IPL 2020 : It is final, UAE will host IPL 2020 between Sep to Nov

BCCI’s Apex Council’s marathon meeting via a video conference has ended. The meeting continued almost for 4 hours.
InsideSport has learnt that the board is planning to host the 2020 IPL in UAE. BCCI also came to the conclusion that a final decision would be taken once the ICC postpones the 2020 T20 World Cup.  As per the protocol BCCI can’t officially announce anything on IPL 2020 till the time ICC T20 World Cup is not called off officially by the world body.
The ICC Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday and they can make a announcement about the T20 World Cup on the same day.
IPL 2020 : It is final, UAE to host IPL 2020 between Sep to Nov
As reported by InsideSPORT earlier, UAE is now the BCCI’s choice to host IPL 2020. Reason, UAE’s lesser quarantine period rule made it easy for BCCI to select the nation as the frontrunner for hosting the cash-rich league.
Other points like flights operation in UAE are now completely normal. Not only this Dubai is a global destination with great flight connectivity with almost every international destination which is connected to IPL in some manner.
It could not be ascertained whether BCCI is still planning a full fledged IPL season or will it undergo format change. All these decision will be agains taken only after the T20 World Cup is postponed.
BCCI Apex Council meanwhile has agreed on the window between September and early November for conducting IPL 2020.
IPL 2020 : Training Camp for the Indian Team, Ahmedabad frontrunner
During the meeting, the training camp for the players of the Indian national team also came up for discussion. Dharamsala and Ahmedabad were discussed as two options where a bio-bubble can be created but then Dharamsala was ruled out because of lack of accommodation.
Ahmedabad now seems to be the place where training can happen if BCCI conducts a training camp for the players. It was said that Players cannot train at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) because of the existing situation with regards to Covid-19.
BCCI Apex Council Meeting : Domestic fixtures can see teams playing games in their own zones
Along with the IPL 2020, domestic cricket dominated the discussion as the fate of the domestic players in the country needs to be given priority with an eye on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact.
Speaking to IANS, an official who was part of the meeting said that the Apex Council members were united in the thought that the domestic fixture needs to be looked at immediately and a plan was discussed to go back to the old style of each team playing games in their own zones.
“We had a healthy discussion on the fate of domestic cricket and how we can go forward with an eye on the travel restrictions and the important health guidelines that have come into effect due to the pandemic. Although it is at a nascent stage, but it was discussed that we could go back to having teams playing Ranji Trophy games in their own zones rather than travelling across the country as that would be much easier in the current scenario,” the official said.