IPL 2020 SRH vs CSK Live: MS Dhoni’s CSK wins do or die contest; beats SRH by 20 runs

Chennai Super Kings finally got back to winning ways as MS Dhoni gave an exemplary display of his leadership skills to marshalled CSK to a 20 runs win in a do or die clash against SRH in Dubai.

IPL 2020 SRH vs CSK Highlights and Complete Match Report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-srh-vs-csk-highlights-ms-dhoni-keeps-csks-hopes-alive-after-eclipsing-srh-by-20-runs/

CSK wins by 20 runs

Excellent final over from Bravo; concedes just from it as SRH could manage a final score of 147/8 after 20 overs. Sandeep’s able to collect a single off the fifth, with Natarajan getting beaten off the last delivery. With the win, CSK keeps themselves alive in the IPL 2020 contest.

Nadeem gone

Nadeem skies the ball off an off-cutter from Bravo, resulting in the simplest of chances for the all-rounder as Chennai pretty much seal the game with this wicket! FOW-146/8


Rashid Khan departs on the final ball of the 19th over. FOW-146/7 after 19 overs


Karn Sharma bowls out quite the crazy final over. After getting rid of Kane Williamson off his second delivery, Sharma ends up conceding 19 — including a six and three fours as Rashid Khan keeps SRH in the hunt with his late fireworks. 141/6 after 18 overs; need more 27 from 12 balls

Williamson falls; SRH in trouble

Massive blow to SRH’s hopes in the chase as Karn gets rid of Kane, who tries going big over cow corner, but doesn’t quite get the distance as Thakur takes an easy catch near the boundary rope. FOW-126/6

Fifty for Williamson

Kane Williamson goes after Vijay Shankar and gets away with a boundary. He reaches his fifty run mark. All SRH hopes now pinned on just one man!


SRH-122/5 after 17 overs; need more 46 from 18 balls

Vijay Shankar latest to depart

Right after hitting Bravo for a maximum, Shankar falls prey as SRH lose half their side. Dwayne Bravo pitches it short and wide and Vijay Shankar went after him but he gets caught by Jadeja. FOW-117/5


Vijay Shankar hits a big six in the first ball of the over from Dwayne Bravo. SRH are still in this!

Second Strategic Timeout

Chawla finally brought in with only 4 wickets remaining. For now, he manages to keep both Williamson and Shankar quiet as he gives away eight off his first. Timeout signalled at the end of this over. SRH-109/4 after 16 overs; need 59 from 24 balls

100 comes up for SRH

SRH-101/4 after 15 overs; need more 67 from 30 balls

Karn Sharma strikes

Garg goes for a big shot but gets caught in the deep. SRH lose their fourth wicket as Garg departs for 16. FOW-99/4


Dwayne Bravo introduced into the attack. Goes for 11 in his first over. SRH-93/3 after 14 overs; need more 75 from 36 balls


After a couple of boundaries in the previous over, Williamson and Garg opt against taking any risks in this over as five singles are collected in addition to the wide conceded off the third. SRH-82/3 after 13 overs; need more 86 from 42 balls

Back to back boundaries from Williamson

Williamson accelerates as he hits two consecutive boundaries on the final two ball to give a boost to SRH’s run-rate which has started climbing. Two beautiful looking shots from the Kiwi skipper as Jadeja leaks 12 runs. SRH-76/3 after 12 overs; need more 92 from 48 balls


Spin from both ends now as Karn Sharma is brought into the attack now, conceding just four singles off his first as pressure’s starting to build on the ‘Orange Army’ at this stage with the boundaries hardly coming their way. SRH-64/2 after 11 overs; need more 104 from 54 balls

We reach the halfway mark!

Jadeja bowls out a superb over after the timeout, giving away just three singles while getting the crucial wicket of Bairstow as Sunrisers breach the 60-run mark at the halfway stage of their innings, having lost top three at the same time. SRH-60/3 after 10 overs; need more 108 from 60 balls

Big wicket for CSK

The trend of a wicket falling after the timeout continues as Jadeja rattles Bairstow’s middle stump with a delivery that straightens after pitching at the centre. FOW-59/3

Strategic Timeout taken

CSK-57/2 after 9 overs; need more 111 from 66 balls


Spin brought into play now as Dhoni tosses the ball over to Jadeja for the eighth over. Bairstow and Williamson meanwhile resort to running between the wickets for now instead of finding the boundary as two singles and as many doubles are collected in this over. SRH-52/2 after 8 overs; need more 116 from 72 balls

Chahar bowled out

Dhoni decides to bowl Chahar out right away, with the Rajasthan seamer giving away six runs off his final over to sign off with figures of 0/28 from four. SRH meanwhile are going at a pace that’s fairly similar to that of CSK at the same stage. CSK-46/2 after 7 overs; need more 122 from 78 balls

End of Powerplay

Curran, pumping in tonight, continues in the 6th too. Gets an lbw appeal against Williamson too. He improvises to get a four at third man. Both Bairstow and Williamson looking fluent so far but CSK will be happy with the 2 wickets in the Curran over. CSK-40/2 after 6 overs


Kiwi skipper Kane Williamson walks out at No 4 as Chahar continues from his end. Williamson gets off the mark with a boundary off the first ball that he faces. The two batsmen then alternate between a single and a dot for the remaining deliveries of the over. CSK-34/2 after 5 overs; need more 134 from 90 balls

Eventful over from Curran

Curran gets the early breakthrough that Chennai were hoping to snare inside the powerplay, as Warner gets an unlucky inside edge. Pandey joins Bairstow next but is run out off the next as he decides to challenge himself against Bravo’s rocket arm while scampering across for a quick single. SRH-27/2 after 4 overs

Magic stuff from Bravo; Pandey run out for 4

Outstanding stuff by Bravo at midwicket to run Pandey out at the non-striker’s end as the SRH No 3 was looking to collect a quick single at the end of the fourth over! Pandey’s run out by a fair distance here! FOW-27/2

Big blow for SRH; Warner gone cheaply

Inside edge, on to the pad, in the air and Sam Curran runs and takes it. What a bizarre but good dismissal. Warner is fuming. FOW- 23/1


Bairstow collects another boundary for himself a couple of balls after his first, leaning forward and heaving the ball towards deep midwicket. Warner miscues a pull, with the ball landing safely at deep midwicket to allow the SRH skipper three runs as Chahar leaks 11 off his second. CSK-21/0 after 3 overs; need more 147 from 17 balls


After opening the batting earlier, now Curran shares the new ball with Chahar. Big shout for lbw off the second delivery against Warner, one that’s turned down by the umpire. Dhoni wasn’t interested in the review at all, and replays later confirm an inside edge. CSK-10/0 after 2 overs; need more 158 from  18 overs

Good start from CSK

Deepak Chahar bowls a tight first over; CSK will be hoping for a few more like this in the powerplay to seal this do or die match from them. SRH-4/0 after 1 over

We are back with SRH’s chase

Warner and Bairstow walk out to bat for SRH; Chahar will bowl the first over

End of CSK’s innings

Khaleel has been given the responsibility of bowling the last over. Removes Bravo off the first. The West Indian got clean bowled there. Then Jadeja smacks him for a six and a four. 15 runs off the last over. CSK have finished with CSK-167/6 after 20 overs.


Khaleel Ahmed has cleaned up Dwayne Bravo and that is a straighter one from the left-armer. Fantastic stuff from SRH. FOW-152/6

150 up for CSK

Natarajan into the penultimate over of the innings. Jadeja opening the face of the bat and runs it to third man for a four. Dhoni gets one in the slot, hammers it for a six before handing a simple catch to the fielder at cover. CSK-152/5 after 19 overs

Dhoni falls; CSK lose half their side

MS Dhoni hits it straight to Kane Williamson trying to go covers on a low full toss, but mistimed it. FOW-152/5


Sharma comes and bowls a brilliant delivery, as MS Dhoni fails to control it and plays it in the air, giving the bowler a chance of completing a caught & bowled. He fails to complete the catch but had he collected the ball, it would have been the best catch of the season so far. CSK-138/4 after 18 overs

Beautiful timing from Jadeja

Delicate touch. Jadeja just using the pace of the ball and finding the gap between third man and backward point.

Back to back boundaries from Dhoni

Dhoni smacks back to back boundaries off the fourth and fifth off Natrajan, before missing out on the final one. 10 runs off the over. CSK-129/4 after 17 overs

Big blow for CSK

This time it’s Watson, and it’s the full toss that has got him. Straight into the hands of the long on fielder. Two new batsmen at the crease now. FOW-120/4


Khaleel bowls his third. He’s been really expensive thus far. He removes Rayudu, but with a full toss, it was a regulation catch for Warner. MS Dhoni joins Watson and gets off the mark on the third ball. CSK-119/3 after 16 overs


Khaleel Ahmed has got the big wicket. Full toss, and Rayudu tried to smash it to long-off, but David Warner was there to take the catch. FOW-116/3


It’s a rare sight to see Rashid Khan struggling but the pair of Watson and Rayudu are making him. Watson starts off the over with a maximum straight over Rashid’s head and Rayudu wraps it off with another maximum towards the deep mid-wicket region. CSK-116/2 after 15 overs

100 comes up for CSK

Natarajan is the pacer in action. Rayudu mistimes off the first ball, he tried to go over covers, but was lucky as the ball landed in no man’s land. Again, dances down the track but the diving fielder in the cover region saves a certain boundary. Umpires signal for the strategic timeout taken. CSK-102/2 after 14 overs

Here’s what the experts feel of CSK’s performance so far!


Rashid returns and Watson picks his googly off the first one and smacks it over mid-wicket for a huge six. The spinner comes back beautifully and concedes just two runs off the remaining deliveries. Eight runs off the over. CSK-92/2 after 13 overs

Massive from Warner

Watson belts it away towards deep mid-wicket for a huge six. That will release some pressure.


50 stand comes up for Watson-Rayudu

Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu have now spent substantial time in the middle. The pair have been together for 45 balls in which they have added 55 runs. CSK-84/2 after 12 overs

Rashid weaves web

Rashid Khan has woven shackles around CSK batters at the moment. Shane Watson is trying hard to hit big shots, but is unable to get going. Rashid Khan appearing to have hurt his fingers while attempting a catch. CSK-74/2 after 11 overs

We reach the halfway mark!

Tight bowling from SRH. Nadeem into the 10th over of the innings. But now with Ambati Rayudu & Shane Watson settled now, how much will CSK get in the final 10 overs? CSK-69/2 after 10 overs

Strategic Timeout taken

Rashid Khan, comes into the attack. Rayudu with nothing but respect for Rashid as he defends off the first two balls. Then gets off the mark. Watson returns the favour off the fourth. Just three runs off the over, excellent work from the Afghan.

CSK-64/2 after 9 overs


Nadeem back for his second. Bairstow drops Rayudu off the first, but it was a tough one. Then, Watson plays a backfoot punch off the second and that fetches him a boundary. Nine runs off the over. CSK-61/2 after 8 overs

50 comes up for CSK

Yorker King Natrajan comes into the attack. SRH have dominated so far in the powerplay as CSK lose two early wickets. Watson flicks the fourth for a six over square leg; 8 runs off the over. CSK-52/2 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Final over of the powerplay and spin has been introduced in the form of Shahbaz Nadeem. Starts off with two dots. Watson tucks the third towards mid-wicket for a single. Rayudu ends the powerplay with a boundary. CSK-44/2 after 6 overs


Sandeep returns for his third over; he starts off with two dots and then rattles Curran’s stumps. Ambati Rayudu comes in next. CSK-39/2 after 5 overs

Curran falls for 31

Sandeep Sharma right on the money again. Through Curran’s defences. Perfect inswinger to the left-hander and it dislodges his stumps. Good knock from the England all-rounder; have handed CSK a fiery start as was expected out of him. FOW-35/2

Fireworks from Sam Curran

Sam Curran is looking good in the middle. Khaleel returns and gets smacked for two consecutive fours and then a six, all of Curran’s blade. He is currently batting on 31 from 20 balls and have hit 3 boundaries and two sixes so far. CSK-34/1 after 4 overs


Sandeep into his second. Gets nice shape on the first delivery and the ball takes an outside edge off du Plessis’ bat. And the big fish is back in the hut. Watson is the new man in. CSK-12/1 after 3 overs

Early trouble for CSK!

Sandeep Sharma bowls it outside off stump, just a tad bit short, and Faf gets a soft nick on the ball, forced him to play, easy catch for Bairstow behind stumps. FOW-10/1


Khaleel Ahmed comes into the attack. Starts off with a wide, way outside off against Curran, and then a dot. Gives width to Curran off the second and the batsman slashes it towards point for a boundary. Seven runs off the over. CSK-10/0 after 2 overs

Curran with the first boundary of the night

Short and wide from Khaleel Ahmed to Sam Curran, and it has absolutely been thrashed towards midwicket for a boundary.

Good start from SRH

Strong first over from Sharma to start off on a positive note. CSK experiments with their opening combination as Sam Curran walks out with Watson. Yet to be seen if it works! CSK-3/0 after 1 over.

We are underway!

Here we go! Curran and Faf walks out to bat for CSK; Sandeep Sharma to start off proceedings.

CSK Playing XI

CSK captain MS Dhoni at the toss: “We’re batting first. Yes, for a change. Last few games we wanted to bat first, but never got the opportunity. The thing with stats is that you can get it any way you want to. It’s a process and it’s quicker if the guys buy into it, and follow the process. As I said, each game will have new problems. Today it will be about how we counter the shorter boundary one on side. Cricket is very close to life and it doesn’t always go the way you want. It teaches you what you want to follow as a process. 2010 ended on a happy note but we can’t just rely on that. One change – Chawla in for Jagadeesan. We thought about him (Tahir) but the combination isn’t letting us.”

SRH Playing XI

David Warner speaks at the toss: “Yes, that’s probably how everybody is going around these days. Interested to see how the wicket is going to play. There is a bigger boundary on one side and need to make the batters play there. The easiest thing to do is to forget about it (the previous loss). I’m really enjoying it (captaincy) and having Kane also helps. Really enjoying the group that we have. One change – Nadeem in for Abhishek Sharma.”

Final CSK strategies being discussed ahead of tonight’s match

Toss Results

MS Dhoni wins toss and elects to bat first.

Big Dilemma for CSK- Where should MS Dhoni bat?

There are a lot of questions on where MS Dhoni should bat at. If he bats lower, then fans question that he could have made a difference coming earlier. If he comes early on, and consume balls, then fans question if he should have promoted other batsmen. What will be the CSK batting lineup tonight?

Can MS Dhoni do a repeat of 2010?

MS Dhoni’s CSK had lost five out of 7 games and then they went on to win the title. Can Dhoni do it again this year?

IPL 2020 Points table- How things stand so far

This is how things stand so far. CSK are second placed from the bottom while Hyderabad is just outside the Top 4, currently occupying the fifth spot. Will they climb into the Top 4 tonight or will Dhoni’s army overturn their fortunes and end SRH’s win streak?

IPL 2020 SRH vs CSK Live: We are exactly one hour away from toss

Only twice have teams managed to win by chasing at this venue so far and the second instance was on Sunday featuring SRH. Royals managed to pull off a heist and that wouldn’t deter both teams going into this clash.

Ideally, whoever bats first will be looking to get as many runs possible on the scoreboard

5:42PM SRH vs CSK Live 

Match No Date Teams vs Teams Result
match 1 19-Sep Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings CSK won by 5 wickets
match 4 22-Sep Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings RR won by 16 runs
match 7 25-Sep Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals DC won by 44 runs
match 14 02-Oct Chennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad SRH won by 7 runs
match 18 04-Oct Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings CSK won by 10 wickets
match 21 07-Oct Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings KKR won by 10 runs
match 25 10-Oct Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB won by 44 runs
5:15 SRH vs CSK Live starts at 7.30 PM, Toss will take place at 7PM
Head to Head:

SRH have thus far won three matches out of seven while CSK have two wins against their name from seven games. The last time these two teams faced each other, SRH came out on top, beating CSK by 7 runs in Match 14 of the IPL 2020.

One thing is almost certain that if CSK loses today, it will almost be curtains for them in IPL 2020.

4:57PM SRH vs CSK Live : IPL 2020: MS Dhoni’s & CSK need 6 wins from 7 matches to qualify for Playoffs

4:45PM SRH vs CSK Live : Time is fast running out for the Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings, a team which desperately needs its batting to click when it takes on Sunrisers Hyderabad here on Tuesday in a battle to keep its IPL hopes alive.

4:30PM SRH vs CSK Live : Sehwag says ‘Dhoni needs to come up in the batting order if CSK has to win today’

“MS Dhoni needs to stop thinking about other players. He needs to first think about himself, and come into bat higher up. You cannot just go on promoting other batsmen up the order. For CSK to win, Dhoni will have to bring himself up the order’, said Virender Sehwag on his Facebook channel titled ‘Viru Ki Baithak’.

04:15 SRH vs CSK Live: Today 3 members of CSK team are gonna be very crucial for their team – in batting Shane Watson and promising Jagadeesan & Shardul Thakur in Bowling. All 3 are narrating their story – check this special video.

04:05 SRH vs CSK Live:

Don’t give up on CSK and MS Dhoni’s as yet – this is what is the message of CSK’S Super Fan Gopi Krisnhnan.

3:55 SRH vs CSK Live: SRH looking forward to Young guns, can they click against CSK

3:45 SRH vs CSK Live : In today’s game players from both sides can achieve few interesting Milestones

  • David Warner needs 19 runs to complete 5000 IPL runs.
  • Kane Williamson is 3 sixes from completing 50 IPL sixes for SRH.
  • MS Dhoni needs one dismissal to complete 150 IPL dismissals.
  • Faf du Plessis requires 54 runs to complete 2000 IPL runs for CSK.

3:30 SRH vs CSK Live : Bat first, win the match – Cricinfo has done this interesting stat,
Teams batting first have won 75% (21) of the 28 matches, while chasing sides have won only seven games. Five of the seven wins by chasing teams were completed in the final over. In the four previous IPL seasons, from 2016 onwards, in each season the teams chasing have won more games than those batting first. The average first-innings score so far has been 181, the highest in any IPL season. Teams batting first are averaging a high 36.59 runs per wicket. In none of the previous 12 seasons have teams batting first averaged over 30.

3:10 This is CSK probable playingXI in almost a DO or DIE game for Dhoni’s team. Kedar Jadhav will not get a look in once again. Jagadeeshan will be the man in PlayingXI

Probable XI:Shane Watson, N Jagadeesan, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, Sam Curran, MS Dhoni c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Chahar, Karn Sharma, Shadul Thakur

2:55 As per Insidesport info SRH is unlikely to bring in Mohammad Nabi in the XI because to do the same they will have to drop Kane Williamson

Probable XI:David Warner (c), Jonny Bairstow (wk), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Vijay Shankar, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan. Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan, Khaleel Ahmed

2:45 SRH vs CSK – Toss will be vital in Dubai.

What to expect: Only twice have teams managed to win by chasing at this venue so far and the second instance was on Sunday featuring SRH. Royals managed to pull off a heist and that wouldn’t deter both teams going into this clash. They would both want runs on the board.

2:35 SRH vs CSK – Check Weather Report in Dubai

The 29th match of the IPL 2020 will be played between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai on Tuesday (October 13, 2020) at 7:30pm IST.

The city will have clear skies with very warm temperatures likely to reach a maximum of 38 degree Celsius, while the minimum dip in temperature is expected to be approximately 25 degrees.


2:20 Check Dream11 IPL 2020 SRH vs CSK 1st Match score, Result – https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-csk-vs-srh-live-csk-vs-srh-live-score-commentary-playing-xi/

1:55 Dhoni needs to win 6 out of 7 below-mentioned matches to qualify for playoff. Big question can they start with win against SRH today ?

13-Oct – Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Chennai Super Kings
17-Oct – Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings
19-Oct – Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals
23-Oct – Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians
25-Oct – Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings
29-Oct – Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders
01-Nov – Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab

1:45 pm CSK has left 7 games now and they should win 6 to qualify for IPL Playoffs

1:30 pm : IPL 2020 has reached half-way stage, no one would have imagined that CSK will be 7th in the points table with only 2 victories and 7 defeats. Check the 10 most unexpected this that have happened in IPL 2020 as it reached half-way stage. 

IPL 2020 Halfway Stage : 10 most unexpected things which have…


12:45 pm: Led by a 39-year-old Mahendra Singh Dhoni, CSK is often called Dads Army and now with Fleming also admitting the same, finally CSK management has agreed that, “AGE IS NOT JUST THE NUMBER’


Rajasthan Royals – 25.80 years
Kolkata Knight Riders – 26.64 years
Delhi Capitals – 26.91 years
KingsXI Punjab – 27.04 years
Sunrisers Hyderabad – 27.28 years
Mumbai Indians – 27.38 years
Royal Challengers Bangalore 29.29 years
Chennai Super Kings 30.5 years

12:00 am: Big statement by Fleming, He is frustrated admits ‘CSK is again team’


9:00 AM CSK is likely to once again play Jagadeesan in this game instead of Kedar Jadhav

CSK Probable XI:Shane Watson, N Jagadeesan, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, Sam Curran, MS Dhoni c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Chahar, Karn Sharma, Shadul Thakur


MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings will be desperate to grab a win against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Dubai to keep their IPL dreams alive. The three-time champions are seeking a revival of fortune after suffering five losses in seven games. Follow InsideSport.co for all LIVE Updates on D-DAY of CSK vs SRH match –

6:45 AM CSK coach Stephen Fleming has urged his team to show some intent in the crunch game against SRH

“The other point is we’ve chased every game and the wickets are getting slower. It’s not easy once you lose wickets… But I’d like to see a bit more intent. It’s not that you can just keep swinging – there is some challenging bowling – but intent is what we’re after.” – CSK head coach Stephen Fleming knows exactly what his side needs.

CSK Currently in IPL 2020 Points Table

They are currently placed second from bottom in the IPL 2020 points table halfway into the tournament. Considered one of the most successful chasers in IPL history, CSK’s batting has looked rusty. Barring Faf du Plessis and Shane Watson, the entire batting department everyone has struggled to play an inspiring innings.

Why Chennai Super Kings is struggling so badly ?

The biggest headache for them is the middle-order woes. Without Suresh Raina and struggling Dhoni, CSK’s middle-order has looked fragile.

The likes of Sam Curran, Ravindra Jadeja and Dwayne Bravo too failed to come to the team’s rescue.

On the bowling front, however, it has been a different story. Deepak Chahar, Curran and Shardul Thakur have been impressive. Dwayne Bravo’s return has only made things better for them.

IPL 2020 CSK vs SRH – Likely Playing 11 for both the teams

CSK Probable XI:Shane Watson, N Jagadeesan, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, Sam Curran, MS Dhoni c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Chahar, Karn Sharma, Shadul Thakur

SRH Probable XI : David Warner (c), Jonny Bairstow (wk), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Vijay Shankar, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan. Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan, Khaleel Ahmed

SRH, on the other hand, are a only a tad better-placed than CSK at the fifth spot with three wins from seven games.

CSK vs SRH in IPL 2020 : Concerns for SRH revolves around their bowling

Batting has not been SRH’s concern at all as the likes of Jonny Bairstow, skipper David Warner, Manish Pandey and Kane Williamson are all among runs and have the ability to shoulder the responsibility on their own.

But it is the bowling unit which let SRH down on Sunday against Rajasthan Royals.

Despite losing senior pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and all-rounder Mitchell Marsh to injuries, SRH have shown tremendous fighting abilities with Rashid Khan and yorker specialist T Natarajan doing the job for the side.

The likes of Sandeep Sharma, Khaleel Ahmed and young Abhishek Sharma are the weak links in bowling which they need to address.

Here are IPL 2020 LIVE Score SRH vs CSK Live Updates

18:47 pm: Some CSK and SRH training pictures ahead of the clash

18:43 pm: Head-to-Head:

In their encounters in the IPL history, CSK have an edge over SRH. The two sides have met 13 times in which Chennai have won nine times. Even in their last five matches, Dhoni has an advantage over his south Indian rivals. He has won thrice.

18:38 pm: CSK to sign Ajinkya Rahane in mid-season transfers?

To fill the void left by Suresh Raina, CSK might look to go for Ajinkya Rahane in the mid-season transfers.

Read full story here