IPL 2020 : Indian Premier League exploring geo-targeted ‘virtual advertising’ feature

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season is yet to be finalized but the IPL Governing Council has started exploring new avenues to increase the revenues for the league in the coming years. According to the IPL Governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patel, IPL is looking at the avenue of GEO-TARGETED ‘Virtual Advertising’ option for the world-wide advertisers.

Patel who in past himself has dabbled into the business of LED Screens business, recently discussed the idea with the other members of IPL GC. “Yes, we have to look at areas which can increase our revenues. The way virtual advertising works is, a match may be in progress in Mumbai where the on-field LED will show the on-venue sponsors. But the same feed being relayed in UAE, or UK, can have their own local sponsorship. They will have a clean perimeter and sight screen. That is possible. The match is the same but the ads will be different. There is no point in showing a brand relevant to Indian market in another part of the globe”, said Patel to Hindustan Times.


All top global sporting leagues use the GEO-TARGETED Advertising Currently all the top sporting leagues in the world use the feature to enhance their revenues. American Sporting leagues, Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League, FIFA and others use Virtual Advertising feature for the different geographies. The technology primarily allows different ads on the ground for the different territories. German league Bundesliga has been using the technology since 2018 season of the league

Recently La Liga announced that they will push the geo-targeted broadcast distribution around the world and for the same partnered with UK based marketing company ISG. The agreement, which runs until the end of the 2021/22 campaign, includes 53 games from Spanish soccer’s top flight featuring either Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, and will allow brands to select the regional markets in which their advertising appears.



What is GEO-TARGETED Virtual Advertising – How the technology works ?

Virtual advertising is the use of high power computers to place still or video images into live video broadcasts in real time so that they look as if they are part of the original scene. It works by tampering with the digital broadcast signal before it reaches our homes. Before the broadcast, the cameras are set up at certain angles, so as to give the best impressions of the game while allowing in-stadium advertisements to be exposed to the viewer as well. In the virtual advertising system, a computer instantly superimposes the advertisement when it recognizes a previously designated spot and adjusts it accordingly as the camera follows the action. This technology allows advertisers to cover over existing advertising signage in a stadium and can even feature two or three dimensional animations. Virtual advertising companies can disguise the video advertisements as standing billboards, banners blowing in the wind, or logos painted directly on the playing field. The advertisements also canbe combined with special effects, such as the pitch speed indicator and game statistics.And all of these images can be changed from territory to territory as shown in the picture below.