IPL 2020 : Tata Sons emerges as favorite to win IPL 2020 title partnership, 5 submit EOI

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) is all set to get a helping hand from one of the biggest and the most credible business house of the country. 
Tata Sons is the favorite and almost certain to walk away with the IPL 2020 Title sponsorship. InsideSport has learnt from its sources that till 5PM today which was the deadline to submit the EXPRESSION of Interest for the IPL 2020 Title Sponsorship, only 5 companies have submitted the same. 
Besides Tata Sons, Indian cricket jersey sponsor Byju’s, Reliance Jio, Patanjali and Unacademy have submitted the Expression of Interest. 
The final announcement of the IPL 2020 Title Sponsor will be made on 18th August. 
According to the sources, Tata Sons is likely to win the race hands down against the others on the back of not only money power but because of being the biggest home-grown brand. 
BCCI had clearly mentioned in the IPL 2020’s Invitation for Expression of Interest, that IPL Sponsorship will not only be awarded to the highest bidder but it will also depend on other relevant factors. 
it is clarified that BCCI shall not be obliged to award the Rights to the third party which indicates willingness to pay the highest fees in the course of discussions/ negotiations with BCCI after submitting an EOI. BCCI’s decision in this regard will also depend on a number of other relevant factors, including but not limited to, the manner in which the third party intends to exploit the Rights and the potential impact of the same on brand IPL as also the fan/ viewer experience, which will be examined/ evaluated by BCCI in the course of discussions/ negotiations with interested third parties who submit an EOI”.
The said clause will make Tata Sons the favorite to win the IPL 2020 title race as Reliance Jio who could have been the challenger as another big home-grown brand is unlikely to put in a number. 
Another reason which can tilt things in favor of Tata Sons is their imagery and pedigree of supporting Indian Sports. Tata Group companies are already supporting sports like Indian Wrestling, Football and Tennis. 

IPL 2020 Title Sponsorship Race, Tata Sons are the favorites


IPL’s title sponsorship for the 2020 season went up for grabs after Chinese mobile phone makers VIVO’s 440 Cr contract was ‘mutually’ suspended in wake of Anti-Chinese sentiment. According to the sources TATA SONS currently fits the bill completely. Also it is worth noting that the group company TATA Motors are already one of the central sponsors of IPL.

Tata Motors are already paying in a range of 42-45 Cr for the Central Sponsorship. According to the reliable sources, Tata Sons is ready to shell out 250-275Cr for the IPL 2020 title.

Can anyone else challenge TATA Sons for IPL 2020 Sponsorships ?
– Amazon, Coke – InsideSport can confirm the names which were earlier floated as potential contenders have not even submitted EOI’S. 
– Relaince JIO – Unlikely to put in a number
– Patanjali – Unlikely to challenge TATA Sons
– Byju’s – At this stage with Anti-China sentiment still prevailing, BCCI will be unwilling to grant sponsorship right to anyone who has even iota of chance to generate controversy. 
– Unacademy – It is unlikely that the newly emerged ed-tech company will shell out the kind of amounts which Tata Sons are ready to pay out. They have also thrown their hat to be the IPL 2020 associate partner and BCCI may finally grant them the status.