IPL 2020 : 28 Sixes in DC-KKR game, IPL 2020 season delivering highest sixes average per game

Delhi Capitals (DC) beat Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in six-hitting battle at Sharjah. Whopping 28 sixes were hit in the game as both teams tried to dominate the Sixes-Fest. With this the IPL 2020 has become the season with highest average of sixes per game. 

The average no of sixes per match in IPL 2020 is the highest in the IPL history. Though the season currently is just 16 matches old but IPL 2020 is currently averaging more 15.05 SIXES per game. This is the highest average of SIXES per game in the IPL history.

On completed season basis, IPL 2018 is hailed as the season which saw maximum number of sixes in the tournament with 872 sixes. This resulted in average of 14.53 sixes per game. But IPL 2020 is on the road of bettering the record as in the first 16 matches the average sixes per game has risen to 15.05.


Here is the season wise average of sixes hit per match

2008 619 10.72
2009 442 8.88
2010 582 9.75
2011 638 8.75
2012 727 9.75
2013 674 8.84
2014 714 11.9
2015 692 11.73
2016 638 10.63
2017 705 11.95
2018 872 14.53
2019 784 13.07
*2020 —— 15.05

*Stat is updated only till 16th match of IPL 2020

IPL 2020 Sixes Fest : Big reason, limited grounds and Sharjah’s smaller boundary

Since only three stadiums are hosting the games, the teams have a good idea about the nature of the tracks by now. That knowledge will only grow in the upcoming games, which could mean more sixes being hit.

However, the number of sixes hit on a ground is also directly proportional of course to the size of the ground.

The stadium in Sharjah for instance has a smaller playing area and a flatter pitch. It was tagged as the most batting friendly venue ahead of the IPL and in just two matches played at this ground so far, there have been 62 sixes that have been hit here.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Sharjah) – 3 matches, 90 sixes, Avg – 30 sixes per match so far

IPL 11 saw the highest no of sixes in a single IPL season

The IPL season where the most number of sixes was hit was IPL season 11 played in the year 2018, this season saw 872 sixes. Returning to the IPL after completing their two-year suspension period, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won their third IPL trophy by winning the IPL 2018 trophy. This season saw 60 matches being played. Which meant on an average almost 15 sixes were hit every match. Whereas the sixes tally was led by the Indian youngster Rishabh Pant, who hit 37 sixes in 14 innings, making it almost 3 sixes per match alone.

The 2nd highest number of sixes hit in a season of IPL is in 2019, in this season there were 784 sixes hit in all. Mumbai Indians (MI) created a new record in IPL 2019 by winning this trophy for the fourth time. Meanwhile, Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) cricketer Andre Russell won the Maximum Sixes Award of IPL 2019 after hitting 52 sixes in this season.