IPL 2018: This RCB fitness test results will leave you overawed!

IPL 2018: This RCB fitness test results will leave you overawed! - InsideSport

This Royal Challengers Bangalore fitness test is full of surprise elements. With a strong threat of going wrong every time you make a guess. A Bollywood diva beats the Royal Challengers hands down as she takes this fitness test! That is surprise element No. 1 from this “commercial story”.

Yes. Indeed. The story has a strong and in fact, only a commercial connect with the Royal Challengers Bangalore. That is surprise element No. 2.

There are more surprises as the facts are revealed step by step. The easiest question of the fittest person in the Royal Challengers Bangalore is done away with. Virat Kohli does not figure in the list. But there are the likes of Umesh Yadav, Brendon McCullum, skinny Yuzvendra Chahal and Parthiv Patel.

So who is the Bollywood Diva to take the fitness test of these “fit professionals”. Each test is first passed by this glamour girl before you see the macho men struggling. Watch this video to believe that none of these modern day cricketers could match the 32-year-old former Miss Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandez in fitness and agility.

Umesh Yadav, Brendon McCullum and Parthiv Patel all fail in this Hanumansana Test. Our Deshi boys fare only slightly better than the Epic Fail McCullum.

Here comes the bigger surprise. If you don’t see you won’t believe it. The man who wins the test donning RCB’s Red and Black flannels has been hit the most by freak injuries in an exceptionally long, but injury-interrupted, international career. This man is Ashish Nehra – aka Nehra Jee.

The tests are a teaser, funny promotional videos by one of the RCB sponsors Imara. The brand’s icon Jacqueline is challenging the select members of the RCB camp. And, a retired Nehra Jee has emerged better than his still active mates from the RCB dugout. In not just one, but two tests. For Nehra jee, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

So next time you see Nehra Ji talking fitness, don’t underestimate him. These funny Imara promotional videos with Brand’s icon and RCB players have also proved a cricketing point while driving commercial mileage for the fashion wear brand.