IPL 2020 : Who will bail-out BCCI on the IPL title sponsorship, Jio, Byju’s or Amazon ?

“Their is no need to sweat, we will announce the title sponsor soon”, said one of the BCCI official to InsideSport on Wednesday night. The statement by the BCCI official exudes confidence and comes after experience of overcoming many a crisis BCCI has gone through in the past. 

But as VIVO moves out, who actually has capability to bail-out BCCI on the IPL Title sponsorship, the position vacant by Chinese phone maker VIVO. Can anyone come closer to magical figure of 440Cr paid-out by VIVO ?
“Many Brands have already started exploring about the IPL title. We are yet to decide whether Expression of Interest has to be called in we should directly negotiate with the interested parties. We should finalized the way-forward by Thursday evening and then take things forward”, said the BCCI official. 
InsideSport, meanwhile has reliably learnt from its sources that initial conversations have already started with few brands. According to the information available, Reliance Jio, Byju’s, Amazon and few others have started making exploratory calls to the BCCI office for the IPL 2020 title sponsorships. 
IPL 2020 : Reliance Jio, Byju’s Amazon likely to be the contenders for IPL 2020 Title Sponsorship

Reliance Jio has been in news for all good reasons during these Covid19 times. The biggest telecommunication player in India has already raised 1.5 Lac Crores and is in process to unveil far bigger story than just being the telecom player. Not only this, JIO perfectly fits the bill of India’s vision of being ATAMNIRBHAR. 

Be Indian-Buy Indian, JIO can further deliver the message through IPL 2020. According to the sources, both BCCI and Reliance JIO have started initial conversations in this regard. Though the talks are in a very initial stage but don’t be surprised if the IPL 2020 will be called RELIANCE JIO IPL 2020 in the coming weeks. 
IPL 2020 Title Sponsor : Byju’s another frontrunner for the IPL 2020 TITLE Sponsorship
Other than JIO, Byju’s the team India JERSEY Sponsor is another interest party for the IPL 2020 title sponsorship. Online education startup Byju’s has also started making enquiries with the BCCI management about the title sponsorship for the upcoming IPL season. The startup, which recently secured funding worth $500 million from multiple investors is currently flushed with funds. Byju’s bought Indian Jersey sponsorship at a 35% discounted price from OPPO. If the deal can be offered at same kind of discounts, Byju’s will be more than willing to ride the IPL 2020 bandwagon. 

It is also worth noting that Byju’s replaced Nokia as the team sponsor for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise in March. Actor Shahrukh Khan, co-owner of KKR, is the brand ambassador of Byju’s. 

Amazon also likely to be in race for IPL 2020 Title sponsorship

The IPL, which is coinciding with the festive season, may also attract e-commerce platforms. With deep pockets, e-commerce firms such as Amazon are likely to enter the race to sponsor IPL 2020. Amazon anyway spends astronomical amounts on on-air inventory over IPL, now with opportunity ride and be visible on entire IPL, this can be a golden opportunity for AMAZON during the festive season. 

Few other rank outsiders who can explore the opportunity can be Coke and Tata Group. But InsideSport could not ascertain from the brand teams that whether they will explore relationship with IPL 2020 or not.