Inside Tiger Woods $53 million mansion in Florida

Tiger Woods is the biggest icon for the sport on golf and one of the biggest achievers in the world of sport.…

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Tiger Woods is the biggest icon for the sport on golf and one of the biggest achievers in the world of sport. How, the man with 81 PGA tour titles, including 15 Majors, lives the sport also reflects in his $53.55 million mansion in Florida, which in itself is a mini golf course and a miniature world of sports.

The rich and affluent have lavish gardens in their houses, Woods lives by a golf course which has bunkers and a water hazard, too. The villa is studded with a lush green tennis court and a 100 ft swimming pool.

The Sun magazine has shared the amazing sporting world inside the Jupiter Island mansion, separated in two sections.

The palatial house is separated in two sections – a 3,300-square-foot living quarters and the other a 6,400-square-foot multipurpose building.

The mansion has a four-hole practice golf course with six bunkers and water body, woods on the edges of the greens.

The mansion in the front also houses a tennis court

The back gardens has aquatic area – a 100 ft swimming pool and a large mooring for his boats

Inside the home there is a private home theatre, a wine cellar and a basement games room

Closer to the mansion is his luxury restaurant, named after him – The Woods, and sporting a look befitting the name ‘Woods’

The luxury house, that houses Tiger Woods was built in 2010. It is situated on the Jupiter Island in Florida with less than 900 people in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the area.

The golf legend will soon be decorated with the USA’s biggest civilian honour, to be conferred upon him by President Donald Trump.

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