IPL 2020 : Make your best IPL 2020 Fantasy Teams via InsideSport MoneyBall, check how

Are you a fantasy fan. Do you want to win the Dream11 IPL 2020 Fantasy League. How you can select the best possible Fantasy 11 for IPL 2020 matches. How to evaluate which players can make you win the Dream11 IPL 2020 Fantasy League. How to evaluate which players can be great buys for your IPL Fantasy 11. How to check – which players can be the most impactful and are in-form players for your FANTASY 11?

All of these questions will be answered by InsideSport Moneyball. This Unique Destination can help FANTASY fans to create the best possible eleven for the IPL 2020 Matches.
What is InsideSport MoneyBall ?

InsideSport’s MoneyBall is a unique SALARY CALCULATOR which not only keep tabs on players salaries but also their performances in the IPL. This unique CALCULATOR will give the IPL fantasy players all details about the IPL player salaries, history, performance in the IPL 2020 and most importantly it evaluates if players are actually value for money spent on them.

The VALUE for MONEY Ranking & Impact Rankings by InsideSport MoneyBALL will help IPL FANTASY participants to evaluate the players before picking their FANTASY TEAMS for DREAM11 IPL 2020.

How does the Moneyball works and help the user to create the best fantasy team?

The Moneyball does not follow the common practice of randomly picking the best XI players for a fantasy team, instead the platform substantiate their assertions and establish a link between players and their various stats which ultimately help the user to pick the appropriate players and make a competitive team in regards to fantasy league.

Moneyball comprises of three key factors:




What is Impact Rank, Impact Points calculation and Value for Money Rank?


Impact Rank is a methodology devised by Moneyball to rate players on the basis of their performance impact on the match in all aspects – batting, bowling, and fielding – of the game. The Impact Rank takes into consideration runs scored, wickets and catches took as well as stumping and run-outs executed by a player.


Impact points are arrived at by applying the formula for performance evaluation. Players earn one point for each run scored, 10 points are allocated for each wicket while catching, stumping and run-out add three points to a players IMPACT RANK.

Apart from the Impact Rank, Moneyball has also developed the VALUE FOR MONEY RANK methodology to point out if a player is doing justice to his salary or not.


Value for Money rankings is derived by dividing a players’ annual salary with his IMPACT POINTS. In simple terms, the gross annual salary of the player is divided by the impact points to arrive at his VALUE FOR MONEY RANK. Players with the lowest amount spent for each impact point get ranking higher up the order.

How credible and reliable is the InsideSport Moneyball?

All DATA in MoneyBall are real stats and can be completely relied on. The DATA gets uploaded and update after every match. Each and every IPL match performance is taken into account before the MONEYBALL algorithm determines the IPMACT & VALUE for rankings.

The Moneyball search engine is the only platform in the world which offers numerous combinations and permutations to answer all the probable questions around IPL salaries. Sports enthusiast and professionals can track all the MONEYBALL information at www.insidesport.co/moneyball.

So create the best IPL 2020 DREAM 11 fantasy team by taking support of www.insidesport.co/moneyball.

Other than this, IPL FANS can also read interesting facts related to the player salaries on InsideSport Moneyball.

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