IPL 2020 : These top 5 biggest spending brands are investing 1100 Cr on IPL 2020

Covid-19 notwithstanding, the Indian Premier League’s (IPL 2020) once again managed to attract advertisers like every season. As reported earlier by InsideSport, more than 200 advertisers will be riding the IPL 2020 train to narrate their brand message to the cricket-loving audiences in every nook and corner of the country. 

InsideSport has compiled the list of Top 5 Biggest Spending brands in the IPL 2020. These 5 big spenders will be investing more than 1100 Crore on various assets of IPL 2020.  

Dream11    – 500 Cr

– Byju’s        – 150 – 160 Cr

– Amazon     – 120 – 130 Cr

– PhonePe   – 120 – 130 Cr 

– Voda Idea  – 120 – 130 Cr


IPL 2020 : Dream11’s investment in the league to cross 500 Cr

 IPL title sponsor Dream11 without any doubt will be the most visible brand of IPL 2020. The brand has pledged more than 500 Cr on IPL 2020 and related activities. 

 – Dream11 first bought the title sponsorship of the league for 222Cr.

 Dream11’s commitment as CoPresenting partner with IPL live broadcast on Star Sports will be in the range of 120-130 Cr according to the informed sources. 

– Dream11 is also the CoPresenting partner of IPL 2020 Live Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

– Other than this, Dream11 also have confirmed sponsorship deals in place with 6 IPL franchises for the IPL 13. 

All of these deals put together, Dream11’s advertising investments on IPL 2020 is all set to cross astronomical figure of 500Cr. 


IPL 2020 : Byju’s biggest ON-AIR Spender in IPL 2020 

If Dream11 is the biggest spender overall, Byjus’s will be the biggest advertiser ON-AIR on Star India. Byjus is not only one of the 5 CoPresenting partner for IPL 2020 Live Telecast, they are also the lead sponsor of Pre-Post and Mid-Innings (PPL) shows of IPL 2020. It is worth noting that Maruti last year was the lead sponsor of PPL shows and will now be replaced by online learning company Byjus.

Byjus total on-air spending will be in the range of 150-160Cr for the season.

BIGGEST SPENDER No. 3 & No. 4 in IPL 2020

IPL 2020 : Amazon & PhonePe buys CoPresenting partnership on Star India 

IPL 2020 this time is coinciding with Diwali – the festival of lights when India spends and shops the most. The time frame is perfect for the India’s biggest online shopping platform Amazon to be part of the IPL advertising bandwagon. 

Amazon will be spending 120 Cr this IPL 2020 as they have bought Co Presenting On-Air partnership with Star Sports. 

Like Amazon, PhonePe is all the on-air CoPresenting partner with Star Sports. 


IPL 2020 : Vodafone Idea, rebranded as Vi, becomes co-presenting sponsor

Telecom operator Vodafone Idea, who has rebranded as Vi, has become the co-presenting sponsor of the upcoming Dream11 IPL 2020. Vodafone will be returning to IPL 2020 after two year hiatus and has bought Co-Presenting partnership for 120 Cr.