IPL 2020 : Will BCCI & CSK allow Suresh Raina to make a comeback in IPL 2020 ?

The first ball is yet to be bowled in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) but Suresh Raina saga has made IPL as the most searched keyword on Google search in the last two weeks. 

First it was his hasty retreat to India from UAE and now speculation about his return to Chennai Super Kings camp is hogging all the headlines in IPL 2020. 
Raina has been dropping various hints during his interviews to media platforms. “I’ve been training even while quarantining here. You never know you might see me in the CSK camp there again,”. 
Experts too feel that Raina is heading back to CSK. 
“I have a feeling that Suresh Raina will be back playing the IPL. He might miss out on the first few games because of the quarantine rules and all but I have a feeling that Suresh will be back,” Dasgupta told ESPNCricinfo. “I won’t be surprised if they don’t pick a replacement for Suresh.”
IPL 2020 : Raina looking to head back, but will BCCI & CSK camp accept him ?
First thing first. Even if Raina decides to head back to IPL 2020, the first thing he would have to do is follow the IPL 2020 Guidelines –
– 6 Days Quarantine after landing in UAE
– 3 Covid-19 negative tests
– Post that he can will be allowed to join the IPL BIO-BUBBLE
But this is not all, Raina’s case is much more complex. According to few media reports, BCCI is unlikely to allow Raina to join back till the time reason for his hasty retreat from IPL 2020 is not clearly known. 

“What the BCCI will have to do is evaluate what exactly were the reasons. If it’s about his family, it’s his personal reason. If it was a rift with MS (Dhoni), then it’s CSK’s internal issue. If he came back because of depression, then it’s a mental issue. We can’t let him go if he’s depressed. Who’ll be responsible if something goes wrong?” a BCCI official told TOI. 

Raina is being giving different reasons every time he speaks to the media, just sample this –
Raina to Outlook : CSK bubble not safe. 

“When the bio-bubble is not safe how does one take a chance? I have a family with two little kids and elderly parents,” he was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Rains to Cricbuzz : “It was a personal reason and I had to come back for my family”, referring to the unfortunate and violent incident in Pathankot that took a huge toll on his family.

Raina to NDTV : “I headed back for my family”
IPL 2020 : Raina looking to head back but will MS Dhoni & CSK accept him ?

According to InsideSport sources, Raina who left the team in huff after 13 members of CSK were tested Covid-19 positive, spoke and apologized to team owner N.Srinivasan for his hasty retreat from Dubai after he was questioned for serious breach of discipline inside the bio-security bubble at Taj Hotel. Raina according to the sources, apologized to Srinivasan for his immature conduct.

The information coming from CSK camp in Dubai also has indicated that Raina has reached out to team management and has apologized for his conduct.

“Once he left, he has been removed from CSK’s WhatsApp group. He has reached out to team-management including CEO, MS Dhoni and Coach Fleming and is looking for a chance to return”, indicated one of the source to InsideSport.

CSK Owner Srinivasan after a call from Raina has reportedly accepted his apology. The CSK boss though refused to interfere in any decision making of the team management. Srinivasan said the ball was in the team management’s court.

“Look, please understand, that’s not my domain at all,” he was quoted as saying by a news agency. “We own a team, we own the franchise but we do not own players. I don’t own the players.”

“I am not the cricket captain… We have the greatest captain of all times. So, why shall I even interfere in cricketing matters?”

The good part for Raina is that CSK haven’t sought a replacement for Raina yet. InsideSport spoke to CSK’s CEO Kasi Viswanathan and he made it clear that their are no talks in the CSK camp to call for Suresh Raina’s replacement.

The key for Raina’s comeback lies with MS Dhoni, if he unlocks the door – then only Raina would be allowed re-enter CSK camp.