IPL 2021: Lalit Modi slams players & board ‘BCCI should pledge 700-800 Cr of IPL earnings to Covid victims’

IPL New Teams: Lalit Modi's 'Betting links' jibe notwithstanding, BCCI clears CVC Ventures for ownership of IPL team for Ahmedabad
IPL New Teams: Lalit Modi's 'Betting links' jibe notwithstanding, BCCI clears CVC Ventures for ownership of IPL team for Ahmedabad

IPL 2021 – Lalit Modi slams BCCI & Players: The former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi has lambasted BCCI and the players for lack of sensitivity in wake of unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. In an interview to Mid-Day, Modi said, he is completely baffled that why players and BCCI are not doing much in wake of crisis. According to Modi, the BCCI should pledge minimum 10% of their earnings from IPL this year to Covid-19.

“The BCCI should pledge to give 10 per cent at least of its IPL earnings over the last two years for Covid victims and rehabilitation of the families who have lost their breadwinners. It is the fans who have made the game of cricket so big in India. This is the time to react and give back to the nation.”

“10% will be round about R700-800 crores. Imagine the difference that money can make for rehabilitation and treatment of patients.”

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IPL 2021 – Lalit Modi slams BCCI & Players – Modi who is in London now a days told Mid-Day, he is more shocked with the way players are reacting to the situation.

Modi says he finds it, “quite shameful, very, very in fact” that the cricketers “had not come out strongly on an every day basis. Not to have worn black bands, not to take a knee is something that baffles me.”

He says, “Let’s not forget that history will document how the Indian cricketers reacted when a calamity of this magnitude stared India in the face.”

IPL 2021 – Lalit Modi slams BCCI & Players: What IPL could have done according to Modi?

The IPL, he says, “could have done so much more. I don’t know who is stopping them. Every life matters, every Indian matters, this is a time for solidarity and coming together.”

IPL 2021: What according to Lalit Modi should have done differently ?

– Every IPL match should start with a minute’s silence to pay homage to each life lost due to this pandemic.
– The players he says “can also bend the knee, they must pray for people lost. And they must wear a black band in all the matches, that’s a must, must, must.”
– TV, he says, can do away with the post-match prize ceremony for individual performances. “Just have the captain interviews and that’s it. No extra show of huge cheques or money at the time of such despair.”
– Cricketers he says, “are the sweethearts of this nation along with the Bollywood actors. And it is time for them to give out the right message.”
– To uplift, he says, put a hand around the shoulder of the fans. “Show solidarity, show support, express concern, money isn’t everything. Even a kind word can heal a broken heart in these times.”
– Modi wants the IPL’s broadcasting messaging around safety and biosecurity to be “more serious and more impactful” and move from the commentators to the players at the centre. “I would go as far as have the captains walk out for the toss with masks to put it across to the millions of youngsters watching to do the same when they’re outdoors.”
– He wants players to carry badges or jerseys requesting people to get vaccinated, to encourage them to take the jab and “clear all myths and false propaganda against it.”
– Indian cricket’s financial outlay during the pandemic needed to go wide and deep. “All cricketers should voluntarily give some portion of the IPL earnings for the victims.”
– ‘BCCI should pledge 10 per cent’
– Venues should be limited to only two.

When asked, would he have stopped IPL 2021 in wake of the crisis?
“I would’ve done something very different but I wouldn’t have stopped the games at all.

Let’s not snatch that away from them. Let’s not deprive few more families of their daily bread. Some domestic cricketers make major earning through the IPL in these six-eight weeks to take care of almost that entire year’s earnings. Let’s not take that away.”

IPL 2021 – For Record, some of the players have already started coming forward to support people in Covid-19 crisis

– Pat Cummins of KKR donated USD 50,000
– Brett Lee came forward to pledge 1 Bitcoin
– Jayadev Unadkat of Rajasthan Royals & Nicholas Pooran (PBKS) pledged 10% of their IPL salaries for Covid-19 crisis
– Hardik Pandya, Ajinkya Rahane & Shikhar Dhawan have come forward to donate and pledge for Covid-19 related causes.