IPL 2020 : All that you want to know about IPL 2020 dates, schedule and format for this season

The 13th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) is all set to move to the United Arab Emirates. But few questions on the IPL 2020 schedule, format, venues and exact timelines still remain. How and when these questions will be answered. We will take you through each and every aspect about the IPL 2020 and tell you all the latest updates & developments related to it. 

IPL 2020 : First thing first – Is it confirmed that IPL 2020 is happening ?

Yes, it is confirmed that IPL 2020 season will be conducted this year. But it has to meet two conditions. 
Condition 1 – The first of the two conditions is  that ICC officially announce the postponement of the T20 World Cup. This announcement can come on Monday as ICC Board is scheduled to meet @ 4.30 PM. It is expected that the first condition for IPL 2020 will be fulfilled tom with this announcement. 
Condition 2 – Indian Government permissions to take IPL 2020 out of India. BCCI needs permission from the Indian government to move IPL 2020 outside India. Once the ICC announcement comes, BCCI will write to the government for permission to shift the IPL to a foreign country. This is more of a procedural step and the government should grant this permission without any hiccup. 
IPL 2020 : Is it confirmed that IPL 2020 is shifting to UAE ?
Yes, the BCCI has zeroed down on UAE as host of the IPL 2020. India is going through bad Covid19 pandemic spread and it is unlikely that the Indian cities will recover in time to host IPL 2020. This is the reason, BCCI has decided to shift IPL 2020 out of the country. 
The advantage of going to the UAE, it is being said, is that there won’t be a chance of any PILs and consequent disruption to the league in these volatile pandemic times. Besides, the UAE does not have strict quarantine rules, markets and malls there are already open, offices are having 100 per cent attendance and tourists are being welcomed. 

IPL 2020 : Confrimed Dates for IPL 2020


InsideSport was the first sports news platform in the country to inform the IPL fans that the tentative window for IPL 2020 is between Sep 26th to Nov 8th. The situation still stays the same. BCCI has zeroed down on two dates for IPL 2020. The first potential dateline for IPL 2020 will be Sep26th to Nov 7th. 
BCCI is exploring another option of IPL 2020 between Sep 26th to November 14th. The second option gives BCCI 7 days extra for IPL 2020. The thought process in the board is that the selected Indian cricket team should directly fly to Australia to participate in the 4 match test series. This option will also mean that their will be less double headers and more matches to be played in the prime time for the Indian audiences. 
IPL 2020 : Schedule & Format of IPL 2020
The BCCI is yet to finalize the exact schedule and format for the 13th edition of IPL. Now the question will be how the schedule and format will be finalized ? 
As soon as the ICC announce the postponement of the T20 World Cup, immediately IPL Governing Council (GC) meeting will be called by the BCCI. The IPL GC headed by Brijesh Patel will decide the exact schedule and format of IPL 2020. The view point of the official broadcasters Star India will also be sought. Once that is done, the IPL GC will inform the franchise and other stakeholders about the schedules and format for the IPL 2020. 
According to the info available with InsideSport, there will not be much of tweaking with the format of IPL 2020. With the postponement of Asia Cup Cricket & T20 World Cup, IPL 2020 will get 2 month free window. So the time constraint will not be the issue for the organizers of IPL 2020. 
The old format of IPL, i.e each team plays each other two times will still be kept alive. The only change would be that as the tournament moves to UAE – home & away concept will not apply to IPL 2020. 
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