IPL 2020 SRH vs KXIP Live: Bairstow’s 97, superior bowling display propel SRH to a massive 69 runs win over KXIP

Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) suffered their fifth lost in six outings to stay at the bottom of the IPL 2020 points table. On the other hand, the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) made a stunning comeback after starting poorly to win their third game of the season.

The SRH bowling attack continues to impress as the David Warner team secured a comprehensive 69 runs win over KXIP.

IPL 2020 SRH vs KXIP Highlights and Complete Match Report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-srh-vs-kxip-highlights-warner-bairstows-record-partnership-rashid-khans-magic-secure-srh-a-dominating-69-runs-win-over-kxip/


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Jonny Bairstow awarded the MoM for his matchwinning innings of 97

KXIP all out for 132; SRH wins by 69 runs

Arshdeep gone as SRH beat KXIP by 69 runs. Arshdeep hit it directly to Warnerat mid off and the innings comes to an end. A comprehensive victory for Hyderabad who have outplayed the Punjab team in every department. KXIP-132/all out after 16.5 overs


Natarajan with the wicket, straight, full and accurate from the fast bowler, and he has cleaned up Cottrell, KXIP are now nine down.


Sandeep returns to the attack. Bishnoi the new man in steps out and hits him for four runs down the ground. Next ball Sandeep shakes him up with a bouncer that hits Bishnoi on the grill. Umpires check if he is okay to continue. Cottrell is the other new man at the crease. KXIP-131/8 after 16 overs


Rashid Khan continues. Two dots to start with. Pooran looks to play out the over, not taking single or anything. Gets room and tries to cut and perishes in the process. Shami new man in lasts for one ball. Formality left in the game. KXIP-126/8 after 15 overs; need more 76 runs from 30 balls

KXIP go 8 down

Mohammed Shami check in and then checks out. Sharp googly from Rashid and Shami played it on back foot, caught him in front of the stumps, hitting the front pads. FOW-126/8

KXIP go 7 down
Big wicket for SRH

Pooran gone and that’s the match, slightly short from Rashid and a googly, Pooran cuts it away but hits it directly to the fielder at point. FOW-126/7

2nd Strategic Timeout

Khaleel returns. A dramatic end to the over with Mujeeb getting out. Two reviews for one decision. Bishnoi has come in to bat now after sixth wicket down. KXIP-126/6 after 14 overs; need more 76 runs from 36 balls

KXIP go 6 down

Mujeeb gone. And in a very interesting way. Yorker length ball goes past the bat, taking the bottom edge of the bat and SRH appeal. On field umpire gives it not out thinking the noise came of bat hitting the ground. Warner goes upstairs, third umpire gives it out realising it that it is not bump ball and screen flashes out. But Mujeeb takes review again and the ultraedge show spike as the ball passes the bat. Finally a decision is made

KXIP-117/5 after 13 overs; need 85 from 42 balls

Just five off Rashid’s over and a wicket. Pooran is the last man standing there for Punjab now. Mujeen Ur Rahman is the new man in.

Top stuff from Rashid; KXIP go 5 down

Rashid Khan, too good for Mandeep, who waited for the ball to go the other way after pitching, but it came in sharply and disturbed his stumps. Cleaned up with a googly


Sandeep returns to the attack. Two singles off the first two balls before he bowls a wide. Confusion between Mandeep and Pooran but a timely call evaded a possible run out. Seven from the over. KXIP-112/4 after 12 overs; need more 90 from 48 deliveries

100 comes up for KXIP

Natarajan returns. Two singles off the first two balls before Natarajan goes too wide outside off stump. Garg with a winner of a throw to dismiss Maxwell. KXIP-105/4 after 11 overs; need more 97 from 54 deliveries

Unfortunate for KXIP

Glenn Maxwell run out for 7. He is run out courtesy a brilliant throw by young Priyam Garg. He tapped the ball and ran, Garg picked it up quickly and threw at the non-striker’s end, the bails were off in an instant. FOW-105/4

Tight over from Rashid

Rashid Khan continues. Four singles off the first four balls. Maxwell plays a dot. Single off the last ball as well. KXIP-96/3 after 10 overs; need more 106 from 60 balls

Strategic timeout taken

Abdul Samad, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack and gets hit for a massive 28 runs. KXIP-92/3 after 9 overs; need more 111 from 66 balls

Fifty for Pooran

Pooran hits four sixes and one boundary in the over to complete his maiden IPl fifty which came in just 17 balls- fastest of IPL 2020


Rashid Khan, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack now. Maxwell collects single with a tap on the off side. Dot to follow. Pooran swings hard on the third ball, edge behind the wickets gets him just one. Maxwell playing with that wide stance. KXIP-63/3 after 8 overs


KXIP-61/3 after 7 overs; need more 141 from 78 balls


Abhishek Sharma gets hit for two sixes but comes back strongly to pick up a wicket and that too off KXIP captain KL Rahul, round the wicket to Rahul who tried to slog sweep but the ball did not get the power behind it and it went straight to Williamson at deep square leg. FOW-58/3

End of Powerplay

KXIP-45/2 after 6 overs; need more 157 from 84 balls


Khaleel back on and got to say Prabhsimran was unlucky there, had room and he went after it but could not find the gap. Pooran has shown his intent right from the word go. KXIP-37/2 after 5 overs; need more 165 from 90 balls

KXIP go 2 down

Widish line from Khaleel and Prabhsimran slashes his blade hard at it, connects but to his bad luck, ends up hitting it directly to cover point fielder. FOW-31/2


Natarajan comes into the attack now. He keeps the batsmen silent before bowling one on Prabhsimran’s legs, who flicks him for four runs to leg side. Just 1 off the last two balls. Seven off the over. KXIP-27/1 after 4 overs; need more 175 from 96 balls


Rahul still more intent on seeing his way in. No boundaries from him yet. Big pressure on him to prove KXIP’s problem is not scoreboard pressure.

KXIP-20/1 after 3 overs; need more 182 runs from 17 overs


Khaleel Ahmed, left-arm fast medium, bowls from the other end.  Mayank runs himself out courtesy great confusion between him and Rahul and some superb display of fielding by SRH captain Warner.  KXIP-14/1 after 2 overs

Mayank Agarwal run out

Disaster for KXIP! Mayank is run out. KL responded initially but then left Mayank stranded. The in-form Mayank is dismissed for 9. FOW-11/1


Mayank pierces the off side field to find the fence for the first time in the chase. KXIP-9/0 after 1 over


We are back with KXIP’s chase. KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal walk out for KXIP; Sandeep Sharma to begin proceedings for SRH.

End of SRH innings

SRH managed a strong start and at one time were looking at a par score of 250+ but a flurry of wickets in the end restricted them to 201/6 after 20 overs.

6th wicket goes down for SRH

bhishek’s cameo comes to an end after he flicks a full toss towards deep midwicket, where Maxwell puts in a dive to complete a fine catch. Williamson will be on strike for the final delivery, with the Sunrisers one short of 200 at the moment. FOW-199/6


SRH-187/5 after 19 overs

Priyam Garg dismissed for duck

From the flurry of sixes, it’s suddenly raining wickets in Dubai now as Pooran makes up for dropping Samad in the previous over as he gobbles this one up at long on! Garg departs for a golden duck! FOW-175/5


4 wickets have now fallen for SRH in 13 runs in 2.5 overs. SRH-175/4 after 18 overs

SRH go 4 down

Bishnoi does get his third wicket after all, and Samad doesn’t quite make the most of the reprieve earlier. The Kashmiri batsman looks to smack the flatter delivery down the ground, but fails to clear the fence as Arshdeep collects the ball safely at deep square leg. FOW-173/4


SRH-165/3 after 17 overs

3rd wicket down for SRH

Suddenly there are three dismissals now! Manish Pandey departs cheaply after chipping the ball back to Arshdeep for a simple return catch. FOW-161/3

SRH-161/2 after 16 overs

Ravi Bishnoi bowls a potentially game-changing over by getting rid of both Warner and Bairstow in a space of four deliveries to walk away with a double-wicket maiden as the trend of wickets falling after the timeout continues this IPL.


What an over this is turning out to be for Bishnoi! Traps Bairstow leg-before with a top-spinner that the keeper-bat fails to adjust to, falling short of his century by three runs in the end. KXIP had to go upstairs for this decision though after the appeal was initially turned down. FOW-160/2


The partnership finally ends, with the breakthrough arriving for the Kings XI after the second timeout, with Warner getting a thick top-edge off a googly from Bishnoi that results in the simplest of catches for Maxwell; FOW-160/1

2nd Strategic Timeout

Cottrell manages to keep the two batsmen in check after being brought back into the attack in the 15th, giving away six off this over including a double to Bairstow off the first delivery. The umpire signals the second timeout of the innings after the final ball is bowled. SRH-160/0 after 15 overs

150 up for SRH

Mujeeb, the most economical bowler so far, back to bowl his quota out in the 14th over. Warner gets to his 50 with a single. But it’s a Bairstow show at the other end. Two sixes in the over take Bairstow into his 90s. SRH-154/0 after 14 overs

Fifty for Warner

Fifty up for David Warner — his 46th in the Indian Premier League and ninth in a row against KXIP! Gets to the milestone with a brace and a single off the first two deliveries of the 14th over.


Mohammed Shami brought back into the attack now with KXIP desperate to break the opening partnership now. The India seamer starts off with a couple of dots, followed by a drive through midwicket for a brace and an aerial drive down the ground for a boundary for Bairstow. SRH-138/0 after 13 overs


No boundaries for SRH in an over for a change as Bairstow and Warner stick to the singles and doubles in this over, even in the free hit after the seamer bowls a front-foot no-ball in the fourth delivery. 10 off the over. SRH-130/ after 12 overs


This is some insane batting from Jonny Bairstow. Seems to be getting more dangerous after his fifty. Those two back to back sixes – over deep mid-wicket and strainght – were gigantic. Bairstow moves to 72 off 36 balls. SRH-120/0 after 11 overs

100 up for SRH
100 partnership for Warner-Bairstow

Mujeeb back to bowl the 9th with things running out of KXIP’s hand. Singles are the order of the day in the over, till Warner lofts a straight six down the ground. Arshdeep Singh bowls the 10th. Bairstow brings up his 50, off 28 balls. The team 100 comes up in the 10th over. SRH-100/0 after 10 overs

50 for Bairstow

Bairstow hits his fifth in the Indian Premier League overall! Takes just 28 deliveries to get to his milestone, lofting the ball down the ground off Arshdeep for a double.


Mujeeb brought back for a third over, and he concedes 11 off this one, including a six to Warner off the fifth delivery that is hit over long on. SRH-93/0 after 9 overs


Ravi Bishnoi is the bowler in the 8th over. Bairstow cracks a six down the ground in the over, dancing down the track. A four and a six to finish off the over. Bairstow is on fire. 18 off the over! SRH-82/0 after 8 overs


Maxwell given a bowl after powerplay. Warner and Bairstow calm things down a touch after the quick start, scoring in ones and twos in this over, as six runs are added to the SRH total in this over. SRH-64/0 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay; SRH-58/0 after 6 overs

Umpires signal for the Strategic Timeout

50 comes up for SRH
Fifty partnership for Warner-Bairstow

Bairstow’s given a lifeline in the second delivery of Shami’s second over after KL Rahul drops a chance, albeit a tough one, at mid off after an aerial drive by the English keeper-batsman, who collects three as a result. Warner then collects back-to-back fours to bring up the fifty stand. SRH-52/0 after 5 overs

Chance missed!

KL Rahul at mid off fails to hold on to a difficult catch as Shami continues to threaten in the 5th over. Warner picks up consecutive boundaries off Shami


A change of ends for Cottrell in the 4th over, with just the one over for Mujeeb for now. Bairstow makes merry in Cottrell’s over. Two punches through the off side for consecutive boundaries. Another four pulled to fine leg. Cottrell goes for 28 runs in 2 overs. SRH-41/0 after 4 overs


Shami’s brought in place of Cottrell. Two singles at the start of the over. Warner tries pulling the ball off the third, but the ball goes under his bat, rather close to the under-edge. Next ball, the SRH captain nails his pull as the ball sails over midwicket, and races away to the fence. Single and a dot off the last two deliveries of the over, with seven coming from the over. SRH-26/0 after 3 overs


An early introduction for Mujeeb in his first match of the season. Bairstow is off at the other end now. Drives for four off the second ball he faces. 6 runs off the Afghan spinner’s over. SRH-19/0 after 2 overs

Strong start from SRH

Cottrell starts off with a full delivery that Warner drives towards cover, getting intercepted inside the circle. First runs on the board for SRH courtesy five wides off the fourth delivery as Cottrell bowls a rather steep bouncer that is beyond keeper’s reach. Warner ends the over by collecting a boundary off. SRH-13/0 after 1 over


Here we go! Warner and Bairstow walks out to bat for SRH. Cottrell to open bowling for KXIP.


Both teams are coming on the back off a defeat and looks ready to get back to winning ways

SRH Playing XI

KXIP Playing XI

Toss Results

SRH wins toss and elects to bat first

Pitch Report

That last two games have witnessed high scores. KXIP themselves saw CSK ruthlessly chase down their target without losing a wicket and Delhi Capitals posted 196 at the same venue on Tuesday. Captains will once again be in a dilemma in terms of what to do after winning the toss.


We are exactly one hour away from toss


Check out what KXIP head coach Anil Kumble has to say about today’s match.

Will we see a big innings from Manish Pandey tonight?

Will Chris Gayle play tonight?

Jonty Rhodes prepping the KXIP camp ahead of tonight’s clash

Probable XIs

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (C), Jonny Bairstow (WK), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Abhishek Sharma, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan, Siddarth Kaul/Khaleel Ahmed

Kings XI Punjab: KL Rahul (C), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Mandeep Singh, Nicholas Pooran (WK), Sarfaraz Khan, Harpreet Brar/Murugan Ashwin, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohammad Shami, Sheldon Cottrell/Hardus Viljoen

SRH vs KXIP Head to head


Won by SRH

Won by KXIP


No Result








Won by


19 April 2013

Sunrisers Hyderabad

5 Wickets


11 May 2013

Sunrisers Hyderabad

30 Runs


22 April 2014

Kings XI Punjab

72 Runs


14 May 2014

Kings XI Punjab

6 Wickets


27 April 2015

Sunrisers Hyderabad

20 Runs


11 May 2015

Sunrisers Hyderabad

5 Runs


23 April 2016

Sunrisers Hyderabad

5 Wickets


15 May 2016

Sunrisers Hyderabad

7 Wickets


17 April 2017

Sunrisers Hyderabad

5 Runs


28 April 2017

Sunrisers Hyderabad

26 Runs


19 April 2018

Kings XI Punjab

15 Runs


26 April 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad

13 Runs


8 April 2018

Kings XI Punjab

6 Wickets


29 April 2019

Sunrisers Hyderabad

45 Runs



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