IPL 2020 : Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians following 30 steps to stay Covid-19 proof

Indian Premier League’s (IPL 2020) most successful team Mumbai Indians are making special preparations to defend their IPL title and stay healthy amid Covid-19 scare.
Rohit Sharma’s team is following 30 point bio-bubble instructions handed over by the Mumbai Indians team management.
According to a report by Republic, arrangement by the Mumbai Indians management are so foolproof that even if required, players can be provided with a barber or a tailor who are staying and traveling with the squad.
Even for the sponsor shoots – no outside crew is allowed. The M.I management has engaged common crew for all sponsorship commitments and this crew also stays in the bio-bubble created by the authorities.
IPL 2020 : Check out, how the IPL Defending Champions are taking care of themselves by following the 30 points – 
1. 7-14 days quarantine before travel each person travelling was tested every 3 days.

2. 7 days quarantine in India in a hotel and 14 days in Abu Dhabi.

3. Test results to be received in a days time tie-up with HN Hospital and NM Medical for India and local hospital (Abu Dhabi Govt) for UAE.

4. All players and staff were given flu shots before travelling.

5. As part of both govt protocol, Arogya Setu and a local govt app called ALHOSN was to be downloaded and filled out compulsorily.

6. Each and every member family included will follow this quarantine protocol and will live with us for the duration of the tournament once in the bio bubble will not be allowed to step out beyond areas designated by the team that are sanitised and created as part of bio bubble. If anyone chooses to leave on reentering will have to follow through the quarantine process again so as to not risk anyone else.

7. For security check, the main check-in luggage is sent in advance a night prior. The hand luggage was cling wrapped from the hotel and we were asked to remove all electronics in a MI branded laundry bag with our names to be kept in the hand with passport etc.

8. We were given 2 Hazmat kits for travel which was to be worn from the hotel advised not to eat, drink, touch, shop at duty free or use public restrooms till the flight

9. For us before boarding the Hazmat kits worn were disposed and we were wearing fresh gloves and mask (MI Branded – made as per medical protocol) for the flight. On deplaning we wore the other hazmat suit till the hotel.

10. The flight was a charter sanitised (video sent to us) and staff on board tested atleast twice. The staff was wearing PPE kits throughout no food or bevarages served.

11. Sandwiches and water on the flight was packed by us in advance and served by two of our own helpers who have been tested and in the bubble with us.

12. On landing right at the airport we were tested again and will be every 3 days from here on till Nov 12th.

13. Room key cards given in the bus before arrival in the hotel, each bag entering is spray sanitised before you head to your room.

14. All laundry bags, masks, Hazmat kits, gloves etc to be thrown before entering the hotel

15. As soon as we reach the room laundry to be taken in 20mins each person to shower and give out laundry to ensure the clothes from outside don’t touch anything else.

16. During 14 days of govt quarantine no housekeeping, no in-room servicing will be done. In the room, there is a  QR Code for menu and beverages. You can order on the phone and they will deliver in disposable plates etc. There is a fix set of 30-40 items in a-la-carte and some 15-20 breakfast items to choose from in the 24/7 room service all this comes at a 25% disc to us and 14 pcs laundry per day included in the package.
17. Outside the room, in the lobby, there’s extra supplies towel, toiletries, water etc but you can call housekeeping to deliver it too.

18. All staff serving us will be at all times wearing a mask and gloves, will also be tested every 3 days and will not leave the hotel for 3 months like us. Also, the staff serving us will not serve other guests and will remain in our bubble/ our side of the hotel kitchen etc only.

19. We have cordoned off a wing for our players to make them feel at home in which like each year we will create a team room with games for destressing such as darts, poker, PS4, Mini Basketball etc and a gym as the hotel gym doesn’t fall under this wing and is open to public we will hire gym equipment for 3 months. We have a pool area in our wing and one 24/7 restaurant.

20. There is a 24/7 CCTV monitoring to make sure during quarantine period no one is moving from room to room.

21. Based on BCCI protocol teams will start training 15-20 days prior during which teams will get tested, equipment sanitised at hotel and stadium, and no storage at stadiums you will come train and leave.

22. Once training starts we will have one DNA person outside the bubble in case we need anything it can come to the hotel get sanitised not touched for 3 days and then delivered to us.

23. There is a tailor, a barber, and other amenities that will be part of the bubble.

24. As for sponsor shoots, MI has hired a local crew director, production, makeup etc who will be part of the bubble however each brand can have an additional director who can guide on what and how to shoot all shoots will be done by this in bubble crew only post-production to be done by the brand. Scripts to be shared by the brand in advance as per BCCI protocol all this to be done before matches start. The price to hire and host the production team here will be divided equally by all companies choosing to shoot. This was discussed and agreed upon by BCCI in the call with all franchises when discussing the way forward in the early stages of tournament moving to UAE.

25. Each player is informed of shoot criteria and what and how is required of him as this crew will shoot only on croma background.

26. Each Sponsor was individually informed of revised rights, make good for this year and certain carryforwards for multiple year deals.

27. Local brands, vendors for water, drinks, buses and other transport etc were sought and explained the testing, sanitisation process and how they will need to adhere.

28. An Oura Ring like in NBA, English Cricket, Football etc will be provided to all in the bubble allowing medical staff in the bubble to track the slightest symptoms online as and when they show up.

29. All travelling person visa and travel insurance was done by the team in advance.

30. Each Member of the team is given travel forex with a per diem/ daily allowance to pay for lunch and dinner as breakfast is all-inclusive.