IPL 2020 Sponsorship : BCCI sets a target of 300cr over the next 7 days

The Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) has given itself a target of 300Cr worth of IPL 2020 sponsorship revenues booking…

The Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) has given itself a target of 300Cr worth of IPL 2020 sponsorship revenues booking over the next 7 days. According to the information available, BCCI interestingly has devised a new game plan.
The Indian Board will be targeting 225-250 Cr from the title sponsorship partner for IPL and the balance 60-70 Cr will be achieved by filling 2 of the 3 available partnership slots.
IPL 2020 Sponsorship : BCCI’s new game plan and new targets of 300 Cr

Currently Tata Motors, FBB and Dream11 are the official partners for the IPL. But BCCI has still 3 vacant slots in the category. According to the minutes of the IPL GC meeting (the copy of the minutes is in possession of InsideSport) held on 5th November 2019, it was deliberated between the members that the vacant partnership slots should be filled for the IPL 2020.

But owing to the market condition and subsequent pandemic, these slots still stay vacant. Now as per the new game plan of the BCCI they are in talks with potential companies to fill 2 of the 3 vacant slots. 
BCCI will target 65-70 Cr by selling these two partnership slots. Already companies like UNACADEMY, CRED, Coke and a leading two wheeler company has shown interest in the slots. 

From the IPL title sponsorship slot vacant by VIVO, the board is targeting 225-250Cr. This way, BCCI will reach its target of 300Cr from the IPL sponsorship slots in the last 7 days and minimize their loses due to suspension of 440cr worth deal with VIVO. 

IPL 2020 Sponsorships : How much BCCI makes from IPL Central Sponsors

As per the informational available with InsideSport, BCCI made 618Cr from the IPL 2019 Sponsors. 

1 – Title Sponsor – VIVO – 440 Cr
3 – Official Partners – Tata Motors, FBB & Dream 11 – 120 Cr
1 – Umpire Sponsor – PAYTM – 28Cr
1 – Strategic Timeout Partner – CEAT – 30Cr
If the Indian Board can manage to clock 300 Cr in the next days, they will still be short by 140 Cr in comparison to the IPL 2019 revenues. In the current circumstances, it will be a achievement for the board according to the insiders. 
IPL 2020 Sponsorships : Title Sponsor updates & contenders

By 14th August i.e Friday, interested parties have to send in their expression of interests to the BCCI for the IPL title sponsorships. 

Amazon, Byju’s, Dream11, Patanjali Ayurvedha are the current contenders. Can anyone else join the race ? 

BCCI is known for springing the surprises. In past on various occasions, whenever BCCI has been under pressure on the commercial front on any deal, they have surprised the market by the deliveries. BCCI is capable to do the same this time as well. 

Picture will get clearer on 14th August, keep reading the space for more updates on IPL 2020 Sponsorships and other development related to the Indian Premier League. 
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