IPL 2020 : Suresh Raina’s big statement, ‘Covid-19 situation in CSK & IPL not looking good’

Suresh Raina has raised huge question mark over the BIO-BUBBLE arrangements of the Indian Premier League. Raina, who hastily returned to India amid Covid-19 scare in the Chennai Super Kings camp has declared that he was not feeling safe in the IPL BIO-BUBBLE created by the BCCI.

According to Raina, if the BIO-BUBBLE is not safe, how I could have taken the chance by staying back. Suresh Raina has said he did not want to “take a chance” in the UAE as the situation in the Chennai Super Kings camp was “not looking good” after as many as 13 members of CSK tested positive.

“When the bio-bubble is not safe how does one take a chance? I have a family with two little kids and elderly parents,” Raina told Outlook“For me returning to the family was more important.

“It was a tough decision. CSK is also like my family but when the face of my kids surfaced in Dubai and the Covid situation was not looking good, I decided to return.”

This statement by Raina puts huge question mark over how safe the IPL 2020 BIO-BUBBLE is. Like Raina, some of the other players have also raised apprehensions on the situation in UAE currently. Be it Josh Hazlewood from Australia or Kane Williamson, both have declared that they are ‘concerned and apprehensive’ about the situation.

Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh who was suppose to join CSK squad in Dubai has also postponed his plans for now. Not only this, in another setback for IPL, one of the BCCI medical team member also has been reportedly tested positive for Covid-19

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IPL 2020 : Will Raina return to Dubai to join CSK Squad ? 

When asked – will he return to Dubai to join CSK squad ?

Raina did not rule out the chance of him returning to Dubai if the “situation” got better again suggesting and pointing fingers on the current situation in IPL 2020.

“I am a CSK player forever. If the situation gets better in Dubai, I may even return. The door is not closed on me,” he said.

Super Kings’ owner N Srinivasan, meanwhile, told PTI that whether Raina returns or not would be up to the team management – meaning Viswanathan, captain MS Dhoni and coach Stephen Fleming – and not up to Srinivasan himself. “Look, please understand, that that’s not my domain at all,” PTI quoted him as saying. “We own a team, we own the franchise but we do not own players. The team is ours but players are not. I don’t own the players.”

Srinivasan had previously expressed his unhappiness with Raina’s exit, saying the batsman would “certainly realise what he is missing”, including the money that comes with an IPL contract.

“He [Srinivasan] may have been angry,” Raina told Outlook of Srinivasan’s comments. “Srinivasan sir is like a father figure for me and he’s always stood by me and is close to my heart, he treats me like his younger son.”

Super Kings have not named a replacement for Raina and are preparing for their first training session which is likely to take place on 5th September.