (Saliva rule in IPL)

BCCI’s bio-secure bubble protocols

IPL 2021 was suspended due to a bio-bubble breach created by BCCI. Thus, the board is in no mood to risk it this time. BCCI has issued a strict warning to the players that the bubble breach will not be tolerated. (Saliva rule in IPL)

None of the international players competing in the IPL will have to serve quarantine but the franchise members and families could face punishment if there is a “bubble breach”, according to the health and safety protocols released by the BCCI.

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“Breach of any Bio-Secure Environment protocols by franchise members or their families will be subject to disciplinary action by the BCCI,” the governing body said in its Health and Safety protocols, a copy of which is in possession of PTI.

No more Contact Tracing bands

BCCI is doing away with Bluetooth-enabled contact bands due to unreliability and malfunction of the devices. Instead, the onus will be on the bio-bubble integrity officers to trace each individual in case any Covid positive case emerges in the bio-bubble.


  • All franchise team members must undergo a COVID-19 RT-PCR test, 72 hours before their scheduled flight
  • All individuals must quarantine themselves and avoid contact with others after the RT-PCR test
  • All members whose RT-PCR test result is negative may travel to the franchise’s city of choice
  • For passengers arriving from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, it is mandatory that the COVID-19 PCR report includes a QR code linked to the original report for the verification process
  •  In unavoidable circumstances franchise team members and their families can leave the bubble
  • However, for unscheduled visits, prior permission must be sought from the BCCI Chief Medical Officer before leaving the Bubble
  • Re-entry to the Bubble is only permitted after completing 6 full days quarantine
  • For re-entry 3 results of the RT-PCR tests for samples collected on day 2,4 and 6 should be negative
  • Green corridors will be created to avoid close contact with any individuals who are outside their Bio-Secure Bubbles if in exceptional circumstances members within a bubble are required to visit a hospital
  • Contact tracing bands to be done away with. Instead, the bio-bubble integrity officers will be responsible for tracking each Covid positive contact.

BCCI is trying every possible thing to avoid any bio-bubble breach this team as IPL 2021 was suspended in the month of May as many players were tested positive due to bubble breach.

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The first game of the IPL 2021 Phase 2 will take place in Dubai where Chennai Super Kings will take on defending champions Mumbai Indians on September 19, Sunday.