IPL 2020 : Few Franchises extremely ‘miffed’ with IPL GC, asks for meeting with president Ganguly

‘What’s happening this Indian Premier League
‘Why BCCI does not communicate with us’
‘We have booked chartered flights for our England & Australian players, why IPL Governing Council is not giving us clarity on whether they have to spend time in quarantine or not’
‘Why this delay’ ? asked representative of one of the franchise of IPL
Most of the IPL franchises are extremely ‘miffed’ with the functioning of the IPL Governing Council on account of lack of communication from their side. 
The first game of the IPL 2020 is just 9 days away and Governing Council is yet to give them any clear cut answer on whether the England & Australian players have to spend time in quarantine or not. 
InsideSport had reported on Monday that 7 franchises have collectively booked a chartered flight for transporting the England & Australian players in a complete BIO-SECURE manner. But according to the franchises InsideSport spoke to, they have not been given any clarity on whether players will be allowed relaxation in quarantine norms or not. 
“We have been repeatedly asking for the clarity on this account. As is the case this IPL no clear answers are coming from IPL GC’s side. We are completely clueless on the status”, said one of the franchise representative. 
Another franchise member told InsideSport that they have requested meeting with BCCI president on the issue and other problems they are facing. 
“We are requesting meeting with BCCI President on the issue. Hope he can intervene and give us final answers on the situation”, said the franchise member. 
It is worth noting that Ganguly reached Dubai on Wednesday. The BCCI president is slated to take a stock of IPL 2020 preparations on Thursday and may as well meet some of the franchise representatives.  
IPL 2020 : 7 IPL Teams have booked chartered flight to transport Eng-Aus players from Manchester to Dubai

InsideSport had reported on Monday that 7 IPL teams have collectively hired a charter plane to bring 22 players from Manchester to Dubai. The cost to engage the charter for the players will be whooping 1 Crore. Mumbai Indians is the only franchise who is not participating in the exercise because none of their player is currently engaged in the series. 

The franchises are attempting to make Manchester to Dubai journey completely BIO-SECURE – 
– Players will first board the sanitized bus from stadium to the airport. 
– The driver engaged for the bus is already part of the ECB’s bio-bubble. 
– The players will not be stopped for lengthy immigration process 
– Arrangements are being made to make them wait less and contactless immigration process is followed
– The aircraft too will be sanitized with its crew
– The aircraft would land at a different airport, not at the regular Dubai International Airport. 
– Post that teams will make arrangement to pick their players. 
The whole idea behind the exercise would be to transport players from one bio-bubble to the other. So that they can be exempted from mandatory 6 days quarantine period.
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