IPL 2021: David Warner completely rattled by Chinese rocket crashing in Maldives

IPL 2021 suspended: Sunrisers Hyderabad's David Warner rattled by Chinese rocket crashing in Maldives as Australians wait for their return
IPL 2021 suspended: Sunrisers Hyderabad's David Warner rattled by Chinese rocket crashing in Maldives as Australians wait for their return

IPL 2021 suspended: As Australians wait in the Maldives ahead of their return to the land down under, David Warner & Co had a surprise in store in the island nation. The out-of-control Chinese rocket crashed in the Indian Ocean off Maldives coast on Sunday morning, rattling the Australian contingent including Warner, who are laying low in the country. They heard a sonic boom, equivalent to a giant explosion.

David Warner told The Australian from the Maldives that they were woken by the boom around 5.30 morning.

“We heard the bang around 5.30 am this morning. Experts say the noise we heard is the crack in the atmosphere which sets off a wave of sound not the actual impact of the rocket,” David Warner said.

IPL 2021 suspended: The 37-men Australian contingent that includes cricketers, coaches, umpires and commentators are stranded in the Maldives after the IPL 2021 was suspended following multiple COVID-19 cases inside IPL’s bio-bubble. The BCCI, India’s governing body of cricket, had arranged for their flights to the Maldives as Australia has a travel ban in place for travellers from India. Any violation of that rule could lead to a $66,000 fine and 5-year imprisonment under Australia’s Bio-security Act.

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As for the Chinese rocket, it was the booster part of Long March 5B that carried the main module of China’s upcoming space station, Tiangong. It was launched on April 29. Usually, a rocket of that size comes back to Earth after lifting the modules but in this case, the booster helped Long March 5B to take the Tiangong module to orbit. However, friction caused the rocket to lose altitude and it was set for an uncontrolled re-entry back to Earth.

IPL 2021 suspended: The 10-story cylinder with a weight of 23 tons that carried the Tianhe module was about to fall back on anywhere Earth with people anxiously tracking its movements as it could hit a populated area. But fortunately, the debris crashed into the ocean with most of its parts burning up in the re-entry. However, that did not stop causing the sonic boom that occurs when the rocket re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. David Warner & Co apart from millions of Maldivians were lucky that the debris didn’t hit the ground as the toxic fuel and the impact of the crash could have been devastating.

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On Sunday morning, multiple videos surfaced showing a comet-like object crashing into the Ocean. David Warner & Co were rattled by the enormous explosion. They will wait in the Maldives for four more days before the Australian government decides to let its citizens enter the country and spend further time in quarantine.

IPL 2021 suspended: The other Australian in the IPL 2021 that was suspended due to multiple COVID-19 cases in the bio-bubble, Michael Hussey, will remain in India. The CSK batting coach tested positive for the COVID-19 on April 6 and was airlifted to Chennai where he is recovering. He will join the rest of the Australians after producing two negative test results.

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