IPL 2020 : Big trouble for BCCI, now calls to drop PayTM, Byju’s & Dream11

The Chinese sponsorship controversy in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) is not ending anytime soon. Even after VIVO dropped out of the IPL 2020 sponsorship, calls are being made to BCCI to drop all IPL 2020 sponsors with Chinese links. RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) wants BCCI to drop IPL Central sponsors & Indian cricket sponsors like PayTM, Dream11, Byju’s and others funded by the Chinese companies.

SJM will start a ‘Quit China’ movement from today and will protest against IPL sponsors with the Chinese connect. 

According to a report by Outlook,Board of Control for Cricket in India will be among the main ‘targets’ for the SJM unit. Dhananjay Bhide, a senior office-bearer of the Manch, told Outlook that the campaign is an attempt to add muscle to the concept of an ‘Atamnirbhar Bharat’ and drive a strong message to agents who continue to tow the Chinese line despite government appeals. 

“Cricket has to choose between a self-reliant India and sponsors with Chinese money,” said Bhide.
“Our campaign against BCCI will now gather steam. Players wear the tricolour on their helmets and represent India on the international stage. How can they so easily ignore the movement against Chinese businesses in India?” added Bhide.
IPL 2020 Sponsors & Chinese Connect

BCCI, one of the richest cricket board in the world, has commercial contracts with various Indian companies funded by Chinese companies. 

BCCI’s other sponsors – Dream11, Paytm, Byju’s receive Chinese funding in various proportions. 

Most private companies refuse to divulge details of Chinese investments but according to market estimates –

1) Dream11, a fantasy sports gaming platform received $100Mn funding from Chinese company Tencent. Tencent now reportedly holds 20% stake in the company.


2) PayTM is both the title partner of BCCI for the Indian cricket’s home matches and they also are the Central Partner on IPL. As per few estimates 55% of PayTM is held by different Chinese companies. ANT Financial, Alibaba are some of the Chinese funds who have invested in PayTM over the years. 

3) Byju’s Edtech company – They are currently BCCI’s and Indian Cricket’s Jersey partner. Byju’s is also being considered as big hope for BCCI to replace VIVO as title partner for IPL 2020. Like few others, Byju’s also has Chinese investor in form of Tencent. According to few reports, 15% of the company is held by Tencent. 

IPL 2020 Title Sponsor Hunt : BCCI already struggling to find replacement for VIVO

BCCI has sent SOS to various corporate houses but none of them have shown any serious interest at this stage to replace VIVO as IPL 2020 Title Partner. BCCI is also reaching out to its existing partners PayTM (BCCI’s Home Series Sponsor), Byju’s (Indian Team Jersey Partners) and also some of the IPL associate partners (Tata Motors, Dream11 and others) to check if they would be interested in the IPL 2020 title partnership. But they have received less than encouraging response from most of the parties.  

BCCI is facing another hitch of sorts. The board faced severe backlash owing to the Anti-China sentiment due to which they have already lost VIVO as the title sponsor of the league. The apprehension doing the rounds behind BCCI’s corridors is, will board face flak one more time courtesy anti-China wave if they get any company on board for IPL 2020 with the Chinese investments. Byju’s, PayTM and Dream11 are all Indian grown businesses but on the back of Chinese investments. 
“All of these companies are BCCI’s partners. They are Indian entities but we are little concerned about very strong Anti-China undercurrent. We don’t want to speculate on how people will react if any of them come on board”, said one of the BCCI official. 
Outside of these names, Amazon is the only one who has wherewithal to ride the occasion. Amazon spends very big on advertising during the festive sales – will they ride the bait ? Difficult to predict the future but what InsideSport can confirm is that the brand has shown some interest but is yet to make any definitive plans for such a huge investment. Unacademy, Coke are some of the rank outsiders whose names are also doing the rounds. 

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