IPL 2020 : As Covid19 grips India, BCCI official admits “IPL 2020 unlikely in India”

With more than 600,000 Covid19 cases in the country, one thing has become clear that the Indian Premier League’s 2020 edition will not take place in India. This means the recent reports about IPL 2020 bandwagon moving to the city of Mumbai is not happening and rather IPL’S 13th edition will move to offshore venues. This is the first time that BCCI officials have admitted that IPL 2020 is unlikely in India and if at all season takes place, it will take place only outside India

In a recent conversation with IANS, a BCCI official hinted that the tournament is moving out this year. He picked Sri Lanka and UAE as front-runners to host the tournament. The report adds that BCCI is waiting for an official word regarding the future of T20 World Cup before taking a final decision regarding IPL 2020.

“We are yet to decide on the venue but in all probability, it is going outside this year. The condition in India doesn’t look suited to have so many teams come in at one or two venues and then create an atmosphere which will be safe for the players as well as the general public even though the games may be played behind closed doors,” the official told IANS.

IPL 2020 Venue : Choice between UAE & Sri Lanka

The situation around Covid19 in the country is getting tight according to the BCCI official. This does not leave them with much room to organize IPL 2020 in India. According to the BCCI official, the season if it gets hosted will move to either UAE or SriLanka with UAE being the frontrunner.
“The race is between UAE and Sri Lanka and we will need to decide on where we host the league depending on the situation there with regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Logistics also need to be looked into, so we will decide soon,” he added.

BCCI will suffer huge loses in case IPL 2020 does not take place

Both Ganguly and Dhumal in last few days have came on record and admitted that board will go through ‘financial troubles’ if IPL 2020 does not take place. Both have raised concerns about the financial conditions of BCCI if IPL does not take place this year.

“We will have to examine our financial situation, see how much money we have and take a call. Not hosting the Indian Premier League (IPL) will cause losses to the tune of Rs. 4,000 crore which is huge,” Ganguly had said.

Not only this, the former India captain also hinted that the board might have to go on a pay-cut if the IPL doesn’t happen this year. “If the IPL takes place, we won’t have to go in for pay cuts. We’ll manage things,” added Ganguly.

Before Ganguly, the BCCI treasurer also showed his concerns over the financial situation of the board.

“The BCCI will also be in a difficult position in case cricket does not resume soon, especially the IPL.In that case, the BCCI will also have to face a lot of financial hardships. IPL is one of the major revenue-generating tournaments’.

BCCI has got one of the most solid balance sheets in the cricket world with cash reserves which is almost close to billion dollars. No other cricket board in the world can boast of such solid financials. But even with that kind of a balance sheet, without the IPL season this year, BCCI’s can get into some financial troubles.