IPL 2020 MI vs KKR Prediction : Virender Sehwag’s 6 predictions will help you make your fantasy teams the best

In IPL 2020 today Mumbai Indians (MI) will take on Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Virender Sehwag has predicted that MI will be the winner against KKR.  
In Flipkart Video presents Power Play with Champions, Hosts Virender Sehwag and Samir Kochhar engage in fun banter, narrate interesting incidents and share exciting cricket trivia, through the innovative format of the show. 
The 6 predictive questions on the show are based on different aspects of the matches from the tournament including the teams, players, runs to be made, and wickets that will be taken. 
Here’s what ‘Swag Baba’ Sehwag has predicted for the match today. Sehwag’s 6 predictions will help you make your Dream11 IPL 2020 fantasy teams the best, CHECK OUT
Q1. Who will score more sixes Keiran Pollard or Andre Russell?
  1. This one is an emotional decision for Sehwag given his connection with Andre. Back when they played for Delhi, Sehwag recognized the potential Andre Russell had and developed a strong bond with him. He believes Andre Russell will hit more sixes.
Q2. Will Kolkata be able to take more than 6 wickets against Mumbai?
  1. Sehwag has a lot of faith in the bowlers of the Kolkata team, particularly Sunil Narine and the way he takes advantage of his 4 overs. Paaji believes that Kolkata will be able to take more than 6 wickets easily. 
Q3. Quinton De Kock or Shubman Gill, who will score more runs this match?
  1. Sehwag predicts that Shubman Gill will be the better opener. While he knows De Kock performs well, Viru Paaji feels that Quinton has not faced Sunil Narine enough and hence goes with Shubman Gill as his choice for the higher run scorer.
Q4.  Which team will score more runs in the Power Play?
  1. Sehwag thinks that Mumbai will undoubtedly score more runs in the power play owing to the presence of powerhouses like Rohit Sharma and Quinton De Kock.
Q5. What will be the aggregate score of both the teams in today’s match? 
  1. Sehwag predicts that the score will be either 300 or more.
Q6.  Who will win this match? Mumbai or Kolkata
  1. Sehwag believes that Mumbai Indians will win the match today.