Dream11 IPL 2020 CSK vs RCB live Updates: Chris Morris’ late triple strike secure 37 runs win over Dhoni’s CSK

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) secured their fourth win of the IPL 2020 season with a convincing 37 runs win over MS Dhoni’s CSK in Dubai. With the win, Kohli’s side entered the race for the Top 4, occupying the 4th place in the IPL 2020 table with 8 points from 6 games.

IPL 2020 RCB vs CSK Highlights and Complete Match Report: https://www.insidesport.in/ipl-2020-rcb-vs-csk-highlights-dhonis-dad-army-fails-again-as-kohlis-90-morriss-late-triple-strike-hand-rcb-37-runs-win/


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Virat Kohli awarded MoM for his unbeaten 90*

RCB wins by 37 runs

Big win for Virat Kohli’s team. RCB grab their fourth win of the season, which also happens to be only their second against their southern rivals out of the last nine encounters between the two.


The RCB dugout is all smiles now as the job is almost done. CSK with an impossible task at hand after losing Bravo and Jadeja- their last remaining hopes of any comeback. CSK-126/8 after 19 overs; need 44 runs from 6 balls

Morris puts final nail in the coffin for CSK

A wicket off the last ball for Chris Morris as Jadeja holes out to the man at deep midwicket to depart for 7! FOW-126/8

Bravo’s stay is short-lived

Padikkal had dropped Bravo in the previous delivery, and makes up for the slip-up instantly as he latches onto this one to send the Trinidadian all-rounder back to the dugout. Second wicket for Morris today. FOW-122/7

CSK-117/6 after 18 overs; need more 53 from 12 deliveries

Udana returns to the attack in the slog overs, and gets rid of the set Rayudu with a clever change of pace and line to get the CSK No 3 clean bowled for 42. Dwayne Bravo joins Ravindra Jadeja at the centre,

CSK 6 down

Udana saw Rayudu moving across the line quite early and took pace off the ball completely. Rayudu ends up getting a faint touch that goes on to hit the middle stump. FOW-113/6

Top stuff from Chris Morris

After the massive blow in the form of Dhoni’s dismissal in the previous, things get even worse for them as Curran’s caught-behind first ball of this over. Jadeja walks out to bat next. Three runs and a wicket off this over.

CSK-109/5 after 17 overs; need more 61 from 18 balls

Sam Curran gone for duck

Chris Morris strikes, and collects his first wicket in an RCB jersey as he gets the hard-hitting all-rounder Sam Curran caught-behind for a golden duck! FOW-107/5

100 comes up for CSK

Dhoni begins his business by carting Chahal down the ground for six. Goes for another big shot to end the 16th over and this time he is caught. CSK-106/4 after 16 overs; need more 64 from 24 balls

Dhoni falls for 10

Big wicket for RCB. Danger man MS Dhoni departs cheaply. Holed out for long off has Dhoni as Chahal nets the big fish! Gurkeerat had his eyes fixed on the ball throughout and was still as a statue as he completed an easy catch. FOW-106/4


Lack of intent in running between the wickets is what costs Jagadeesan his wicket as he falls victim to a direct hit from Morris while looking for a single. Out walks MS Dhoni. Can Thala come to CSK’s rescue?

CSK-96/3 after 15 overs; need more 74 from 30 balls

CSK go 3 down

Superb piece of fielding by Morris at mid off as he effects a direct hit at the non-striker’s end, where Jagadeesan falls short while looking to complete a quick single. FOW-89/3


Another good over for CSK, with a boundary each to Jagadeesan and Rayudu followed by a double and a wide with the former on strike towards the end of the over. CSK-89/2 after 14 overs

Strategic Timeout taken

Chahal bowls the 13th. Jagadeesan sweeps for four, with some more momentum now in his innings. Another four in the over. Jagadeesan showing some confidence in bringing out the sweeps against Chahal. CSK-75/2 after 13 overs; need more 95 from 42 balls


Jagadeesan steps out and fires a boundary down the ground. 9 runs from the over. Saini bowls the 12th. CSK-63/2 after 12 overs; need more 107 from 48 balls

50 comes up for CSK

Finally some signs of urgency being shown by the two batsman in Chahal’s second over. Nine from the over. CSK-56/2 after 11 overs; need more 114 from 54 deliveries

We reach the halfway mark!

Morris back to bowl in the 10th. Ends the over with two dot balls as CSK struggle to get going. CSK-47/2 after 10 overs; need more 123 from 60 balls

Strategic Timeout taken

Udana bowls a short one, and Rayudu just opens the face of his bat and hits it over the keeper’s head for a boundary. Nine off the Sri Lankan’s second over of the day, as the umpires signal timeout.

CSK-44/2 after 9 overs; need more 126 from 66 balls

Milestone for Rayudu


Sundar bowls out another tidy over, giving away just five, as Rayudu and Jagadeesan are content in collecting singles at the moment,  CSK-35/2 after 8 overs ; need more 135 from 72 balls


Jagadeesan comes in and keeps the scoreboard ticking with partner Rayudu as the pair deal in singles in Yuzvendra Chahal’s first over of the evening. Just four from the over. 30/2 after 7 overs; need 140 more from 78 balls

End of Powerplay
CSK registers its lowest Powerplay score in IPL 2020

N Jagadeesan is CSK’s Number 4. CSK registers its lowest Powerplay score in IPL 2020. RCB go to Chahal as the Powerplay ends. No urgency about CSK’s chase at the moment. Just singles. CSK-26/2 after 6 overs; need more 144 from 84 deliveries

Sundar strikes again

Sundar’s delivering for RCB yet again in the powerplay! After getting hit for a boundary off the previous ball, Sundar fires in a straighter, flatter one that beats Watson’s under-edge, and soon enough the Aussie opener’s marching back to the dugout. FOW-25/2


CSK-21/1 after 5 overs; need more 149 from 90 balls


Washington Sundar, whose Powerplay bowling has been a revelation for RCB this season, bowls the 4th. Du Plessis takes the aerial route. The ball lands in no man’s land. He goes again. Again, not the perfect connection, but it lands safely. The last ball of the over brings the wicket. CSK-19/1 after 4 overs; need more 151 from 96 balls

CSK lose Faf cheaply

Washington Sundar has done it! Faf du Plessis flies it straight to Chris Morris, trying to break shackles, but it got the height, but not got the distance. FOW-19/1


Isuru Udana into the attack. CSK openers Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis are off to a slow start in CSK’s 170-run chase. But the longer these two remain, the more trouble RCB will be in. Need a wicket soon. CSK-13/0 after 3 overs

CSK-6/0 after 2 overs

Navdeep Saini steams in from the other end, with Faf du Plessis on strike for the first time. Just two from the over.


CSK’s chase begins with Watson and Du Plessis opening the innings. Chris Morris bowls the first over. Watson picks away a four onto square leg in the first over. Five dot balls otherwise. CSK-4/0 after 1 over


The RCB players are already out in the middle. Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis too are slowly making their way in. We are set for a fascinating chase.

End of RCB’s innings

RCB-169/4 after 20 overs

150 up for RCB

After a six in the first ball, Dube tries the big hit in the fourth ball, but the timing is off. A dot to end the over. 14 off it and one over remaining

RCB-155/4 after 19 overs

Kohli dropped by Jadeja

Virat Kohli struck a good shot towards mid wicket but it was dropped by Ravindra Jadeja. Well, he can say he heard that it was a No ball

50 partnership comes up for Kohli-Dube


Kohli is showing some class here as he slams Sam Curran for two SIXES, with the second one coming off a delicate flick off the wrist. Meanwhile, Shivam Dube too is chipping in with some big hits as 24 runs come from it. RCB-141/4 after 18 overs


Shardul comes into attack. This is a costly over from the pacer. He gives away 14 runs including two boundaries. Kohli is set now and Dube can also finish good. RCB-117/4 after 17 overs

50 for Kohli

Virat Kohli hits a boundary and gets to his fifty. Short from Thakur, and Kohli pulls it towards midwicket

100 comes up for RCB; 2nd Strategic Timeout taken

Karn Sharma’s final over. Good fielding effort from the bowler in the third ball. Dives and saves a single. The spinner does really well to keep a check on runs but concedes a boundary off the final ball. RCB-103/4 after 16 overs


Kohli is struggling to get his timing right here in Dubai. This is a slow track. 5 overs left, RCB fans want Kohli to go all berserk right now. RCB-95/4 after 15 overs

Washington Sundar is out

Edged and taken; Curran gets rid of Washinton Sundar. A wild swing from Washington Sundar off Sam Curran’s ball and it hits the edge of his bat and Dhoni completes a simple catch. He departs after scoring 10 from 10 balls. FOW-93/4


Jadeja again. Virat Kohli takes a single to complete 6,000 runs for RCB. Another milestone for the run machine. Just five runs from this over. RCB-86/3 after 14 overs

Milestone for Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli achieves a milestone for Royal Challengers Bangalore, he has now scored 6,000 runs


Washington Sundar has joined Virat Kohli in the middle, but it all now depends on the RCB skipper. Sundar slams Karn Sharma for a SIX as 12 runs come off the over. RCB-81/3 after 13 overs


Ravindra Jadeja into the attack and he quickly finishes his over. Washington Sundar tries a reverse-sweep in the third ball but misses it. The bowler and the keeper appeal for a LBW but umpire says no. Two off the over. RCB-69/3 after 12 overs

Milestone for Faf du Plessis

2 runs and 2 wickets 

Hugely successful over for CSK and Shardul Thakur. Two key batsman are back in the pavilion and pressure is now on Virat Kohli.  RCB-67/3 after 11 overs

Fantastic from Thakur

Incredible bowling by Shardul Thakur! Shardul Thakur bowls it straight to AB de Villiers, just a little bit of outswing, de Villiers takes a swing, gets a soft nick and it goes straight to Dhoni behind stumps. Gone for a duck. FOW-66/3

RCB lose 2nd wicket

Padikkal takes the aerial route against Shardul but fails to clear Faf du Plessis at mid-off. FOW-66/2

We reach the halfway mark;
RCB-65/1 after 10 overs


Bravo continues. Padikkal tries for a big shot but misses it. Five singles in the over. RCB-55/1 after 9 overs

50 up for RCB

Dhoni brings in Karn Sharma and he starts off with a tidy over. Just 4 runs come from it, with a couple of dots. Meanwhile, the pair of Kohli and Padikkal help RCB bring up their 50. RCB-50/1 after 8 overs

Strategic Timeout taken 

This partnership between Virat Kohli and Devdutt Padikkal has given RCB real hopes now. The two were the match winners against SRH and now need to put on a show once again. RCB-46/1 after 7 overs

End of Powerplay

Shardul is the new bowler. Bit of swing for him as well. The third ball hits Padikkal’s pads and he appeals for a LBW. The umpire is not interested and it was definitely going down. Two fours in the over. RCB-36/1 after 6 overs


Chennai make a change in attack – Sam Curran is being replaced by Shardul Thakur. Devdutt Padikkal smashes him for a 4 on the first ball towards midwicket!


Chahar bowls his third over of the night. Kohli brings out his cover-drive in the fourth ball but the timing’s off. Two singles to end the over. RCB-25/1 after 5 overs


Virat Kohli keeps himself busy in the middle. After a double, he takes a quick single on the off-side. Curran bowls a bouncer to Kohli but it’s too high and umpire calls it a wide. Single off the final ball. Just six off the over.  RCB-21/1 after 4 overs


Superb bowling from Chahar and terrible application from Finch to throw away his wicket. Virat Kohli is the new man in and he is off with a double. RCB-15/1 after 3 overs

RCB lose Finch cheaply

Deepak Chahar has completely cleaned up Aaron Finch with a stunner. This one just went past him and a fantastic inswinger to get rid of the RCB opener. FOW-13/1


Sam Curran into the attack. A wide and a four to end the over. RCB-11/0 after 2 overs

Tight start from Chahar

A great start by Deepak Chahar as just two runs come off it. Sam Curran will continue the attack for CSK from the other end. RCB-2/0 after 1 over

Aand we are underway!

Padikkal and Finch walks out for RCB; Chahar to begin proceedings

Playing XIs

Chennai Super Kings (Playing XI): Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w/c), N Jagadeesan, Sam Curran, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar, Karn Sharma

Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Shivam Dube, Chris Morris, Washington Sundar, Isuru Udana, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

Dhoni: Most of the players play together, we play as rivals too, that’s the beauty of IPL. That has allowed us to understand the overseas players better. It’s (bio-bubble) the case with all the teams. The only option you have is spending time in the team room. You can’t meet anyone from the outside, there is less distractions also. That’s a good thing in this IPL. It can be harsh, but it’s amazing the fact that you can remain within the team environment. We need to get points, but desperation is something where you don’t want to be. Desperation pushes you to commit more errors on the field. It’s an important game for us. We have committed a few errors, need to focus on the process. I have been doing well in the nets, it’s important to replicate it out in the middle. We have one change – Jagadeesan in place of Kedar Jadhav,

Kohli: We’ll bat first. We backed our decision last game as well, but we got ourselves into a tough position not having enough partnerships. The wicket is going to get slower and slower. There wasn’t much dew in the last game as well. It’s fair enough to defend today. We won two times batting first and one convincing win while chasing. When you are playing against quality sides, you need to come out and play good cricket. We (him and Dhoni) have played together for so long, we have a great partnership together. The games (RCB vs CSK) are always competitive. We have all had mutual respect between us. It’s important to get into some kind of momentum, where the bowlers come in and bowl a certain way. We have a great chance to create it now. It’s an exciting phase we are entering into. Chris Morris makes his RCB debut. He replaces Moeen Ali and Gurkeerat Singh Mann comes back in for Siraj.

RCB wins toss and elects to bat first

CSK vs RCB in Dream11 IPL 2020 live Updates: MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings(CSK) likely to play with same playing Xi against Virat Kohli’s (RCB)Royal Challengers Bangalore, follow for Live Updates and Ball by Ball Commentary

Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore will face off each other on match-day 25th of the Indian Premier League 2020 on Saturday.

This is the type of fixtures which set the tone for a tournament like the Indian Premier League (IPL), probably the most glamorous cricket league in the world.

Two of the biggest names in world cricket, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, will lead their respective franchises – Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) against each other when the 12th edition of the very popular Twenty20 cricket league starts on Saturday.

CSK Probable XI: Shane Watson, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (c, wk), Sam Curran, Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Karn Sharma
RCB Probable XI: Aaron Finch, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Chris Morris, Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Isuru Udana/Adam Zampa, Gurkeerat Singh Mann/Mohammad Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

CSK vs RCB Head to Head in IPL history

Played CSK Won RCB Won Tie No Result
25 16 8 0 1
Date Winner Won by Venue
28 April 2008 Chennai Super Kings 13 Runs Bengaluru
21 May 2008 Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 Runs Chennai
20 April 2009 Chennai Super Kings 92 Runs Port Elizabeth
14 May 2009 Royal Challengers Bangalore 2 Wickets Durban
23 May 2009 Royal Challengers Bangalore 6 Wickets Johannesburg
23 March 2010 Royal Challengers Bangalore 36 Runs Bengaluru
31 March 2010 Chennai Super Kings 5 Wickets Chennai
24 September 2010 Chennai Super Kings 52 Runs Durban
16 April 2011 Chennai Super Kings 21 Runs Chennai
22 May 2011 Royal Challengers Bangalore 8 Wickets Bengaluru
24 May 2011 Chennai Super Kings 6 Wickets Mumbai
28 May 2011 Chennai Super Kings 58 Runs Chennai
12 April 2012 Chennai Super Kings 5 Wickets Chennai
25 April 2012 No Result No Result Bengaluru
13 April 2013 Chennai Super Kings 4 Wickets Chennai
18 May 2013 Royal Challengers Bangalore 24 Runs Bengaluru
18 May 2014 Royal Challengers Bangalore 5 Wickets Ranchi
24 May 2014 Chennai Super Kings 8 Wickets Bengaluru
22 April 2015 Chennai Super Kings 27 Runs Bengaluru
4 May 2015 Chennai Super Kings 24 Runs Chennai
22 May 2015 Chennai Super Kings 3 Wickets Ranchi
25 April 2018 Chennai Super Kings 5 Wickets Bengaluru
5 May 2018 Chennai Super Kings 6 Wickets Pune
23 March 2019 Chennai Super Kings 7 Wickets Chennai
21 April 2019 Royal Challengers Bangalore 1 Run Bengaluru