IPL 2020: IPL petitioner asks Pondicherry governor Kiran Bedi to investigate CAP’s ‘unlawful acts’ after illegal stadium construction fiasco

Indian Premier League spot-fixing petitioner and Cricket Association of Bihar secretary Aditya Verma has lauded Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry Kiran Bedi for pulling up the Cricket Association of Pondicherry (CAP) and its former secretary P Damodaran for allegations of illegal construction of Seichem Cricket Stadium in Thuthipet.

In a letter to Bedi, accessed by ANI, Verma has not only praised her for putting her foot down against illegal acts conducted, but further pointed at how the full membership is given to CAP also needs a relook.
“I have gone through the documents tweeted by you wherein you have given strict instructions to the District Collector to take immediate remedial steps like registering FIR for trespassing on government lands, directing to stop any further activities on the Seichem Cricket Ground in Thuthipet, for gross violations by encroaching GP lands, water bodies and shrinking bore wells for construction of the ground.

“The directions demonstrate your incorruptible soul and the strength of your character. The powers that be at the CAP and M/s Seichem (the controllers of both entities being the same group of people) have managed to influence and hoodwink a score of people into getting their way by any means possible but they did not account for the presence of the epitome of honesty that is you,” he wrote.
Throwing light on how those in power in the CAP paved their way in the BCCI, Verma wrote: “They had even pulled the wool over the eyes of the former CAG of India, Vinod Rai when he held the position of chairman of the Committee of Administrators (CoA) appointed by the Supreme Court. Some of their activities invited sanctions that were never imposed upon them.”
Verma also pointed at how neither the Lodha report — foundation of the new BCCI constitution — nor the Supreme Court provided for granting of full membership to the association from Puducherry.
“Interestingly, neither the Lodha report, nor the Supreme Court settled constitution of the BCCI provides for the admission of an association from Puducherry as a full member and therefore, even the full membership CAP is void ab-initio and flies in contravention of the orders and judgment of the SC.
“Even if an organisation from Puducherry was to be admitted to the membership of the BCCI, the proper procedure has not been followed. Had you not been true to the oath of office, this land acquisition would have all been regularised,” he pointed.
The CAB secretary further urged Bedi to look into other unlawful acts of the association wherein he believes that cricket in Puducherry is becoming an asset of a company and a man.
“The CAP has been involved in a lot of other illegal, unethical and unlawful acts while conducting its activities. The most shocking being the involvement of outsiders parading as guest players to play for Puducherry teams. It curtails and restricts the opportunity to the domicile players. I request you to please initiate an investigation into the act.
“You may find that these outsiders (players and support staff) are either employed by M/s Seichem or are residents at properties belonging to people involved with M/s Seichem. I am sure an investigation into this aspect will surely yield more startling revelations into the unfair, illegal practices going around in CAP. I am the petitioner in the matter in the SC that brought about sweeping reforms in cricket. I request you to kindly take cognisance of this entire issue to ensure that cricket in Puducherry does not become an asset of a company and a man,” he added.