IPL 2020 : For the sake of IPL 2020, 5 international series likely to be sacrificed

As the dates for the Indian Premier League 2020 has been announced, the world of cricket is getting in hurdle to adjust their cricket itineraries for the globes most lucrative cricket product. Such is the power of lucre attached to the IPL 2020, that the global cricket boards are not left with any alternative than to adjust their bilateral tours according to the timelines announced for the 13th season of IPL. 
InsideSport.co analyzed the Future Tour Program (FTP) between Sep 15th to Nov first week and came to a conclusion that 5 top International Bilateral cricket tours are all set to be sacrificed for the sake of IPL 2020. The tours involving top teams like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the West Indies are all set to be either cancelled or postponed because of the Indian league. 
Along with the 125 Indian cricketers, 61 foreigners will play in the IPL 2020 from seven test playing nations. It is almost unthinkable for any board to flex their financial muscle and stop their cricketers to play in the IPL season this year. Along with the cricketers as these boards are also set to be richer by few millions by allowing their players for the Indian league, the international bilateral arrangement are all set to take a backseat. 
“We won’t be able to play Test cricket against South Africa during the IPL, Cricket South Africa have made that very clear to us. They’ve got a commitment to their players to allow them to go and play in the IPL,” said Johny Grave, CEO of the Cricket West Indies
IPL 2020 : For the sake of IPL 2020, 5 international series will be sacrificed
The BCCI has already postponed its home series against England scheduled for Sep-Oct owing to Covid19. Now as IPL 2020 will be played from Sep19th to Nov8th, some more international tours will have to be cancelled or postponed. 
Cricket Australia 
Cricket Australia has two home series scheduled for the same dates as IPL 2020. First tour involves India itself. Virat Kohli’s team India was scheduled to play 3T20 Games series in October and that will be put on back burner now. 
Cricket Australia will lose another home series as the West Indies team will now not travel to Australia for 3T20 Games in October. 11 top West Indies T20 players will ply their trade in IPL 2020 and no way they will agree to tour Australia in October. 
Australia vs West Indies in Aus – 3T20 – October
India vs Australia 3T20 Games – October
New Zealand Cricket 
Another country which will have to sacrifice its home tour will be Cricket New Zealand. NZC was suppose to host Bangladesh for 3T20 games in October but all that is now thing of past. Captain Kane Williamson including 6 Kiwis are all set to play in IPL 2020. The NZC has already given the clearances for their participation in the Indian league. 
Bangladesh vs NewZealand in NZ –  3T20    October
Cricket South Africa 
Cricket South Africa would also have to reschedule their series against Pakistan this October. The Proteas were suppose to host the Pakistan team for 3ODI and 3T20 games but now that stands to change. 10 top class South African cricketers will be playing in IPL 2020 and the series against Pakistan will have to be rescheduled. 
Not only this, South Africa also was committed to tour the West Indies for 2 Test & 5T20 game series in the month of July & August. But due to Covid19 talks were on between the two board to reschedule it for September end. But now with IPL 2020 scheduled during the times both boards will have to look for some other opportune window to complete the FTP commitment. 
Pakistan vs South Africa in SA – 3ODI / 3 T20 – October
Sri Lanka Cricket & Bangladesh Cricket Board
SLC & BCB are far better placed than others and can complete their pending FTP commitments during Sep-Nov window. No Bangladesh player has been picked by IPL teams this season and only 2 players from Sri Lanka are scheduled to play IPL 2020 this year.
That is the reason, BCB is planning to tour Sri Lanka during the window of IPL without any headache.
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IPL 2020 country wise Players 

India – 125
Total Salary –  3,582,500,000

Total Salary  – 346,000,000

Total Salary  – 867,500,000

Total Salary  – 22,000,000

Total Salary  – 569,500,000

Total Salary  -438,000,000

Total Salary   – 140,000,000

Total Salary – 98,000,000

Total Salary – 2,000,000