IPL 2020 SRH vs RR live updates: RR scripts fightback as Tewatia-Parag secure thriller; beats SRH by 5 wickets

Catch live action on IPL 2020 SRH vs RR live score: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals live score, Dream11 IPL 2020 Live updates & Commentary

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals

RR wins by 5 wickets

Riyan Parag finishes it off in style for RR with a massive sixer. Rajasthan wrapped it up with just one ball to spare with some serious help from Rahul Tewatia (45*) and Riyan Parag (42*). The Royals have made a memorable comeback in Dubai


RR-151/5 after 19 overs; need more 8 from 6 balls

4,4,4- Tewatia on fire

Tewatia has turned it up just like he did against Punjab, and now he’s swatting them all against Rashid. Three back-to-back fours and the scenario has changed altogether. 14 runs off the over. RR-137/5 after 18 overs; need more 22 from 22 balls


After Parag was dropped in the last over, Rajasthan’s fortune have sort of changed. Parag (30*) ended Khaleel’s over with a huge maximum to mid-wicket, and now Tewatia (18*) has followed it up with a six against Sandeep. Parag yet again steals the spotlight with two consecutive fours. 18 runs off the over. RR-123/5 after 17 overs; need more 36 from 18 balls

100 up for RR

RR-105/5 after 16 overs; need more 54 from 24 balls

2nd Strategic Timeout taken

Natrajan returns. Starts with a full, slower ball that is chipped over his head by Parag. Tewatia gets another single to long on. Six singles from the over. Another superb one from SRH. RR-94/5 after 15 overs; need more 65 from 30 balls

Riyan Parag survives run-out scare

Natarajan to Tewatia, 1 run taken but there is an appeal for run-out at the non-strikers’ end. Natarajan claims touching the ball on its way to the stumps. On-field umpires go upstairs. The TV umpires have no strong evidence due to inconclusive replays. Riyan survives as he appears to be making into the crease.


After two economical overs from Shankar and Sandeep, Rajasthan found themselves in some trouble. They have scored just 25 runs in the last five overs, losing two wickets. RR-88/5 after 14 overs; need more 71 from 36 balls


Rahul Tewatia is the new man in. He joins young Riyan Parag in the middle as Vijay Shankar runs in. Tewatia nearly lobs a return catch to Shankar. Six from the over. RR-84/5 after 13 overs; need more 75 from 42 balls


Rashid continues, bowls his third over. Starts with a dot and then Samson cuts him in front of square with a couple. Three leg byes follow, and Rashid strikes! He is literally turning the match. RR-78/5 after 12 overs; need more 81 from 48 balls

RR lose half their side

Rashid strikes again! Samson departs. Caught behind!


Vijay Shankar continues. Dots stacking up now. The required rate is inching towards 10 an over now. Samson holds the key, but they can’t leave it for too late. Five singles from this over. RR-72/4 after 11 overs; need more 87 from 54 balls

We reach the halfway mark!

RR-67/4 after 10 overs; need more 92 from 60 balls

RR go 4 down

We are back from the Timeout and there goes another RR wicket. Rashid strikes. Back of length, quick, turns, Uthappa goes back and that one hits below his knee roll. That could have been a dangerous partnership. FOW-63/4

SRH lose review

Rashid to Riyan, big appeal for lbw . Warner is interested in going upstairs. Rashid’s googly traps Riyan on the front foot before the leg stump. ‘Missing leg’ shows the ball tracker and Riyan Parag survives. SRH lose their only review.

Strategic Timeout taken

Vijay Shankar into the attack. Royals maintain their run rate despite the early loss of wickets. A boundary on the last ball ends the 11-run over.  RR-63/3 after 9 overs; need more 96 from 66 balls

50 up for Royals

Rashid Khan comes in to make things even worse for Rajasthan. At a time when they have lost three and has a required rate near 9.00, playing the spinner is a headache. Even after hitting two boundaries in the last over, Samson plays it safe. RR-52/3 after 8 overs


Abhishek Sharma comes on and Sanju Samson has decided to target him. Opens his account with two lovely boundaries on either side of the wicket as 11 come off this over. RR-47/3 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Even though Uthappa hit a six and a lucky four in the last over, the mood in the Rajasthan camp is a bit down now. Losing their three overseas batters inside five overs does come as a blow. Natarajan’s maiden over makes it even worse. RR-RR-36/3 after 6 overs; need more 123 from 84 balls


Another eventful over, this time from Khaleel. He gets rid of Buttler with an excellent delivery, but Robin Uthappa wrests some initiative back with a six and a four. 10 runs and a wicket. RR-36/3 after 5 overs; need more 123 from 90 balls

Bairstow gone now

Khaleel this time. Hits an excellent length cuts the ball back in and gets a faint edge from Buttler. RR are in real trouble. Khaleel is on fire! FOW-26/3


T Natrajan comes into the attack. Natrajan almost nails his yorker but concedes a four and a six to Buttler. Smith is run out next and 12 come from that very eventful over. RR-26/2 after 4 overs; need more 133 from 96 balls


Sunrisers have made another breakthrough as Smith is runout by Natarajan. The captain walks back for 5. FOW- 25/2


Sandeep continues and another tight over from him; concedes just 4 runs off it.  SRH-14/1 after 3 overs; need more 145 from 17 overs

Butler begins his fireworks!

Buttler gets into the motions and muscles a couple of powerful shots. A four in-front of the square followed by a flat maximum over backward square leg. Buttler fireworks in Dubai.


Khaleel Ahmed bowls the second over. Short of length on Buttler’s middle and leg, and the right-hander collects an easy single. Stokes on strike, and he’s gone! Attempted pull gets the under edge and crashes into the stumps. Big wicket. Steve Smith walks in. SRH-10/1 after 2 overs; need more 149 from 18 overs

Khaleel draws first blood

Big blow to RR. Ben Stokes fails to make an impact on his debut in IPL 2020. Played down his wicket as he walks back for 5. FOW-7/1

Good start from Sharma

Sandeep Sharma has the ball for Hyderabad. After finishing quarantine yesterday, Stokes is off and running with a four straight of mid-off. Buttler and him deal in singles later on. RR-5/0 after 1 over

We are back with RR’s chase

Ben Stokes open with Butler; Sandeep Sharma to open bowling

End of SRH’s innings

SRH finally cross the 150 mark. Williamson’s late sparks propel SRH to 158/4 after 20 overs.

19 runs off the 19th over

Costly from Archer. He has been sublime since ball 1 but failed to finish off his 4 overs on a strong note. Archer conceded just 6 in his first 3 but ends with figures of 25/1 from his 4 overs. SRH-142/3 in 19 overs


Unadkat returns. He should be difficult to get away on this pitch, and he shows why. Gets the well-set Pandey with a slow bouncer and concedes just six. Excellent, from the left-armer. SRH-123/3 after 18 overs


Pandey gone for 54. Unadkat right on the money this time.  Slow bouncer from Unadkat and Pandey goes across the line. No power behind that one, and he’s taken in the deep.


Kartik Tyagi returns and nails a perfect yorker to Pandey. Kartik misses his length to Pandey next which fetches a boundary. A single next ball gets him to a well-deserved fifty. SRH-117/2 after 17 overs

Fifty for Manish Pandey

The SRH top order hits his second fifty of the season, and an important innings from Pandey today.

100 comes up for SRH; 2nd Strategic Timeout taken

Tewatia comes on, and almost gets Pandey but Kartik Tyagi at the ropes fails to judge it and that’s a luck boundary for Pandey. Pandey launches Tewatia for a straight six next;13 from this over. SRH-109/2 after 16 overs

Speed gun Archer

Archer returns. His first spell was fiery, and he touches 145 kmph straightaway. Warner takes a tight single but Archer has the last laugh though as a 146kmph screamer breaches Warner’s castle. Ends the over with a 148 kmph thunderbolt to Williamson. SRH-96/2 after 15 overs

Archer with the breakthrough

Warner falls for 48.  Archer comes round the wicket to Warner who creates room and goes across the line. Doesn’t work out. Archer hits the woodwork. Kane Williamson is the new man in. FOW-96/2


RR have been immaculate with their lines, lengths and pace variations thus far. Pandey finally manages to hit a maximum after nine consecutive singles. Gopal gives away ten runs from his over. SRH-93/1 after 14 overs


Unadkat bowls the 13th over. Comes round the wicket to Manish Pandey and delivers yet another tight over. Six from the over; a very decent one.

SRH-83/1 after 13 overs

Yet another bowling masterclass from RR

Excellent over from Tewatia; just 3 runs from it. SRH-77/1 after 12 overs


Kartik Tyagi returns. Warner makes full use of an attempted slower bouncer and deposits it into the stands. 11 from this Kartik over. SRH-74/1 after 11 overs

We reach the halfway mark in SRH’s innings

Tewatia continues. He is largely bowling back of the length to not allow the batsmen to get underneath the ball. Warner tries a few hefty blows but doesn’t get the desired power or timing. SRH-63/1 after 10 overs

50 comes up for SRH

Ben Stokes comes into attack for the first time in IPL 2020. Warner ends the over with a well-timed four to deep extra cover. Seven runs off it. SRH-56/1 after 9 overs

Strategic Timeout taken

Gopal returns, Starts with a dot to Pandey before the right hander takes a single to get Warner into strike. The left-hander launches one into the stands over deep midwicket to ensure another productive over; 11 from the over. SRH-49/1 after 8 overs

Massive from Warner!

A fuller one from Shreyas and Warner sends it miles away for a six from over long-on. A beautiful shot to get those six runs.

Milestone for Manish Pandey


Hyderabad have found their groove a bit against the incoming Rahul Tewatia. First, Pandey smacks him straight down the ground for a six, and then Warner’s innovative reverse-sweep results in a four. 12 runs from the over. SRH-38/1 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack and maintains the pressure on the batsmen. Manish Pandey only manages to get a single on the third ball. Both Warner and him rotate the strike. An exceptional bowling show from Rajasthan so far. SRH-26/1 after 6 overs


10 runs and a wicket from Tyagi’s opening over. Gets hit for a six by Bairstow but makes a strong comeback to dismiss the Englishman on the very next ball. 10 runs and a wicket off the fifth over. SRH-23/1 after 5 overs

Samson takes a stunner; SRH lose Bairstow

Bairstow gone after the six. Back of a length ball from Tyagi as Bairstow fails to cross the rope as Samson takes a stunning catch . FOW-23/1

First six for SRH

Tyagi introduced now. Bairstow gets the first maximum of the day.

First boundary for SRH

Gopal continues. Warner opens his arms and looked to attack Gopal from the first ball. Finds the rope on the second delivery with a miscued slog sweep. A boundary and three singles to end the over with. SRH-13/0 after 4 overs

Exceptional from Archer

Top stuff from the speedster. Archer almost got a maiden but a misfield on the last ball awarded SRH a single run from the over. SRH-5/0 after 3 overs


Spin introduced and Shreyas Gopal comes into the attack. Tight over from him to deny SRH’s big hitters any chance. SRH-5/0 after 2 overs


Good startf from Archer; just 2 runs off the first over as both Bairstow and Warner fails to find the big shots. SRH-2/0 after 1 over

Aaand we are underway!

Warner and Bairstow walks out to bat for SRH; Archer to open bowling for RR.


The biggest update from the match is the inclusion of Ben Stokes in Royals’ Playing XI. Can he get the Royals back to winning ways!

SRH Playing XI

RR Playing XI

Toss results
SRH wins toss and elects to bat first

Key battle to watch out for

SRH vs RR head to head

Played Won by SRH Won by RR Tie No Result
11 6 5 0 0

Date Winner Won by Venue
27 April 2013 Rajasthan Royals 8 Wickets Jaipur
17 May 2013 Sunrisers Hyderabad 23 Runs Hyderabad
22 May 2013 Rajasthan Royals 4 Wickets Delhi
18 April 2014 Rajasthan Royals 4 Wickets Abu Dhabi
8 May 2014 Sunrisers Hyderabad 32 Runs Ahmedabad
16 April 2015 Rajasthan Royals 6 Wickets Visakhapatnam
7 May 2015 Sunrisers Hyderabad 7 Runs Mumbai
9 April 2018 Sunrisers Hyderabad 9 Wickets Hyderabad
29 April 2018 Sunrisers Hyderabad 11 Runs Jaipur
30 March 2019 Sunrisers Hyderabad 5 Wickets Hyderabad
27 April 2019 Rajasthan Royals 7 Wickets Jaipur

Milestone alert!

-David Warner needs 67 runs to complete 5000 IPL runs and is 2 runs away from completing 3500 IPL runs for SRH.

-Manish Pandey requires 9 runs to complete 3000 IPL runs.

-Sandeep Sharma needs 3 wickets to complete 100 IPL wickets.

-Sanju Samson will feature in his 100th IPL match.

-Jos Buttler needs 7 sixes and 11 runs respectively to complete 50 IPL sixes and 1000 IPL

for RR.

-Steve Smith requires 53 runs to complete 1000 IPL runs as captain

With Ben Stokes returning, can Rajasthan stop the rot against Sunrisers?

Ben Stokes is making a comeback in the Royals squad – can this help RR to stop the rot ? One thing is sure that Stokes’s presence would be a much-needed boost for a squad that is lacking in confidence. (Read more)


Dream11 IPL 2020 SRH vs RR Prediction: SRH to win today

Momentum is an important factor in the IPL, and SRH will be coming into this clash on the back of a morale-boosting 69-run win against the Kings XI Punjab.

The Royals, on the other hand, are winless from their last four matches, and that they’re yet to nail down on an ideal playing XI will be a huge concern for the inaugural IPL champions.

However, they will receive a huge shot in the arm with the impending return of Ben Stokes, who is a proven match-winner and can contribute in all departments. Yet, there’s a chance that RR might not want to rush Stokes into bowling quite a bit, and that could yet again expose the fragilities in the bowling unit.

SRH, on the other hand, will be pumped with the way the openers pummeled the KXIP bowling in their previous game. Jonny Bairstow was at his aggressive best during his 55-ball 97-run knock, while David Warner played second fiddle with a patient half-century.

There’s no doubt that Jofra Archer will hold the key to making early inroads into the SRH batting unit. Still, with some quality in the middle order courtesy of Kane Williamson and Manish Pandey, RR might need to bank on their spinners to do the job.

As for RR’s batting unit, the constant shuffling in the order has not worked, and with young Jaiswal unable to find his feet in the previous game, Smith might yet again be tempted to ring in some changes.

And, with Rashid the only real threat in the SRH bowling unit, RR might well be advised to play out the Afghan star. However, T Natarajan’s skill with his yorkers could prove to be a decisive factor for SRH, one that could turn the tide in his side’s favour.

In terms of an overall picture, SRH looks in good shape ahead of this encounter, while RR will need to pull out all the stops to arrest their losing streak.



Dream11 IPL 2020 Predicted Playing XI

Sunrisers Hyderabad Predicted XI

1. David Warner (C/Overseas)

2. Jonny Bairstow (Overseas)

3. Wriddhiman Saha (Wk)

4. Manish Pandey

5. Kane Williamson

6. Priyam Garg

7. Abhishek Sharma

8. Rashid Khan (Overseas)

9. Khaleel Ahmed

10. T Natarajan

11. Abdul Samad

Rajasthan Royals Predicted XI

1. Yashasvi Jaiswal

2. Jos Buttler (Overseas)

3. Sanju Samson (Wk)

4. Steve Smith (C/Overseas)

5. Ben Stokes (Overseas)

6. Robin Uthappa

7. Riyan Parag

8. Shreyas Gopal

9. Jofra Archer (Overseas)

10. Kartik Tyagi

11. Jaydev Unadkat