IPL 2020 MI vs RR live score: Bumrah’s 4-wicket haul power MI to 57 runs win against RR

Mumbai Indians (MI) established their dominion as the defending champions, climbing to the top of the IPL 2020 points table with a comprehensive 57 runs win over the Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

IPL 2020 MI vs RR Highlights and Complete Match Report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-mi-vs-rr-highlights-mi-breaks-jinx-against-royals-climbs-to-top-after-crushing-rr-to-57-runs-defeat/

Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals

MI wins by 57 runs

Pattinson takes the final wicket. Dominant performance from Mumbai Indians as they clinch victory by 57 runs.

RR all out

A full toss from Bumrah. Archer tries to clear Pollard but fails. His cameo ends.

RR-136/9 after 18 overs; need more 58 more from 12 balls4


A full toss from Bumrah. Archer tries to clear Pollard but fails. His cameo ends.


Boult finishes his quota of four overs. Another good day for him with the ball as he takes two wickets and gives away just 26 runs; RR need 70 in 18 balls

RR-115/8 after 16 overs

Bumrah back with a bang! First up is an excellent yorker to Tewatia. Second one is also an excellent yorker, this time fetching him a wicket. Ankit Rajpoot is the new man in after the fall of Shreyas Gopal.

RR lose 8th wicket

Gopal’s stay in the middle is a short one. Edges it to the keeper. Bumrah gets second wicket in the over.


Bang on from Jasprit Bumrah as he delivers a perfect yorker, leaving Rahul Tewatia with no answes. Tewatia did swing his bat, but failed to make any contact as the ball hits the stumps. He departs on 5. FOW-113/7

2nd Strategic Timeout taken

Mumbai in full control of the match but Rajasthan still have a small chance because of Jofra Archer and Rahul Tewatia. Both batsman can hit the ball long. The asking rate is now 16. Five overs remaining in the match. 11 off Pollard’s over. RR-113/6 after 15 overs; need more 81 from 29 balls


Pollard in the action once again. First he takes a catch and now he contributes with a wicket! Pollard picks his first wicket of the match as Hardik Pandya completes a good catch at the deep. With the required run-rate mounting, Tom Curran had to take the risk and he pays for it. He departs after scoring 15 from 16 balls. FOW-108/6

100 comes up for RR

Pollard is an invaluable cog to the MI side and he once again turned this match in Mumbai’s favour with that catch. A four from Tewatia to end Pattinson’s over. RR-102/5 after 14 overs

RR lose half their side

Kieron Pollard pulls off an incredible catch. Another massive strike from Buttler but this time he picks the wrong fielder – the big man for the Caribbean. James Pattinson picks his first wicket of the day, as Pollard at the long-on boundary jumps and grabs a sensational catch send the batsman back to the pavilion on 70 from 44 balls; RR-98/5 after 13.3 overs

RR-97/4 after 13 overs; need 97 from 42 balls

Kieron Pollard with the ball. Curran does well to give the strike back to Buttler who smashes a six and a four. He goes for the big hit again in the fourth ball but fails to connect it. Two singles off final two balls

RR-84/4 after 12 overs; need more 110 from 48 ball

Krunal Pandya went short against Buttler and gets punished. He ends up bowling seam deliveries to both batsmen and it worked. After a six, he gives away just four singless

RR-74/4 after 11 overs; need more 120 from 54 balls

Chahar with his third of the night. The second ball is on the leg-side after he sees Curran coming down the track. De Kock takes it but fails to affect the stumping. That’s actually a tough chance considering the ball is too far down the leg. A six and a single off the over. Buttler is keeping his team in the game but it’s tough task.

RR-63/4 after 10 overs

Jos Buttler is keeping the fight on for Rajasthan Royals. He smashes a short delivery by Krunal Pandya over the extra cover boundary. RR need 131 runs in the final 10 overs.

50 for Butler

The Englishman brings up his first fifty in IPL 2020 with that 82-meter maximum. The bowl just slipped out of Chah’s hand and Buttler made the most of it. Belts it over long-on to notch his half-century.

RR-51/4 after 9 overs

Rajasthan Royals bring up 50 runs but Mumbai have done a lot of damage. Four wickets lost in the chase but Buttler is still in the middle. When he’s out there, there’s always a chance for Rajasthan. Tom Curran is the new batsman. Nine runs and a wicket off Chahar’s over.


Lomror comes down the track to Chahar. Goes for the big hit but no timing at all. Ball goes high in the air. Anukul runs and takes a diving catch inside the 30-yard circle. FOW-42/4

Time for Strategic Timeout

Pattinson bowls a slower ball as Buttler flick it for two more runs. After a single, Pattinson shouts for a LBW against Lomror. Umpire says no and Mumbai decide not to take the review. Timeout now! RR-42/3 after 8 overs

RR-35/3 after 7 overs; need 159 more from 78 deliveries

Rahul Chahar bowls a brilliant first over as just four runs come off it. The run-rate is rising and the game is slipping away from Rajasthan’s hands, can they produce something magical tonight.

End of Powerplay

Pattinson into the attack. Lomror sends the ball in the air and it is just short of point fielder. Batsmen take a double. Pattinson should’ve tighten his line against the southpaw. Buttler tries to drive a fuller delivery but misses it. The last ball is on the pads as Buttler flicks for a single. End of powerplay. Superb start from Mumbai bowlers. RR-31/3 after 6 overs; need more 163 from 84 balls


Jos Buttler keeps the scoreboard ticking. He could be the difference between both the sides if he can keep going. Meanwhile, the pair of Mahipal Lomror and Buttler add 11 from 13 balls. RR-23/3 after 5 overs; need more 171 from 90 balls


Bumrah continues. Bowls a brilliant yorker to Buttler in the third ball. Pity the ball misses the stumps by inches. After conceding a boundary, Bumrah does well to beat Buttler with a pacy good length ball. Dot to end the over. RR-16/3 after 4 overs


Boult starts off with a bad ball. No wonder it went for a boundary. Buttler tries his trademark scoop in the third ball but misses it. Samson again fails to make an impact. That’s third straight failure in the tournament after two good knocks. Rajasthan top-order again has a bad day. Lomror is the new batsman in. Just five and a wicket off the over. RR-12/3 after 3 overs

Samson goes for duck!

No timing at all from Samson as he hands a simple catch to mid-on fielder. Boult strikes again

Nervy start from RR!

RR-7/2 after 2 overs; need 187 more from 18 overs

RR lose 2nd wicket

Now Jasprit Bumrah joins the party. He picks the big wicket of Steve Smith. Tried to play it across the line and gets an inside edge, which is brilliantly collected by Quinton de Kock. Danger for Rajasthan. RR-7/2 after 1.4 overs


Boult gets the ball to swing away and it takes the nick off Jaiswal’s bat. Not a great ball but definitely a bad shot from Jaiswal. Should’ve applied himself more. Smith hits a four and then takes a quick single in the final ball. RR-5/1 after 1 over


Just the start Mumbai Indians were looking for. An excellent delivery from Trent Boult with a hint of late swing, and young Yashasvi Jaiswal tries to nudge the ball towards the offside but gets an edge, which flies straight into De Kock’s gloves. RR-0/1 after 0.2 overs

We are underway with RR’s chase

Smith and Jaiswal walk out for RR, Boult to start proceedings for MI

End of MI innings

MI-193/4 after 20 overs

MI-176/4 after 19 overs

Inventive from Suryakumar Yadav, goes down and sends the ball over the wicket-keeper’s head for a SIX. He was struck in the head in the previous delivery but that makes no difference. 15 runs come in that over

Suryakumar hit on the helmet by Archer

Archer is completely after MI batsmen. First Hardik and now Surya. The impact has definitely shaken and physio is running towards the field. Suryakaumar gets checked for concussion. Good news, he is good to go

150 comes up for MI

19 runs come off the over as both Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya combine to hit the ball around the park. In fact, Curran also spilled a simple chance to send Pandya back to the pavilion.

MI-161/4 after 18 overs

Pandya dropped

What a sheer piece of bad luck for Top Curran off his 3rd over. Firstly, he dropped Pandya off 16 and then Suryakumar belted him for a SIX followed by a FOUR, towards backward square and short fine-leg respectively.

MI-142/4 after 17 overs

Hardik Pandya off the mark and welcomes Archer with a boundary in the 17th over. The ball was in Pandya’s zone and he belted it past mid-off. He needs to do some more of this now.


Tom Curran bowls a good slower ball first up but Suryakumar’s brilliant execution results in a four. Hardik, on the non-striker’s end, calls for a quick single but Suryakumar sends him back. Direct hit from cover could’ve been close. Just eight runs off the over. MI-136/4 after 16 overs

Fifty for Suryakumar Yadav

A fine innings from MI’s No 3 who has been struggling to find himself among runs in the tournament. He hit a four to Tom Curran towards third-man to bring up his fifty in IPL 2020


Kartik Tyagi to Suryakumar. Short and wide as the batsman takes a single. The next ball is again short, but too high. The umpire signals a wide. Good follow up in the next ball as Hardik blocks the delivery. The all-rounder then cuts the third ball for one run. Suryakumar hits one straight to cover fielder but sloppy fielding results in two runs. A double and a single to end the over. MI-125/4 after 15 overs


Jofra Archer is brought into the attack and he returns with an excellent over. Two runs come off it and a wicket too. Krunal Pandya is the man who will walk back to the pavilion. Slower delivery, and Pandya fails to get the connection he would have anticipated as the ball flies straight to Shreyas Gopal at mid-wicket. MI-117/4 after 14 overs


Short from Archer. No timing at all as Krunal hands a simple catch to mid-wicket fielder


Tewatia does well after conceding a six. Goes for quick deliveries against both batsmen and he’s successful in keeping the runs in check. Four singles and a maximum int he over. MI-115/3 after 13 overs

100 comes up for MI

Suryakumar was getting good starts in the previous matches but failed to make big scores. He might do it today. Already raced to 37 in just 24 balls. Gopal goes for runs in this over. Two boundaries and he gives away 12 runs. MI-104/3 after 12 overs


Tewatia bowls his first over. Good start from the leg-spinner as he mixes his balls really well. Both batsmen are watchful and don’t take any risk. Just two off the over. MI-92/3 after 11 overs


MI-90/3 after 10 overs


Poor shot from Ishan Kishan. Goes for the big hit in his first ball but top-edges it to a fielder at mid-wicket.


Easy catch for Tewatia at long-on. Rohit Sharma takes on Gopal but fails to clear the fielder at the boundary line.


Tyagi bowls his third over of the night.  After conceding back-to-back boundaries, Tyagi bowls a yorker to Suryakumar but the batsman does well to block the delivery. He then shifts to bowling a wide line and it results in two dots. Unfortunately, the last ball goes for a four after Suryakumar gets a thick edge. MI-88/1 after 9 overs

Strategic Timeout taken

Gopal back into the attack. Offers bit of room to Suryakumar and gets punished for it. Tightens the line in the next two balls but bowls shorter to Rohit in the fourth and again gets punished. 11 runs from the over and we have our first timeout. MI-76/1 after 8 overs


Another decent over from Kartik Tyagi as 8 runs come from it. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma is playing on 29 from 19 balls. MI-65/1 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Tom Curran to Suryakumar. The batsman pushes the ball towards third-man for a single. Curran targets Rohit’s pads in the next two balls. There’s a faint appeal for a LBW but the umpire is not interested. Similar length to Suryakumar, this time the batsman succeeds in getting a boundary. A dot to end the over. Seven off it. End of powerplay. MI-57/1 after 6 overs


Kartik Tyagi, the debutant is into the attack. Good run up and pace but a loosener in the third ball results in a maximum. He comes back really well after conceding a six. Tyagi shows great application to bowl a bouncer and dismiss De Kock. Suryakuamr Yadav is the new man in. A single to end the over. MI-50/1 after 5 overs

MI lose QDK

A brilliant bouncer to De Kock does the trick. Top edge and a comfortable catch for Buttler.


Jofra Archer into the attack! Starts off with a half-volley outside off as Rohit takes a single after misfield from Tom Curran. He follows it up by conceding a four and a six. Poor line from the pacer. He’s not doing any favours to himself by bowling on the legs. 12 off the over. MI-41/0 after 4 overs


Rajpoot returns into attack and Rohit goes after him, smashing a six and a four off the second and third ball respectively. A humongous six over mid-off and then a cracking four towards short fine leg. Looks like the MI skipper is all set to exploit the RR bowlers. MI-29/0 after 3 overs


Spin in the second over. Shreyas Gopal starts off with a single. Rohit cuts the second ball straight to the point fielder for no run and then takes a single in the next ball. Four singles from the over. Good over from the spinner. MI-14/0 after 2 overs


Rajpoot gets the first ball to swing but De Kock does well to push it straight down the ground for a four. The second ball is down the leg-side for a wide. The swing is missing in the next two balls as De Kock takes a single. The fifth ball is uppish and wide. Rohit tries the cover-drive but is beaten. A four to end the over. MI-10/0 after 1 over


Here we go! QDK and Rohit Sharma walk out to bat; Rajpoot to start proceedings for RR

RR Playing XI

MI Playing XI

Toss Results

MI wins toss and elects to bat first

Teams enroute to the stadium


Exactly 1 hour left for toss

Rohit Sharma keeping the intensity going!

Mastermind behind MI’s bowling success

MI vs RR last encounter

Rajasthan Royals defeated Mumbai Indians by 5 wickets at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur. Batting first, Mumbai put up 161/5 after 20 overs, with Quinton de Kock scoring 65 off 47 balls. Rahul Chahar’s three-wicket haul for Mumbai went in vain as the host chased down the target with five balls to spare. Steve Smith hit an unbeaten 59, while Riyan Parag scored a quickfire 43

RR has won last 4 of the 5 matches against MI

1 May 2015: Mumbai Indians 8 Runs; Mumbai
22 April 2018: Rajasthan Royals 3 Wickets; Jaipur
13 May 2018: Rajasthan Royals 7 Wickets; Mumbai
13 April 2019: Rajasthan Royals 4 Wickets; Mumbai
20 April 2019: Rajasthan Royals 5 Wickets; Jaipur


How many runs will we see from the Hitman tonight?

Probable XIs

MI Probable XI – Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, James Pattinson, Trent Boult, Rahul Chahar, Jasprit Bumrah.

RR Probable XI –Jos Buttler, Steve Smith (c), Sanju Samson (wk), Manan Vohra, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Shreyas Gopal, Jofra Archer, Tom Curran, Jaydev Unadkat, Varun Aaron.


Hello and welcome guys to the live coverage of RR vs MI.