IPL 2020 : BCCI’S big plan on IPL 2020 revealed, IPL going UAE !

The Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) season is moving out of India. If all goes well, the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) has planned to move the IPL season to United Arab Emirates (UAE). Not only this the Indian cricket board is also in talks with the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) to explore possible 4-6 weeks camp for the Indian cricketers to train in UAE.

According to sources if all goes well with the plans, not only the Indian cricketers will train in UAE, they will also stay put in UAE to play IPL 2020. Once the league season ends, selected Indian cricket team will fly directly for tour of Australia from Dubai.

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IPL 2020 : BCCI’S big plan on IPL 2020 revealed

– As soon as T20 World Cup gets officially cancelled BCCI will announce the IPL 2020 in UAE
– As per the big plan of BCCI, top 30-35 Indian cricketers will train in Dubai for couple of weeks.
– The camp for the Indian cricketers will be hosted from 3rd week of August to middle of September in Dubai.
– Once the camp is over, players instead of coming back to India will move in with their respective franchises in the same city
– If all goes well, IPL 2020 is likely to be hosted in UAE from September 26th to November 8th
– Team will depart for the tour of Australia directly from Dubai instead of coming back to India.

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BCCI’S big plan on IPL 2020 revealed, plan yet not formally discussed with the stakeholders

With the coronavirus situation in country getting more serious by the day it is clear that the BCCI is now only thinking of hosting IPL outside India. Unless the situation improves dramatically in India, which is looking unlikely at this stage Indian Cricket bandwagon is all set to move to UAE.

BCCI is yet to discuss the plan formally with the stakeholders including franchises and the broadcasters. The plan will be formally discussed after the BCCI’S APEX Council meeting on 17th July.

IPL 2020 – First thing First

No matter how hard BCCI or others tries, no matter what plans the Indian board make or create to host the IPL 2020, things will not move if the International Cricket Council (ICC) does not officially make an announcement on the T20 World Cup in Australia. According to the protocols, BCCI can announce the IPL 2020 only if the T20 World Cup gets officially postponed. Until or unless that does not happen, BCCI and other stakeholders will only have to wait.

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