IPL 2020 : BCCI will take final decision in the interest of country says Shukla

Former Indian Premier League (IPL) Chairman Rajeev Shukla expressed his confidence in BCCI’s (Board of Control for Cricket in India) decision to suspend this year’s edition of the league saying that it would be in the “interest of both country and cricket”. Shukla said that the governing body of cricket in India is monitoring the situation and would take a “proper decision”.

“As far as IPL is concerned, they are keeping an eye on this and will take a proper decision on it. We have to see the benefit of our country, whatever would be in the interest of our country and cricket,” Shukla told ANI.

“They will take a proper step, there is no worry. They will take a good decision while keeping in mind everything. I don’t think that we should comment on anything before the decision,” he added.

The 13th edition of the IPL, which was slated to commence on March 29, has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis.