IPL 2020: Franchisees call cancelled as ‘there is nothing to discuss’

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India has called off the scheduled conference call with the Indian Premier League franchisees. The board and the stake holders will instead monitor the situation till March 1 before deciding the next action.

The rising Coronavirus menace, which has brought the entire nation to the virtual standstill, has compelled the board and the IPL franchisees to halt all the activities. Since the uncertainty is growing by the day, neither the BCCI nor other stake holders were in a position to discuss anything.

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The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases India is touching about 500 now with a sudden burst since Saturday.

“There is nothing to discuss at this stage. What is the point in having a futile exercise when you don’t even know what will be the situation tomorrow,” a franchisee CEO told InsideSport.co. “Ever since the Government had started taking emergency measures, we were sure that conference call makes no sense.

“It was decided last week to have a customary call to take stock of the situation on a weekly basis. Situation has changed drastically in the past one week. Like everyone, IPL is the last thing on our mind. We are rather thinking how we can support our team, other stake holders and the community.”

While confirming that the all stake holders have more or less accepted a “no-IPL” scenario this year, the source confirmed that the BCCI will observe the situation till March 31.

The remotest hope is pinning on a “truncated”  or “cramped” IPL in the month of May. That too seems highly unlikely as the situation is worsening by the hour.

“It may simply be defined that all IPL activities, including and considerations, are on halt,” he concluded.

Source also dismissed the talk of a truncated IPL in Maharashtra alone. “Someone must be joking. Have you seen the death toll in the State. More than 100 Coronavirus cases are confirmed in the worst-affected State. First, we all must pray, ensure and contribute that normalcy returns. You might need a lockdown for at least one more week after the last case is reported,” he said.

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