IPL 2021: ‘BCCI should immediately stop IPL, players are not safe anymore,’ Kirti Azad bats for IPL postponement

IPL 2021 suspended: Former cricketer Kirti Azad blasts BCCI, says, ‘it’s sad state of affairs’, says DDCA should not have hosted IPL
IPL 2021 suspended: Former cricketer Kirti Azad blasts BCCI, says, ‘it’s sad state of affairs’, says DDCA should not have hosted IPL

IPL 2021 postponement: As India battles the second wave of COVID-19 infections with the country setting world record in daily infections, IPL 2021 was thought to be a soothing balm for many. But on a day when two KKR players were tested positive apart from three CSK staffs and five DDCA groundsmen, former player Kirti Azad has questioned BCCI’s intent and asked for an immediate postponement of the tournament to keep players safe.

“I thought they were in a bubble and safe from everything and entertaining cricket lovers and the country. It’s very unfortunate that you are getting Corona positive cases being in a bubble. Obviously, that means, there has been a security lapse. So, it’s really appalling that this is how things are going at the moment. If this is the case that came out. It should be stopped,” Kirti Azad told InsideSport in an exclusive interview.

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IPL 2021 postponement: Kirti Azad criticizes BCCI for lax security

KKR’s two players Varun Chakaravarthy and Sandeep Warrier tested positive for the virus despite visiting a hospital through BCCI’s green channel for scans. While it has not been made public how CSK’s CEO Kasi Vishwanathan, bowling coach Lakshmipathy Balaji and a bus cleaner contracted the virus, it is likely that they came in contact with five DDCA groundsmen who have also tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

With players and staff coming in contact with other franchise members and players, it is difficult to understand the extent of the spread as the cases can only be detected after 6-7 days of transmission. Kirti Azad said that the players are not safe anymore and neither the bio-bubbles that BCCI and IPL are operating.

“For six days, you cannot detect any corona infection. It’s only on the 7th day that you come to know. So, obviously seeing what has happened with KKR players and CSK staff, there has been a security lapse and what we thought was a very safe zone, isn’t one,” Kirti Azad said.

Azad has instead called out BCCI for lax security that has led to IPL’s COVID-19 crisis of its own. “One, the security is lax, secondly the corona scene that has come in is very dangerous, thirdly, the strain that has been found recently is more lethal than the other strain of the virus. Obviously, there should be a complete stop and should see to it that nobody suffers. Many of the people have gone back because of this,” he added.

“They should immediately stop it. Earlier, when somebody asked if IPL should go on, I said yes because they are in a bubble and safe. People were getting bored at home and there was a little bit of entertainment. But now with this thing coming out with players getting infected, obviously, it should stop,” Kirti Azad said.